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RUSH: We’re going to go to Al in Fort Myers, Florida. Great to have you, sir, and I appreciate your patience. I’m really glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Can you hear me?

RUSH: Yeah. I hear you fine.

CALLER: Okay, good.

RUSH: Can you hear me?

CALLER: I can hear you fine, sir.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: I wanted to thank you for all you do and for giving birth to an alternative media. I don’t know where we would be without yourself and Fox and the other people who take the other side of the story for us.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I wanted to comment on the Chicago activists unchained who were on Rebel Pundit the other day. Here were four fairly intelligent, articulate men going off on the lack of good, if not the damage done to the major cities in this country by neoliberalism.

RUSH: Hang on just a second. I need to tell people what you’re referring to for those who weren’t here. There’s a website called RebelPundit.com and they found four former Democrat Party activists, African-American community organizer types. Many of them had served prison time. And they went on a four-minute — well, it was actually longer, it was edited down to a four-minute rant, and we played it in four separate one-minute segments. These guys just took the Democrats apart, and they properly — it was amazing — they properly, correctly blamed the Democrat Party for everything that’s gone wrong in the country, and particularly the mess that’s been made of the African-American population and community.

And they pulled no punches. It was not prompted. It was not rehearsed. You could tell it was off the cuff. They were speaking extemporaneously. Maybe we can resurrect those bites for later on in the program, because it is worth hearing again. There hasn’t been any talk in the Drive-By Media. It never made the Drive-Bys but it’s all over social media. And that’s what Al here is calling about. Okay, I’m sorry for the interruption, but I wanted people to understand what you were talking about.

CALLER: Understood. They were pointing out that their chosen Democrat leaders live very well, but nothing good has happened to their communities or to them. These people are palpably disillusioned. And it occurred to me that the Great Society is going on 50 years old. It will be 50 in the spring of next year. And I thought, this sounds like a mid-life crisis. They wake up one day and they realize that they’ve gotten everything they dreamed of. A black, liberal Democrat president, a Democrat Senate, they had two years of a Democrat House, a pretty liberal judiciary, and a liberal, fawning mainstream media. And what did it get them?


They’re worse off than they were when Obama took office. The worst unemployment participation rate in decades. It reminds me the old Chinese curse: May you get what you wish for. And what the Great Society, 50 years and trillions of dollars of Great Society programs have delivered is lives of perpetual mediocrity and disenchantment and dissatisfaction. And the upshot is that no one who depends upon government for their daily support is ever gonna know the satisfaction and mental security that comes with one’s own earned success and achievement. And I think those guys present a greater threat to the liberal Democrat Party than the Republicans do since they’re believable.

RUSH: Let me bring some historical perspective to this. While these four guys were indeed more passionate and more spot-on, and I would say more pointed, they’re by no means the first to come along and do this. And so far they’re doing it in a vacuum. This is not to criticize them. But the point is, I would venture to say that 97% of the black population has no idea what you and I are talking about, if they were listening, would not know what you’re talking about. They haven’t seen it. They probably haven’t heard about it. And the odds are they won’t.

Now, I’m not trying to pour cold water on this ’cause I actually think you’ve got a great point, but it’s also got its own negative connotation at the same time. Here we have 50 years of the Great Society, and everybody who benefits from it, the Great Society is what? A series of benefits. Government benefits, cradle to grave government benefits. And yet everybody is miserable. They’re not happy.

Liberals are never happy, no matter what they demand and what they get. If they get everything they demand, it’s never enough. They always want more. They’re never satisfied. They’re never upbeat and positive and inspirational. They’re always pessimistic, down cast, angry, radical, extreme. I know your point here, okay, 50 years, Great Society, celebration, big party, next spring we’re gonna have the 50th anniversary of the Great Society, which was supposed to end poverty. It was supposed to end discrimination. It was supposed to end the income inequality divide. It was supposed to end the existence of the lower middle class.

It was supposed to raise all the boats. And of course it’s done just the opposite. In every attempted effort it’s made, it has gone worse. Now, you would think at some point that people would awaken and realize, “Hey, this isn’t working.” Except that it is, for the people in charge of it. It’s working gangbusters for the Democrat Party. Maybe not this particular election cycle, but it’s working for them. And here’s the long-term, real, real bad thing about this. While you can sit there and say, “Wow, 50 years, and it hasn’t worked, and they’re miserable.” Okay, these four guys that you’re talking about, they have awakened, and they’ve seen the light.

