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RUSH: The New York Times. Folks, this is so great. (chuckling) The New York Times, a couple guys David Schanzer and Jay Sullivan: “Cancel the Midterms.” You seen this? Cancel the midterm elections! It’s pointless anymore. The Democrats are famous for this.

This is how you know. This is one of the signs. This is one of the indications that they think that they are going to lose huge. And this may be one of the surest signs yet how well the Republicans are gonna do, because the authors of this screed want to increase the term in the House from two years to four years. And they want to increase the term in the Senate from six years to eight years. And then they advance some ludicrous arguments.

They claim, for example, that since World War II, the midterm elections have made presidents weaker. The midterm elections are one of the reasons why we can’t have a great president anymore because in the midterm elections the president’s party always loses, except 2002 when Bush’s party won. They would never suggest this if a Republican president were gonna lose, what, enough seats to lose control of the Senate.

And lose 70 seats in the House total in two years or whatever. They’d never suggest this under a Republican. No, no, no! (chuckling) Let’s make these midterms one year instead of two! It’s so transparent. It’s so patently obvious. “Cancel the Midterms.” The Constitution is screwed up. The Constitution’s a mistake. We need to limit the access to their representatives the American people have.

We let them vote too often for their representatives. The people are stupid. The people are dunces. The people are dense. The people are glittering idiots. We have to protect Washington from the people — and, therefore, we need to limit the number of times people can elect their representatives. So we need to expand House terms to four years instead of two in order to save failing, incompetent Democrat presidents.


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, do you remember the woman known popularly as “Dumplin'”? (interruption) Dumplin’. Dumplins. Do you remember who that was? (interruption) That was the one-time governor of North Carolina, Bev Perdue. Do you remember what was likely the beginning of the end for her is when she suggested that House races need to be moved. They’re too often. House races, elections in general occur too often.

Every two years is too often. She suggested, much like these guys, moving it and making it once every four years, much like the New York Times. I firmly believe that was the first name North Carolina voters had it confirmed for them that they were dealing with someone who thought the voters were irritants and get in the way. Most Democrats think that. Most Democrats disdain elections. They resent having to go before the voters.

Other than the Democrats in safe, sure shots like the Kennedys always have. That was fun. It didn’t matter. You could do anything. But other Democrats who have to fight for their victories really resent the hell out of having to do it. They consider themselves to be so superior to the obviously inferior hayseeds that vote in this country. They think it’s just unseemly that the derelicts have a say.

Like Mary Landrieu thinks that people of Louisiana are a bunch of racists and sexists, misogynists and all that. She just resents the hell out of the fact that people like that have a say-so in whether she wins or loses. What an insult! They resent the hell out of that. Bev Perdue was the first. Now the New York Times has come along.

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