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RUSH: Once again, ladies and gentlemen, let me briefly just explain my theory on the Republican mandate. The conventional wisdom is they’re not gonna have one because they haven’t articulated an agenda and therefore the Republicans are not being voted for. What’s happening is that the people just want a change, like they do every now and then. Six years, the same guys, things are not going well, it’s time for a change. Let the other guys have at it for a while. And, as such, nobody’s actually voting for the Republicans, they can’t possibly have a mandate. And, if you add to that that Republicans have no agenda, they’re not out explaining what they’re gonna do. Nationally, they don’t.

Now, individual campaigns where the ads are running on TV, have some Republicans running against Obamacare and so forth. As far as a national Republican identity, there isn’t one. And I think the Republicans, sadly, kind of like that. They like the idea of playing it safe here, with no mandate. But the simple fact is they have the biggest mandate that I can recall in a long time, because this election, I don’t care what people say, this polling data out there that says this is not an anti-Obama vote, it’s an anti-incumbent vote. It’s a last-ditch effort to save the day by the media and the Democrats. This is an anti-Obama vote. It is an anti-Democrat vote.

The mess this country in is tied directly to the Democrat Party and its policies, pure and simple. People want it to stop. People don’t want any more of this. People are not comfortable with the direction of the country. They’re not comfortable with the US position in the world. They actively do not like what has happened under this particular president and his party. They want it to stop. Therefore, that’s the mandate. Whether the Republicans even realize it, whether they want to realize it or not, they have a mandate: Stop what Obama is doing.

That’s why they’re going to win. The voters just don’t want a change in terms of people in office. They want that change in office to mean something, and what they want it to mean is for Obama to be stopped. That’s a huge mandate. Huge mandate.

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