Well, what about all the others? After 50 years of this, what is their alternative? Because they have been in this state of total dependence. Their parents, maybe their grandparents, now them. If it’s taken away, what do they do? They haven’t been trained to do anything other than this. Their life objective is to make sure Democrats stay in power, because even though they may not be miserable, the other side represents all of it being taken away. That’s what they’re told.

In addition to maybe them being miserable and unhappy and not realizing all of these benefits, the alternative is somebody that’s gonna take it away from ’em, and then they’ve got nothing. And because of what the Democrat Party policies have done, these people are not prepared to go out and provide for themselves. It doesn’t even appear they want to.

You know, you can compare these people in a way, I’ll never forget when the Berlin Wall came down. A great conservative, late Paul Weyrich. First thing he did was organize a team of freedom fighters, if you will, to head off to Moscow and do what he could with average, ordinary Russian citizens in helping them deal with this newfound freedom, because it was strange to them. They had never experienced it.

Most of them had been wards of the state or prisoners of the state, and then one day it was all gone. And there were Democrats in this country running around saying, “Well, you know, freedom’s not for everybody. Some people are gonna be much worse off because they’re not gonna know what to do, and they’re not gonna know how to provide for themselves, and they’re not gonna know how to take care of themselves,” which is exactly what the Democrat Party wants.

So you have a similar situation here. Yeah, 50 years you would think somebody’d see the light, the tipping point at some point would have been reached, and you would think that they would demand something else. And they do. Sadly, what they’re demanding is more, not something different. And that’s because there has been something else take place all these 50 years that these government handouts and welfare benefits and whatever have been offered. The education system has been screwed up royally to the point that if it were taken away, they’re not prepared to go out and fend for themselves. That’s the real damage the welfare state does to people.

That’s why I’ve always tried to characterize liberalism as dehumanizing. Liberalism really destroys people. It makes them dependent on crumbs and while it’s doing that, it keeps them ignorant on self-reliance. Self-reliance, rugged individualism, all those things are put down. All these people on the welfare state, what do they see? They see the Democrat Party that’s supporting them attacking the rich, attacking the successful, blaming the rich, blaming the successful for the plight of the welfare state. And they believe it. Most of them hear it and believe it and they join the chorus of anger, some cases hatred.

And the Democrats are prepared to do it all over again for Hillary Clinton. Her campaign is gonna be the same exact thing: bashing Wall Street, bashing the rich, blaming the rich for the plight of the middle class. Blaming the rich and Wall Street and whoever the Republicans for the plight of African-Americans and Hispanics. So it’s a real anomaly. You’ve got 50 years of the Great Society, which is an abject failure, in the land of prosperity, the wealthiest country in the history of human history, the wealthiest country ever to exist.

People born in this country, many people born in this country are among its poorest citizens, because they have depended on the Democrat Party all their lives, and the Democrat Party has seen to it that they’re not prepared for self-reliance. And they have been taught, they’ve been trained to disrespect achievement. They’ve been taught, trained, and conditioned to suspect it, and to blame those people for their plight. And the way that manifests itself, if we could just take the money away from the rich, then these people would finally be okay. And of course it doesn’t work that way. It never has worked that way.

What the liberals and the Democrats are trying to do has never worked. So they have all these people effectively in an economic prison — and after 50 years of this prison, these people have no ability, if they were let out today, to know what to do. That’s the really crying shame, what these policies do to “the little guy,” the supposedly beneficiary of all this compassion.

Where is the compassion in all of this great welfare state that the Democrat Party has built? Where is the compassion, even after 50 years of it and after $22 trillion! Do you realize — that’s Robert Rector’s latest numbers from the Heritage Foundation — $22 trillion in the last…? Well, since 1964, $22 trillion has been redistributed, and we don’t have anything to show for it in terms of improvement.

Especially in terms of percentages, the number of people in poverty is still the same as the day the War on Poverty began. That’s why we conservatives hate this stuff. This is not how you make a great country. This is not how you create prosperity. This is not how you teach people to get the most out of the one life that we all get. These people are told that their one life is best spent voting for and supporting the Democrat Party.

That’s their life.

