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RUSH: This is why in the Political Stack of Stuff today, there’s all kinds of news about how on edge the Democrats are. It’s looking so bad for the election, the polling. Women are abandoning them; the blacks are not interested in showing up and voting — and if they don’t, it’s really curtains for the Democrats and so forth.

And the media’s wringing their hands trying to figure out why. They got the first African-American president; he’s Barack Obama. Why is he so unpopular? It’s like two different worlds. They don’t see 92 million Americans not working? They don’t see a record number of Americans on food stamps? And, by the way, I refuse to believe that this represents the desires of the majority of people in this country.

I do not think majority of people in this country have given up and want to turn it over to a welfare state. I think they want to work. I think they want to have careers. I think they want to behave and believe in this country, and they want it to be a place that’s the land of free, opportunity, home of the brave, all that stuff.

They don’t think that because of the leadership in this country — both parties, no matter where you go — there’s nothing inspiring. There’s nothing uplifting. Every day… USA Today just had a story about the ongoing crisis that is America. It’s every day. Every day there’s an emergency. Every day there’s a disaster. Every day there’s a crisis. Every day something is gonna kill us. Every day something’s gonna wipe us out.

It’s either terrorism or it’s Ebola or it’s whatever. Nobody gets a chance to breathe. Everybody’s on edge all the time. Well, it only stands to reason a majority of Americans don’t want to live this way. They don’t want the country to be this way — and, quite naturally, they are going to blame the powers that be of the moment for all of these problems, and the first chance they have to express it is gonna be in November.

And they’re gonna throw out the people that they think are in power now because they’re the ones who are gonna get blamed. In this case, they’ll be right. That leads to a whole other discussion about who they’re gonna vote for and what that’s going to mean, and what a glorious opportunity that could be and may well yet be. But it still doesn’t erase the fact that there is a huge amount of angst, malaise, distrust — and this Ebola business is just adding to it.

Then we hear yesterday that there might be nine to 34 million brand-new green cards over the next couple/three years? The borders are gonna be wide open. Anybody who wants to come in can come in because that’s what Obama wants; it’s what the Democrat Party wants. (interruption) Oh, I think he’s way beyond Jimmy Carter in terms of being the worst. I think in a lot of people’s minds, yeah.

Well, we had something yesterday that some well-known Democrat made a point that Jimmy Carter’s looking really good to everybody now. I tell you, I just got something in the mail. You know, I’m surreptitiously, secretly on a bunch of Democrat Party fundraising lists. You know who I just got an e-mail from? You know who they’ve trotted out? Gloria Steinem is their latest giant, secret move to raise money and get-out-the-vote.

Now, what…? (interruption) Yeah, she’s still alive. What does that tell you? This is the party of hip? This is the party of cool? This is the party of new, young Millennials saying, “Yeah, man, the Democrat Party’s where it’s at,” and they have to get to the feminazi graveyard to find the last best hope for the party in this election?


RUSH: Here’s Sharmine in Portland, Oregon. Hey, Sharmine! It’s great to have on the EIB Network and Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m a longtime listener, first-time caller. Forgive me if I’m a little nervous. I called because I have a question for you.

RUSH: Sure!

CALLER: The last couple days you’ve been talking about how some of the more liberal pundits and poll watchers are starting to talk about a coming Republican wave in November.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Your comment was that, you know, they’re really trying to be sure that they have something to fall back on. Come next election, they can say, “Well, we called it.” But I wonder. Maybe I’ve gotten too cynical over the years, but I wonder if there isn’t also something else at play there. You know, in the last election, three million of us sat home, and I don’t know if it —

RUSH: Are you worried that these results that they’re touting are gonna cause people to be complacent, sit home, and not vote, because they think the election’s in the bag?

CALLER: That is absolutely right, Rush! That is a fear that I have.

RUSH: Well, I tell you, you are being a little cynical. It’s understandable, however, because you understand how polling data can be manipulated. However, I think this is too widespread for it to be untrue. Now, people can always say, “What caused people to sit home in 2012,” I hate to say it, “is they weren’t happy with the nominee.” There isn’t anybody that the Republicans have put forth that people might not be happy with in this. This is gonna be a total anti-Democrat Party, anti-Obama turnout and election.

I think people are chomping at the bit to get there and show up and vote.


RUSH: Now, we just had a call from a woman little worried. I understand this, by the way. Have you ever known people that are — And I’m not saying this is true of her. It just reminded me of something. Have you ever known people who are afraid of success or of good things happening. They don’t really trust, “Nah, this is not me, that’s, this isn’t gonna last, no, I don’t think.” It’s a natural that some people feel. Now, I myself have never been afraid of success. But other people, not even success. You know, spate of good luck will happen, “Oh, this is not gonna hold, no, this isn’t for real.” You don’t want to tie yourself to it because you don’t want to be disappointed when it ends.

