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RUSH: We were told yesterday — not only by Canadian authorities, but repeated by American media — turns out to not have been totally true, folks. It’s up to me to point this out. A caller yesterday on the program — and we had several news sources pointing out that the gunman in Canada was monitored. He was a known figure.

Well, now police say that the gunman was not being “monitored.”

He’d been there only three weeks. “A soldier was shot and killed in a war memorial and shots were fired in Parliament before the gunman was killed.” We all know the details of that story. “Before he shot and killed a soldier, before he opened fire inside Parliament, before he sparked a panic that froze a large part of the capital, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau wanted to leave. The man who police said carried out the shooting here Wednesday arrived in the city less than three weeks earlier so he could get a passport and fly to Syria.

“However, in a sign of how difficult it can be to determine who may pose a threat, police said Thursday that Zehaf-Bibeau was not one of about 90 ‘high-risk travelers’ the authorities have been monitoring,” even though they told us yesterday he was. Which, again, raises the question: Okay, we’re gonna deny them a passport, and that’s gonna shut ’em down? No, it doesn’t. It’s not gonna shut anybody down because it’s not gonna indicate which one of these radicalized individuals may, at some point, act.

Something else that we have learned here — and so much for the media’s narrative that Abdul Zehaf… That’s his preferred name, by the way: Abdul Zehaf. So much for the narrative that he was a recent convert to the religion of peace. He wasn’t recent. He’d be a convert to the religion of peace for quite a while now. It’s funny how little details like this slip out. This comes in a very long piece in the Vancouver Sun — and this piece, I kid you not, is supposed to make us feel sorry for Mr. Abdul Zehaf because he was a crackhead.

He wanted to go straight.

Did you hear that yesterday? He was a crack addict, and there are about 30 tear-soaked paragraphs here. After his long, hard struggle against crack addiction, we finally hear a little more about his terrorist connections. He was reading online posts calling for attacks on Canada, but we aren’t supposed to believe he was a jihadist. He was just a long-suffering crackhead who wanted to go straight and the system let him down. That’s what they’re trying to convey today. It was a lone wolf; he was not a lone wolf.

He was not a lone wolf in any way, shape, manner, or form.

This then takes us to the hatchet suspect back to New York, and once again we’re being told that this guy is a lone wolf, and he’s a one-off. It turns out that that is not the case. This man’s name is Zale Thompson. Zale Thompson is the hatchet wielding suspect shot by officers in New York. It happened yesterday after he suddenly attacked a group of patrol officers without warning in broad daylight in a commercial district in Queens.

At a news conference at a hospital where one officer was being treated for a serious head wound, the commissioner, William Bratton, said that investigators were still trying to confirm the identity of the assailant and to determine a motive.

Naturally, they don’t want to jump to any conclusions and never mind that we already know that his name is Zale Thompson and that he was a strict Muslim who condemned the US and called for attacks on soldiers and police. And I have the posts on Facebook right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers to prove it! It dovetails back with exactly what we were talking about yesterday, is how the hell are young people in this country becoming to radicalized?

Who is telling them things that make them want to take action against people in this country and the country at large?

What are they learning?

What are they learning about this country that they end up hating it for?

Who’s teaching them this stuff?

And I’m telling you it’s the education system. They’re not lone wolves. They are members of a radical sect, and they are doing what the radical sect openly says that it’s going to do. I believe they have been radicalized by our own anti-America news media. I think they have been radicalized by our education system which features its own, if not anti-America, I don’t want to mis-convey something here — but if you sit in a classroom from kindergarten on up and you have a professor or teacher after teacher that tells you what a rotten place this is because of the way we treated women, the way we treated blacks, slavery, and what we did to the Native Americans and how the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer and the power base is stealing from the poor, what do you do?

If that’s all you hear from the first moment of your exposure to formal education, quite likely you’re gonna end up filled with rage and hatred. And those who also share those emotions who are recruiting people like you, you might find it attractive to join ’em. As we heard yesterday, Mark Steyn, “ISIS is the hot cool gang of the day.” I have to take a break here, but I want you to hear some of these Facebook posts of the hatchet man in New York, the next lone wolf, who it’s so sad, you know, he’s so lost in his course through life and so forth. He wasn’t lost. He had an objective.