And if something gets in the way of that and if the Democrats lose, then their life is gonna be over. “It’s gonna be horrible and you don’t want to even couldn’t contemplate it,” they’re told. It worked for a while with the seasoned citizen population. It’s interesting that it doesn’t work there anymore. Democrats used to constantly run around telling old people, “These Republicans, they want to take away your Social Security, and they want to take away your house.

“They want to kick you out of your house and they want you homeless.” Every campaign, every two years, every four years, that was a Democrat message to the seasoned citizens, and all of a sudden it stopped working. Now, the reason it stopped working is because a number of those people said, “Wait a minute, we’ve been hearing this for 50 years and I’m still in my house, and for a lot of these 50 years the Republicans won elections. After these 50 years I still have my Medicare. I still have my Social Security. They’re not taking it away!”

So they began to suspect the Democrats, but that’s not happening with people in the welfare state.


RUSH: Now, I went back to the archives, and we have the audio sound bites of these four Chicago activists. We had a caller in the last hour who wanted to comment on how profound this was when he heard it and what it could end up meaning. These are four black community organizer-type activists in Chicago. Many of them have seen jail time. Many of them are ex-cons.

They are totally fed up with Barack Obama and his failed, false promises for the African-American population of this country and the Democrat Party. They were corralled by a website called RebelPundit.com. That website got ’em to sit down and talk about the things that have them frustrated. It’s four minutes. We’ve cut it down to four one-minute excerpts, and here is the first one…

MCKINLEY: (music/outdoor noise) Black folks is in a abusive black-leadership relationship.

CARTER: We have to send a message; this is the time for us to send a message.

WATKINS: We’re always talking about what the Republicans ain’t done for us, or what they will do to hurt us. My life has been hurt by Democrats.

WARD: And we got in our mind that we always got to keep voting Democrat. You know?

MCKINLEY: Look and see in your community. Who are the real oppressors in our community? They always talk about black-on-black crime, and when you hear the words “black-on-black crime” the first thing you think of is a black man robbing you or a black man breaking in your house, and that is a black-on-black crime. But let’s take it one step further. There’s a black-on-black crime in down in City Hall. There’s a black-on-black crime down in all the state capitals in America where black folks are voting against our interests, where black folks are voting and making us poorer. We’re getting poorer and poorer, and other groups are getting richer and richer!

WARD: Everywhere you go there’s poverty in black areas.

WATKINS: This lot where I stand at right now ought to be housing, public housing for people to live in. Most of the people are homeless, living in the street, and it’s because of you, Mr. President.

RUSH: You hear that? He said, “This lot where I stand at right now ought to be housing, public housing for people to live in. Most of the people are homeless, living in the street, and it’s because of you, Mr. President.” Now, these guys are Mark Carter, Paul McKinley, Joseph Watkins, and Harold “Noonie” Ward, N-o-o-n-i-e. They were talking to people at the Rebel Pundit website.

I don’t know what occasioned this. I don’t know how they were found and what made this happen. But it was viral last week, or earlier this week, Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. But the point is this has always been ignored by Drive-Bys. For the Drive-Bys, this is never gonna be seen on any of the networks. You won’t see it anywhere. Fox may run some of this. I don’t know.

But it’s not going to reach the Drive-Bys. This is the kind of thing we hear and say, “All right!” ’cause this makes total sense. I myself, over the course of this show, have wondered aloud about this. I mean, if I had voted for a political party that’s promised me all these things and none of them have happened, it wouldn’t take me long to figure out that I’m wasting my vote. I’ve thought, “How does this keep happening?”

The answer to that question is, the Democrats have also succeeded in literally scaring these people to death about what the opposite party is or the alternative is, which takes us into the problem of Republican branding and all of that. But as bad as it might get with the Democrat Party, these people think it’s not even close to how bad it would be with Republicans. So it’s been a two prong attack.

But these guys have seen the light and they are trying to spread the word in their own way. Here’s the next bite. There are four total.

MCKINLEY: (music/outdoor noise) In Detroit, where your leaders at? There’s no white folks running Detroit, cutting water on black folks in Detroit! Them black folks running that city! There ain’t no white folks doing that. Them black folks going along with that. Everything that’s happing in our community (siren) is black leadership doing this.

WATKINS: Our children know that if the Democrats have not done anything for us as of yet, why should they even go out and vote? What agenda’s on the table that’s going to change their lives?

