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RUSH: The hero in Canada, that sergeant-of-arms, have you seen the video? (interruption) I know, five minutes standing applause, House of Commons. I know, I saw it, it was stunning and I also, like everybody else, saw the video of this guy walking out of his office with a gun, five minutes later he’s back after shooting the guy, like just went out for drink of water at the fountain. He’s got the gun in his right hand, is walking out, does his business, you don’t see that. He comes back, goes to his office, took care of the shooter, had his gun. His name is sergeant-at-arms.

How long is it gonna be before the gun control crowd goes nuts on this? “You mean somebody’s armed inside the Parliament? Why, that’s dangerous,” blah, blah, blah. Don’t put it past ’em. They won’t do it today or tomorrow, and they may never, but such a response would not surprise me. Yeah, five-minute standing ovation for the guy. How’d they stop this again? What was it? A gun, right?

That’s another thing. He didn’t need a grief counselor, and he didn’t need to go home and reflect for a couple of weeks. And they didn’t send internal affairs in with a therapist to ask him, “Do you like shooting people? Are you worried you want to do more of this? Do you think maybe you’re starting to like killing? Do you think maybe you ought to turn in your gun?” That’s what happens. You think I’m making that up? That’s exactly what happens.

If a police officer discharges their weapon, that’s the first thing that happens, a shrink from IA greets ’em. “Do you think you liked it? Do you think you can really get used to shooting people? I mean, you haven’t discharged your weapon very often, Officer. How do you feel? Need some time off?” It’s an in-depth thing. I know they do it because they think it’s the best procedure, and plus they’ve gotta do it to handle potential lawsuits that might come from the victim. Sorry for the lingo. But this guy is in his fifties, early sixties?

(interruption) I mean, this is John Wayne. Oh, yeah, I mean I was gonna say that. I think I will say it. I was gonna hold back on saying that because it would be purposely and thus unnecessarily provocative. But he is a man’s man.

He’s in his office, all hell’s breaking loose, there’s a shooter on the loose. Oh, yeah? Well, who am I? Sergeant-at-arms. So reaches wherever his gun is, grabs it, walks out of his office, finds the guy, pow, pow, problem solved, back to his office. Reluctant hero, just doing his job. Man’s man. Didn’t call anybody first. Didn’t consult a policy manual. Didn’t call any insurance company to get the okay. (interruption) Yeah, wasn’t a campaign donor stuck in some position. He was a real guy and took his job, sergeant-at-arms, very seriously.

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