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RUSH: The New York Times has a story today about the absolute state of disarray the Regime is. And they even describe — are you ready for this? The New York Times quotes somebody describing the Secretary of State John Kerry as spinning and floating out of control like Sandra Bullock did in that astronaut character she played in the movie Gravity.

They really portray Kerry as not knowing what’s going on and just floating, wandering aimlessly from issue to issue in a genuine clueless state. The story is about how Obama may have to replace some of the people in the Regime because they’re so incompetent.

The AP today: “Dems Rush to Save Suddenly Vulnerable Incumbents — Desperate Democrats are rushing to save suddenly vulnerable House incumbents, even in states where President Barack Obama cruised to double-digit victories, amid fresh signs of Republican momentum less than a week before the midterm elections.

Suddenly? Suddenly vulnerable? There’s been no reason for any recent shifts in the polling. No, the Democrats and their media minions are now just having to admit to reality, see, because what they’ve done, basically, they’ve lied to us for so many months to boost fundraising and early voting. And now all of a sudden it looks like some Democrats are vulnerable, when in truth they’ve been vulnerable for the past two years. But to the media, oh, no, it’s sudden.

The Democrats suddenly have to worry about the three most liberal states in the union: New York, California, and Hawaii. And all of whom, by the way, just happen to have implemented various levels of quarantines on returning Ebola workers. But, regardless, “The once friendly terrain of New York, California, Obama’s native state of Hawaii and adopted state of Illinois all now pose stiff challenges to Democrats who are determined to limit their losses next Tuesday.”

So what, the Democrats have to worry about the most liberal states in the union? You mean that’s sudden? What happened? Why is this sudden? Well, it isn’t sudden. That’s the point. The Democrats have been in free fall for the longest time. The media’s just done their best to cover it up in order to keep fundraising for Democrats up and in order to encourage early voting.

See, now we’re down to nut-cracking time. We’ve got less than a week to go and now the media and their polling units have to consciously start thinking of their credibility when it comes to the their projections vis-a-vis reality. Washington Post: “Election Could Tip Historic Number of Legislatures into Republican Hands.” There is this from this article. “In 2010, Republicans picked up more than 700 seats.” That was all the way down the ballot, state, local. That election was a massive landslide.

That election was a massive landslide because of the Tea Party. And because the Republican Party wanted no part of the Tea Party, not much was made of it. But in the bowels of the Democrat Party headquarters and leadership, there was sheer panic. You don’t lose 700 seats and it not matter. That was a huge shellacking, and they went into the 2012 presidential election worried sick. That’s why the IRS began targeting Tea Party groups and trying to limit their ability to raise money. The Democrat Party was, I mean, bamboozled, 2010 was horrible. Seven hundred seats! And all because the Republicans didn’t want to claim the Tea Party, not much was made of it.

In other words, the Republicans weren’t running around celebrating. They gained 60-some-odd seats and gained control of the House, and there was no champagne corks popping. There was no backslapping. It’s one of the quietest, least celebrated victories I can ever remember in politics, and it was huge. Well, this Washington Post story hearkens back to it.

“In 2010, Republicans picked up more than 700 seats, which amounted to nearly one in 10 legislative seats around the country.” The Republicans won one out of 10 in just one election. “This year, another legislative wave benefiting the GOP is certainly possible, perhaps even likely,” the Washington Post says. Now, this isn’t the way it was supposed to be, not at all. Now, of course, the Washington Post could be writing articles like this so that if the GOP wins, but not by historical landslides, they can turn it into a quasi-defeat. And don’t discount that. You know, by writing a story talking about how big it looks like it’s gonna be and if it doesn’t turn out that big, they can call it a loss. The way they call a cut in Washington a cut, when it’s actually an increase in spending.

So if they project the Republicans to win another 700 seats, and they only win 500, portray it as a loss. Do not discount this. The media will do everything they can, as Democrats, to buttress their own voters and try to dispirit you. Even after a massive landslide Republican victory the media will be trying to spin it as though it doesn’t mean nearly as much as if the Democrats would have won by that margin.

So be prepared for that, too. The media, there will not be any celebration, if there’s a wave election. If it’s a big wave Republican victory, it’s not gonna be celebrated. They’re gonna find ways to diminish it, to impugn it, to discount it, to delegitimize it, all to keep their own voters bucked up. That’s bucked with a B. Well I’m hoarse, and if you misunderstood me it would have also made sense.

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