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RUSH: Let me be as blunt as I can. I am not… Even if this Politico piece is true, even though it saddens me and it disappoints me, I think the failure by the Republican Party to embrace the Tea Party back in 2010 may go down in history as one of the all-time gaffes. They could have been invincible by now. I know why they didn’t. The Tea Party stands for limited government.

The Washington establishment does not want to limit government. I get that. I understand it. And there’s now acrimony that has developed and evolved. However, to me, this election is not about the Republican Party, and it’s not about the Tea Party. This election is about stopping Barack Obama — and, even at that, let me remind you of something that I posited late last week.

The Republicans have literally taken off the table the only thing that could theoretically stop Obama, and that’s impeachment. They’re not gonna do it; we all know why. But they took it off the table. They announced publicly in trying to gain favor with minority voters that they weren’t going to ever consider impeachment. Well, fine and dandy. Do what you want to do. But there’s a message that gets sent with that.

That message gets sent to Obama, and the message is, “They’re not gonna stop me.” Given who Obama is, given what we already know about him, given his policies to date, given his background, given who he is, it may not matter to him a whit who runs the Senate or the House; he’s going to do what he wants to do as much as he can do, in the last two years. I think people don’t have any idea. That’s what scares me.

I don’t think people have any idea. He’s got two years left to make good on this transformation of America that he thinks needs to happen. The Republican Party has promised him they won’t stop him with impeachment. Well, if they’re not gonna do that, he’s contemplating executive action on immigration. He’s planning executive action on a number of things.

I guarantee you what he’s gonna say.

If this is a massive defeat for the Democrats, if it is this wave landslide defeat, do you know what he’s gonna say? He’s gonna say that he’s got to save the country from the Republicans. He’s just gonna assume that. For the sake of getting his words out there, he’s just gonna adopt the attitude that the nation is now scared to death that the Republicans — the people conducting the War on Women, the racists, the sexists, the bigots, and the homophobes — have somehow wrested control of the US Senate.

It is his job to make sure they don’t matter. He’s going to portray these election results as a national crisis that only he can now save the country from. The media will be right in there with him. The media will help however they can to spin this away from whatever. (interruption) It doesn’t matter. I know the country is who voted. It doesn’t matter.

The arrogance, the supremacy, the superiority, the confidence that he has knowing the media is gonna back him up means he will say whatever his base believes. His base is going to believe whatever he says. His base is going to think that the election was stolen from ’em, that there was massive the cheating, that the win was illegitimate, and the country is now facing a grave crisis.

Because these hatemongers and these racists and these sexists and so forth are now in control of the Senate. Look, folks, don’t be frightened by this. I hope I’m wrong. But I know these people. I know what they’re gonna do. I know how Obama is gonna justify what his plans are the next two years. I’ll give you an ultimate possibility, and that is, he wants the Republicans to win everything precisely so he can use the excuse that they won to do his executive orders.

“Okay. So these guys that don’t like me, these guys who want me to fail just won, and I can’t let down this country by failing! I can’t allow myself to fail. These are the guys who want me to fail, and I have to save this country from these guys.” Some variation of that. But let’s look at the other side here. There will be a mandate. If the Republicans win — and hear me and hear me loud on this — there will be a Republican mandate.

The Republican Party is going to have one hell of a mandate, by the way, if its wins. The Republican Party’s gonna have one of the most important, biggest mandates I can recall a party ever having. It is going to have won for one reason: To stop Obama. That is their mandate. That is why they’re going to win. That is why people are voting against Obama: To stop him.

Democrats, Reagan Democrats, moderates, Northerners, Southerners, Catholics, Irish, you name it. Everybody who makes up the coalition voting against Obama tomorrow is doing so to stop Obama. They’re doing so hoping they’re stopping Obamacare. They do so hoping they’re putting people back at work. They’re voting against Obama hoping to reignite the US economy. They’re voting against Obama to STOP open borders!

They are voting against Obama to stop everything that’s going on. That is a huge mandate. The Republicans may not, as we sit here today, realize this. But that’s why they’re gonna win. They have no other thing to fall back on. They have not offered an agenda, strategically and by design. They have offered nothing. They have not said, “Vote for us because we will do X.”

They haven’t even said, “Vote for us,” other than individually in their campaigns. But in terms of nationally and having an agenda and a message that is identified with the Republican Party, something that builds the Republican Party brand? There isn’t one. Or am I missing something? Speak now if I’m forgetting something, but I think by design the Republican Party has gone silent. Correct? (interruption)

They have gone silent. They remain silent. Now individual candidates are saying whatever they’re saying, don’t misunderstand. But I’m talking about the overall message. Ask somebody who just got here from Mars, “What’s the Republican Party stand for?” They don’t know. Ask somebody in Oregon, “What’s the Republican Party stand for?” They’ll say, “I don’t know. They’re not Obama. That’s it.”

This is not a criticism.

It’s just the way it’s happened. As such, whether they know it or not, they are going to have one of the biggest and most important mandates a political party has ever had — one of the most specific mandates — and they’re gonna acquire this mandate without ever having articulated it. That mandate is to stop Obama. What else can their mandate be?

If we have a record turnout for midterms, if we have this wave defeat for the Democrat Party — which is what it’s gonna be. If it’s a wave anything, it will be a wave Republican victory, but if there are these massive defeats, if it is a Democrat Party catastrophe, there’s only going to be one reason for it. People want what’s happening now to stop.

This is why, ladies and gentlemen, Chuck Todd and all the Democrats and all the media are out saying that they hear people saying (sobbing), “They really don’t want to, but they’re just so upset. They gotta vote against Obama the Democrats, but they really hate hoping for Republicans to win. They really are holding their noses!” I’ve never heard this tried before; they’re trying it.

They’re trying to convince as many people as possible that a landslide defeat for a particular party is actually a defeat for the party that wins. That’s what they’re trying to create. So whether the Republican leadership knows it or not — whether they have stopped to consider it or not, whether they will stop to consider it or not and whether they will act on it or not — the fact remains.

Even with their strategic silence during this campaign, they will have a mandate with their victory.

That mandate is to stop Barack Obama.

Stop the policies of Barack Obama and the policies of the Democrat Party; to stop what Harry Reid has been doing, both policy-wise, the way he’s talking, the way he is polluting the entire institution of American politics. Ditto, Pelosi. Ditto, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz. I’m sorry if you Democrat Underground types haven’t stopped to consider this. But it’s gonna be a huge mandate. You’re out there trying to devise this scheme where the Republicans win without a mandate. Ha-ha-ha.

The voters provide the mandate. The voters are gonna be voting for a reason. And it’s not just ’cause they’re tired and want a change. They are voting to stop what is happening. They are voting to stop the policies of the Democrat Party and Barack Obama. Therefore, it is going to be up to the Republican Party to rise up, to accept this mandate and use it. That means no amnesty. That means secure the borders. That means stop all of this unnecessary federal spending, stop the welfare state, reduce the growth of government.

This will be the mandate. There can be no other. There can be no other. An election with this much passion, an election with this many millions of people showing up and standing athwart history and yelling, “Stop!” cannot be portrayed as simply a bunch of people who are tired and want to vote for the other guys for a change.

This is an election with a singular purpose, a primary, main energizing impetus and reason for showing up and voting. It is to stop the expansion of the policies of the Democrat Party and Barack Obama. And the Republican Party is being voted for to do just that. Whether they want to admit that they’ve got this mandate or not, that is what is on the ballot tomorrow, and that is why everybody needs to show up and vote, to stop what is happening to our country.

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