RUSH: I just want to read you one Facebook post from the hatchet man that cops killed in New York, the next lone wolf. It’s a sorry case. It’s just so sad. How do we explain this. Well, you tell me. December 17th, 2013 Zale Thompson commented on a video on YouTube. He said, “It’s okay for white people to draw pictures of a white Jesus and then colonize Africa and enslave the Negro in America, wipe out the Native American, and invade the Middle East. They call black people racist for rejecting the oppression they suffered from whites? Listen, when black people have colonized the entire continent of Europe, enslaved its people and sold them into bondage to foreign lands, then you can call ’em racist.”

Now, where does this guy get this hatred? He wasn’t born this way. Maybe his parents are radical leftists, too, who knows. But he’s picking it up somewhere and keeps hearing it over and over again. This is what is taught as American history now in way too many places. So you have these young skulls full of mush, and they are essentially in a default condition. They have no data, all of a sudden the input just starts flowing, and it’s anti anti and it’s rage rage, and how rotten America is, and how rotten you are by extension.

And in the wrong mind, the incorrect balance, the right stimuli, “Hey, you too can have meaning in your life, join ISIS,” or whatever it is, and this is what happens.


RUSH: Okay, just a couple things here to close the loop on Zale Thompson, the hatchet man attacker, the Islamist, the militant Islamist in New York City. He has been radicalized by somebody or somebodies. He’s been radicalized by who knows what in this country. My guess is the education system, and I think that’s tragic. I think what’s happened is the multiculturalists have gained control of the education system, and the multiculturalists basically are a bunch of people…

I think, psychologically, they’re a bunch of people who just in their own minds don’t fit in, and so they gotta blame everybody else for it. They want to blame America, which is part and parcel of a leftist ideology. So these students, they are subjected — depending on the education system, depending the state and the school system — to a drumbeat of how rotten this country is. How unfair, how immoral, how unjust, how racist, how sexist, how bigoted.

If you hear it enough, and you’re just slightly off kilter, it can drive you crazy. Folks, I really… You know, I’ve said this over and over, and I really do think there’s something to it. The five years of pummeling of George W. Bush and the military in this country during the years of Iraq, 2003 to 2008, drove a portion of the Democrat voter base literally insane with rage and hatred. And the hatred didn’t confine itself just to George W. Bush. It expanded into just hatred for the country as founded.

This is the kind of chaos and disquietedness and discomfort that the Democrat Party feeds on, and it isn’t healthy. Of course, the true story of America is so glorious, the true story of this country and the true definition of American exceptionalism are miraculous. They’re wonderful. There’s no intellectual reason to be consumed with hatred or rage for this country, particularly over things that you have no hand in. Yeah, we had slavery until we fixed it. And, yeah, we did do some things wrong. Nobody’s perfect.

But this is the one country in the world that went to war with itself over a number of these things to wipe them out, and yet that doesn’t seem to count. That’s not a positive. Oh, no! We erase that from everybody’s historical record, and we simply focus on the evils, the original sins of our past, and we make these young kids believe that it’s still going on. That’s why this hatchet guy… Remember, he was a graduate of the Teachers College at Columbia — and I’m not talking about Missouri.

Columbia University, New York. Now, let me read. These are two posts that he put on Facebook. The first one… Well, it’s just one post. “It’s okay for white people to draw pictures of a white Jesus and then colonize Africa and enslave the Negro in America, wipe out the Native American and invade the Middle East,” as though it’s still going on, as though it happens to this day. It’s not something in the past that we have wiped out and dealt with.

No, no, no. It’s still going on. It defines us; it shapes who we are. “They call black people racist for rejecting the oppression they suffered from whites? Listen, when black people have colonized the entire continent of Europe, enslaved its people and sold them into bondage from foreign lands, then you can call them racist, but not before.”

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