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RUSH: The Wall Street Journal has late updates on what exactly is being planned, relaxing deportations in addition to granting amnesty. He’s going to do it. The only question is the timing, and we’ve always known — I have, anyway, I’ve always known he was never gonna do this before Labor Day. He was never gonna do this before the election. He was never gonna do it before Halloween, unless he could find a way for the Republicans to be blamed for it, and they didn’t step in any kind of a trap.

In fact, the chairman of the Republican National Committee came out the other day and for the first time said that they were gonna try to stop it. And that was a shock. Everybody was shocked, because everybody’s been assuming — I’m sure you were, too. I have. I have been assuming the Republican National Committee and the GOP wanted amnesty ’cause the Chamber of Commerce is out there demanding it and all of the Washington establishment wants it. Well, the Democrats want it for future voters.

The Republicans think they can get some future voters, but their donors want the cheap labor, supposedly, and so all of these powerful forces of the establishment in Washington we thought were aligned in favor of it. So when Reince Priebus came out the other day and said that the Republicans, if they win the Senate, are gonna do everything they can to stop it was kind of a shock. But Obama’s gonna do it. There’s no question he’s gonna do it, and it’s all part of his transformation of America. And he doesn’t care about the political fallout.

And, folks, I just want to remind you of something that I said earlier. The election’s important, and I don’t want anybody misunderstanding anything I’ve said to indicate that I’m not in favor of Republicans winning. When you have heard me say things that sound critical of the Republican Party, I’m simply saying that they’re missing an opportunity here for a teachable moment to make this anti-Democrat vote more permanent rather than just once every six or eight years. And that’s basically what it is. People vote against the Democrats after they get tired of them, and after a certain passage of time they feel it’s safe to return, and they always do.

We’ve got a teachable moment here, an opportunity to make this more than just a temporary one-off anti-Democrat Party vote. It could have some meaning to it, and it still could, even after the election, depending on how the Republicans want to deal with it. But the point is that I don’t care who wins, the very nature of Obama’s mechanism here to grant amnesty, he’s not gonna do this with Congress. He isn’t going to do this with the House and Senate. He’s gonna do it by executive action.

His objective of transforming this country because he doesn’t like the way it was founded and he doesn’t like what it became, these next two years, I really don’t think a lot of people have any idea how scary this could get, no matter who wins, because the Republicans have taken off the table the only thing — impeachment — that would stop him. They have taken it off the table. They have assured everybody it won’t happen, and we know why. The impeachment of the first African-American president, Republicans don’t think they would ever recover from that.

So Obama knows that nobody can stop him. He knows that nobody’s even going to try. Not with the drastic step of impeachment. Now, they’ll try to stop him legislatively, but he’s demonstrated time and time again that that will not stop him. So all I’m saying is — hope I’m wrong — but these next two years are gonna be unlike any. No such thing as lame duck here. These next two years have the potential of being mind-blowing, with amnesty and illegal immigration just the first of many things that Obama thinks only he will do.

So he has to get them done before he leaves. And he’s gonna do them in ways that he hopes will make them permanent. He’s going to implement these things in ways that he hopes will make it impossible to unravel, such as Obamacare, such as amnesty. So our work is cut out for us. But the Democrats are not conceding the election. They’re out cheating all over the place. Carolina vote fraud has been exposed, thanks to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. They’ve demonstrated how illegals are being taught to vote and where to go. La Raza has got instructions for illegals and others, where to go to vote to get away with it. La Raza!

Voters have sued the state of Maryland over massive vote fraud by illegals. In Illinois and Maryland, Republican votes in the machines are being converted to Democrat votes. I could have done the first hour of this program on all the stories that highlight voter fraud. Colorado, California, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida. The point, I don’t know how much worse it is this time around than any election. Voter fraud happens every election. I don’t know if it’s that much worse or if it’s just the reporting that makes it look it. I don’t know if the vote fraud that is going on, that might go on, is enough to change the outcome.

I don’t know that we ever know that, other than Chicago 1960. That we were able to put our hands on. In New Hampshire, 71% of new jobs are going to foreign-born legal and illegal immigrants. We have this nurse in Maine openly, wantonly violating the Ebola quarantine, and she’s being proclaimed a hero by the Drive-By Media and, by extension, President Obama.

Obama has a photo-op at the White House to shake hands with and hug people that have treated Ebola patients in Africa, to show bravery and courage and to demonstrate to the American people there’s nothing to fear here. There’s nothing to worry about in regards to Ebola. But I remember him saying back in September that he doesn’t do theater and that he doesn’t do photo-ops.

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