So she was worried that all of this polling data is designed to convince a lot of Republicans that think the election’s in the bag and just sit home and not vote. And she referred back to 2012 when four million Republicans didn’t vote in a presidential race, big difference, that there was a candidate, Mitt Romney, that four million Republicans didn’t want to vote for. That circumstance doesn’t exist here, but even beyond that, I think that there’s a — I think the groundswell here, I think it’s been building since 2010. And I think had those four million people shown up and voted in 2012 we’d have had a different president. I think those four million were fed up. Like everybody else was, they were just more inspired to teach the Republicans a lesson than they were the Democrats. But let me give you a little evidence of this.

The AP has just published one of their Fact Check articles. It’s a quasi-fact check article. And their headline is, Fact check: Making 97% a failing grade. Okay, so I, like you, I was intrigued by this before I knew what the story was. Let me share with you the crux of this from the article. From the AP. Republicans trying to take back control of the US Senate are working hard to sear one big number to the brains of voters from Alaska to Arkansas: 90% or 96% or 97%, depending on the state, that’s how often Republican candidates say their incumbent, Democrat opponents, have voted with Barack Obama, citing vote scoring conducted by Congressional Quarterly. Those scores are repeated relentlessly in ads, interviews, and debates, part of an effort the incumbent Democrats to tie them to an unpopular president.

Now, of course the AP thinks that fact check, that number is not right. You know why? “Well, it’s not really 97%. It’s misleading.” So here we have the Democrat Party’s house organ, the AP, trying to help the Democrats, trying to defend Obama so you got a bunch of Republicans out there trying to tie Democrats to Obama by pointing out how often they voted for his agenda.

It is so bad that the media has to take issue with how often Democrats voted for Obama. They’re trying in this story to point out Republicans are wrong. How? Well, that 97%, some of those votes were for Obama judicial nominees, and some of those votes were for pro forma — were not active intending to support a particular policy. I find it fascinating that the media, in order to try to limit the damage, is actually running stories claiming that these incumbent Democrats really didn’t support Obama all that much. Now, they are working very hard to convince people that Democrats don’t support Obama and haven’t for a long time. That, to me, is a sign of how bad this is. I mean, in any given circumstance you would expect to want to be tied, I mean, here we have the first messiah that we’ve ever had as president, “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!”

Imagine this fall from grace from just six years ago. So they’re working very hard to convince readers of AP stories that the Democrat Party incumbents, they haven’t really supported Obama that much. It isn’t 97%. It isn’t 90%. They say it depends on the time period, depends on whether judicial nominee up-and-down votes. If you only count certain years. I mean, it’s laughable, the lengths that they are going to try to tell their readers that the Democrats don’t really support Obama that much. That’s how toxic he is. And I don’t think in this story, for example, there’s nothing about this that’s designed to make Republican voters feel complacent although the whole thing’s in the bag and to stay home, they don’t have to vote. I also think the energy to show up, the vote anymore is about the only thing people have. Calls to Washington don’t seem to do much anymore.

Faxes, e-mails, and all that, the vote, showing up, that’s about the one thing people think they can do, and deny money, deny donations. Now, the Washington Post has just discovered the poll we had earlier in the week that shows the Democrats are losing their edge among women. It’s finally sinking in the media at large. Says here, if Republicans mitigate the Democrat advantage on women, they’d be on track for a huge election, and they go on to say that all of the numbers in all the polls that everybody’s taken mirror 2010. And that was a huge landslide loss for the Democrats all the way down the ballot.

And so this is the thing I referred to earlier. Democrats trot out Gloria Steinem as election nears. I mean, they’re now going to the mummies of the Democrat Party. With less than two weeks to Election Day, the Democrats are bringing out Gloria Steinem to help rally the women. She writes in an e-mail to potential donors, Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee. The outcome of this election will be determined by one factor: women. And that scares the Republicans half to death, but not enough to make them actually change their anti-women policies. Anyway, how bad can it be if this is what they have to do? She may have been big stuff at one time, you know, back in the days of the early feminazis, but I mean this is going to the grooveyard, the graveyard of Democrat icons here. This is not hip. This is not cool. This is not, you know, whatever you would say that’s of the moment. So I think the polling data’s pretty accurate.

