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RUSH: Let’s go to the F. Chuck Todd. This is funny. I don’t know if Jon Stewart would have handled it this way. Oh, speaking which, did you hear Jon Stewart has admitted that he was offered the Meet the Press job? You missed that? This is the final confirmation. It was reported a month or so ago that NBC had backed up a Brinks truck to Jon Stewart’s Comedy Central studio in an all-out effort to get him to host Meet the Depressed when they were gonna get rid of David Gregory, and he refused, So that’s when they went and got F. Chuck Todd, and now Jon Stewart has admitted that he was offered the job.

Remember those days when they said I was too political to do commentary on ESPN? Remember those days? How far back was that? How long ago was that? I was too political to be on ESPN. Meanwhile, Charles Barkley can go anywhere he wants and be political, and now a comedian was recruited with a Brinks truck for Meet the Press. And he said no. He said no. Well, you know why he said no. Well, I’ll tell you why he said no. My guess is that even though they wanted to hire a comedian, they don’t want that to be a comedy show. And my guess is he wants to stick with comedy. Who knows. I’m just guessing.

But here’s F. Chuck Todd, he’s Meet the Press now. He was on the Today show today with the fill-in host Hoda Kotb, she’s Kathie Lee’s BFF. Hoda Kotb, she and Kathie Lee do the nine to 10 a.m. hour, but she was seven to nine day. She was cohosting, subhosting, guest hosting, whatever, and she’s got F. Chuck Todd in there. She said, “Hey, F. Chuck, the president’s numbers are low, Congress’ numbers are low. Do you think people are gonna want to go out to the polls at all? Are they gonna be holding their nose when they vote? Are they gonna be picking the lesser of two evils? What are we gonna see on Tuesday, F. Chuck?”

TODD: The voters I met, it definitely feels like a hold-your-nose election. You get the sense, and talking to the voters I did, they’d like to punish the president’s party without rewarding the Republicans, and in many cases they’re sort of sitting on their hands, they’re not sure what to do. They do plan on voting, and these states where the races are — they’re spending millions of dollars, they are gonna show up to the polls. They’re probably leaning against the president, but they’re not happy about it.

RUSH: Well, then why are they gonna do it? And how many voters did he talk to here to come up with this conclusive prediction of their behavior? When was the last time, “Oh, yeah, they’re gonna vote, they’re gonna vote against the president, but they don’t want to.” Well, then why are they gonna do it? “And not only do they not on want to, they don’t want to reward the Republicans.” Well, then why are they? “Well, they just don’t want to.” So they’re now trying to put all their ducks in a row. This is all preelection spin so the people like F. Chuck and others after the election Tuesday can tell you how meaningless the Republican victory really is.


Now, folks, I’m serious. This Chuck Todd comment is ludicrous, and he’s not the first to make it. “Oh, yeah! Yeah, people, they’re not happy with Obama. But they don’t want to reward the Republicans. They’re gonna vote against Obama but they really don’t want to.” The only purpose of this is after this huge wave victory on Tuesday they’re gonna come to you and tell you, “This doesn’t mean anything.

“The Republicans do not have a mandate! The voters didn’t really want this to happen.” I wouldn’t even be surprised if they produce this in exit polls. Don’t be surprised if you see exit poll reports: “Yes, I voted in a very troubled state of mind. I really, really didn’t want to do what I did, and (stammering) it does not mean I want the Republicans running the show. I… I… I… I…” You wait.

Do not doubt me on this.

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