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RUSH: I’m watching CNN here today. I don’t have PMSNBC on ever. But I’ve got CNN here on one of my two monitors, and it’s actually kind of hilarious. All day long they’ve had a running theme, and they’ve had a wide assortment of analyst guests come in and answer the question, “What will a Republican victory mean for America? What will a Republican victory mean for Obama?” As though we are on the verge of a national tragedy. As though we are on the verge of a national emergency, the Republicans might win.

There is clear unadulterated fear from Wolf Blitzer to David “Rodham” Gergen. It’s all over the place. No matter what segment, they have somebody come on and talk about what this will mean, and it is hilarious to listen to them. Now, my point here is, these people are doing everything they can today and yesterday and the day before — Friday, Thursday, last week — they’re doing everything they can to shape the interpretation of the win that they all think the Republicans are on the verge of having. And they’re doing everything they can to diminish it and say it doesn’t mean anything.

It has nothing to do with Obama. It has nothing to do with the Democrat Party. It’s just an anti-incumbent vote, it’s this or it’s that. But they’re doing everything they can to spin this before the results are in to deny anybody perceiving that the Republicans have won anything. They’re looking at, “Okay, what message do the Democrats need to take if this turns into the blowout that people are expecting? What’s the message the Democrats need? What do the Democrats need to do? What are the next steps they need to take? Everything is being done within the framework and the prism of the impact on the Democrat Party and on America as we’re on the verge of a crisis here. And that crisis is Republicans winning.

To them — and I’m only exaggerating a little bit — to the people at CNN, Republicans winning is about the same as a bunch of people from Mars landing here and taking over the political system. It’s got ’em bamboozled. It’s got ’em hyperventilating. It has them scared and in shock already, and in some cases, paranoia. And it’s funny to watch this.


RUSH: CNN actually has a countdown clock on their screen counting down until the first wave of the exit polls are released. That will be five o’clock. So their countdown poll right now will be about 26 minutes and a few seconds away. They’re in commercial now so I can’t really see what it says, their first wave is at five. But they’ve got a countdown clock to the first wave-of-exit polls.

What does that mean? They’re doing that for themselves, not their audience. They never do anything for their audience. Why? There isn’t any. I’m telling you, they’re scared to death today at CNN. They don’t know what to do. These guys are looking at personal rejection. You would think they’d know what that’s like, looking at their audience ratings every day. But they’re so tied to the Democrat Party that as long as the Democrats are doing well, they don’t care if they don’t have an audience. Now it’s all gonna hit ’em.


RUSH: Now, one note on these exit polls. I want you to remember: They have been wrong. The exit polls are used by Democrats and the pollsters to shape turnout later in the day. For example, Iowa. A lot of important polls like the one in Iowa don’t close until 10 p.m. Here’s CNN at five o’clock talking about exit polls, and if they’re bad for the Democrats they’ll start trying to depress Republican turnout. So whatever they tell you the exit polls say, just ignore it. They’re used to shape turnout later in the day. Ignore them.

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