I don’t think there’s a plan here designed to make Republicans complacent. Politico: Obama moves key Senate races toward the GOP. They conclude — this Public Policy Polling, another liberal Democrat firm. If the election were today, Republicans would take it. Obama being unpopular is the biggest factor in the election. To me, frankly, folks, it’s a sign of relief. Can you imagine how you would feel if it were the opposite? This is what gives me hope, actually, people, “How do you stay optimistic?” Let me tell you something, six years in, everything that’s happened, if the Democrats were a shoo-in to keep every seat they’ve got and win some, how do you think you would feel? That would be utter — that would be depressing like you can’t believe. The very fact that the Democrats are on the verge of losing huge has got to be some partial optimism.

Now, this doesn’t address the Republicans that are gonna win. That’s another argument we’ve all got theories and wishes and desires for that, but in terms of just the Democrats being rejected, Obama being rejected, what they believe in, what they’ve done, Obamacare, you name it, ISIS, War on Terror, terms of being rejected there’s no question that that is happening and is going to happen. Now, there’s also a theory that says, “Well, Democrats expect this. They know their policies aren’t popular.” And, by the way, I think there’s some credence to this. The Democrats know full well that they govern against the will of the American people, of a majority. They know it. That’s why they can’t tell the truth about their agenda. The only thing that gives them a chance is if they lie and hide what they really want to do, but then when they get elected and implement it like they have now, it becomes clear what they want to do, people reject it, they don’t want it. So the Democrats know they’re gonna lose some elections.

They judge that it’s worth the price. These last six years have been worth it. They think they’ve done a lot, and they have, they’ve taken over the health care business. They have created more dependency, they got more people than ever on food stamps, they got more people than ever not working, and to them it’s been a great six years. In fact, the American people don’t approve of it, I think they know. I don’t think they care. Think they know they’re gonna lose elections, but down the road’s 2016, so this when they make up for it. There’s Hillary. And they’ll win again. What they rely on is that the Republicans are gonna screw up. When they count on is the Republicans even when they win are not going to capitalize on it. They also know — and this is something to brace yourself for — they also know, say the Republicans take the Senate and have the House, that means Obama’s agenda shut down. Well, hopefully. But that still leaves Obama with his executive orders.

But it also provides Obama and the Democrats another opportunity, and they’ve got their willing accomplices in the media to spread this word, and that is, “Poor Obama. Look at these Republicans. I mean, they just won, and they won’t work with us, and they won’t help, they won’t cooperate, they’re just so mean-spirited and partisan,” and the lies will continue, the War on Women, racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, you name it, and to the extent that Obama has any popularity left at all, it’ll work to one degree or another. Now, in Obama continues to lose popularity, that won’t be as effective, the idea Republicans won’t work with him. But still, I think Obama’s looking forward to that. I think Obama is looking at the Democrats losing the Senate, Republicans controlling the Senate and the house as a great opportunity to do executive order after executive order. And I can see Obama, by the way. Don’t think this isn’t possible.

I can see him, after the election, if it goes the way the polls indicate, I can see him going on TV at some point and saying he’s got to save the country. From the Republicans, that this is not what America is, this is not who America — this is not what America wants, and he is gonna do everything he can to save this country from these people who want to take this country back to, you name it, slavery Civil Rights Act of 1964, whatever the horrors of our past are, that’s what he will portray the Republicans as standing for, representing, and give himself an excuse to do all these executive orders, in the sense he’s saving the country, he’s protecting all the great achievements that he’s made the past six years. He’s not gonna let these Republicans unwind all of this great stuff that he’s done, he’s not gonna stand for it.

And to prove it, he’s going to say that he’s gonna continue to live in Washington even after his term, to protect what he has accomplished. And he has said that, by the way. And that’s gonna be a precedent. Most presidents go back home, get out of town. Most presidents — Bill Clinton’s the lone exception — shut up. It’s manners, it’s protocol, it’s tradition. Clinton has not shut up. George W. Bush has. George H. W. Bush has. Well, Jimmy Carter still runs his mouth, but that’s when Rosalyn jabs, “You can’t let them say that about, Jimmy.” Pops up every now and then. But Reagan shut up. But Obama, I think by saying that he’s gonna see say in Washington, he knows the press is always gonna be in the palm of his hand, and whoever the next president, say it’s president Trump, Trump comes in, initiates something, and Obama’s gonna be on TV that day criticizing, decrying, whatever the new president’s trying to do, “Look what he’s doing, six years, eight years, great progress, unwind it,” it’s gonna be precedent setting.

You’re not gonna have a president — we’re not gonna have experience with a president, short of Clinton, still, an ex-president, inserting himself day to day, and Moochelle will be right in there, too. You don’t like president Trump? Pick one, doesn’t matter who it is. (interruption) Okay, President Christie. (interruption) Oh, you want to go back to Trump, huh? (interruption) Let’s see. A president — president — Jeb Bush, president Jeb Bush. So president Jeb Bush announces he’s going to — you want to go back to Trump, huh?

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