MCKINLEY: The only thing they’re offering the black community is abortion on demand. This is what the president is asking us to vote for.

CARTER: Now he wants to have this conversation about a minimum wage raise because he knows this is the way to get a lot of the poor people’s attention. But to hell with his minimum wage raise! We don’t have any jobs. A minimum wage raise for what?

MCKINLEY: They’re not pushing a black agenda. They’re not pushing a family agenda. They’re pushing a neo-liberal agenda.

CARTER: Across this city in these major Democratic cities, this is what it looks like.

RUSH: Yeah, raise the minimum wage, but there aren’t any jobs. I mean, this stuff makes perfect sense, all of it. Yet everybody’s waiting for it to matter. Here’s the next bite. It keeps getting better here, folks. Sit tight.

WARD: (music/outdoor noise) How can the same process happen over and over again and nobody can do nothing about it?

MCKINLEY: Black leadership is abusing us. The Democratic Party is abusing us.

WARD: Its the same way in every black community across the country.

CARTER: And they force us into a life of welfare. We don’t want no welfare! We want opportunities to go to work. We want opportunities to own businesses. They bailed out all of the major banks and these big investors, but left the people starving.

MCKINLEY: There are no Tea Parties in your city. We don’t have those people.

CARTER: We have a major Democratic machine — and the majority of them, they look like me! These are the people who make sure we get nothing, but then turn around and have us vote for them again.

WARD: They only come around when its time for elections, when they think they can give you a toy or give you a turkey or something and everything is good.

RUSH: Okay. Again, you’re listening here to four African-American Chicago activists, community organizers: Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins, Harold “Noonie” Ward, they’re talking to the Rebel Pundit.com website. This last bite says, “Why are you talking about the Tea Party? There’s no Tea Party here! We’re in Chicago. There’s no Tea Party here!” It sounds like they want a Tea Party.

“There isn’t any Tea Party here. We don’t have those people. We’re having to put up with this major Democrat machine, and they look like me. They’re not looking like Tea Party.” So these guys are saying, “What is this blaming the Tea Party stuff? There aren’t any of those people here. The Tea Party is not hurting us! The Tea Party is not shutting off the water on black folks in Detroit. It’s black folks doing that.”

These are things, by the way, that your average, ordinary white citizen/Republican radio personality could not say without these guys taking the lead on it and end up echoing them. But you say this just on your own out of the blue and you know full well you’re gonna be descended on. Those powerful forces in the Drive-By Media, the civil rights industry are gonna be coming at everybody, charging racism and bigotry and so forth and all the accompaniments to that which take place.

But these guys are trying to cut through the noise as best they can. Here’s the last of the four sound bites.

CARTER: (music/outdoor noise) Hundreds of millions of dollars are coming down from the federal government, but the money is going to all these special interest groups. My Brother’s Keeper went to [Obama’s] friends, this whole corrupt Democratic system that gobbles up all the dollars and starves the people out. Can you all look around your community and see any changes that have come about with these hundreds of billions of dollars that have come through our cities? No you cannot. What we do see is our elected officials riding around in new cars and they have new homes.

MCKINLEY: When our people don’t have jobs in our communities, when we don’t have any vital resources — when all the deals have been cut and all our people are left out — this is where we end up.

WARD: And we got the most important thing that we got. We can stop all this. Everybody’s gotta vote, and if you use your vote wisely, you can stop a lot of this stuff.

RUSH: There can be no mistake, these guys are urging people to go out and vote against Democrats. They’re asking people to vote against Democrats, vote against Obama because that is why they have the mess they have. And as a previous caller pointed out, we are gonna be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Great Society next spring. Fifty years where we have spent 22 trillion dollars to eradicate poverty, to enrich people economically, to lift them out of poverty, and to put them smack-dab in the middle class and make ’em prosperous and happy, and instead everybody’s miserable. And that’s where these guys are coming from.

Fifty years of this stuff and it gets worse by the year. Fifty years of this stuff, and where are all these benefits that have been paid for? Where is all this money going? ‘Cause it isn’t happening to us. Although it is, in a lot of ways. It takes a lot of money to prop up this many millions of people. Look at Social Security. Everybody claims the increase every year is minimal, not enough. It costs tens of billions of dollars to give every recipient a $10-a-month increase.

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