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RUSH: There are days that I actually ask myself, how is it that Democrats win elections? Look at Hillary Clinton, big memoir, right, big book. Nobody bought it. What was the size of her advance? How big an advance did she get? Help me out here. Was it 14 million, was it 7 million? It was millions of dollars, millions, and the publisher puts out all these press releases and hosts cocktail parties, such a big deal, and nobody bought it. She’s not that popular, contrary to what everybody thinks.

If it weren’t for voter fraud, I am more and more convinced — I’ve got some stories in the Stack today to back this up. They’re just not that popular. Look, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, has a new book. It’s his autobiography. And do you know how many people care about Andrew Cuomo’s life? Nine-hundred-forty-five books sold the first week. Well, I know he’s got a big family, so some people even besides the family, 945 hardcover copies in its first week. This from the New York Times.

It was reported in a previous New York Times story that Cuomo had received an over $700,000 advance for the book. It was supposed to be published in August. They moved it back. Yeah, it was between $8 million and $14 million for Hillary, and nobody bought it. Nine-hundred-forty-five books for Andrew Cuomo. They are not popular. They are not personally popular.

So many people are living, including in the Republican Party, living under so many false and wrong myths about the love and adulation people have for Democrats. I know the Democrats — look, I’m not trying to refute reality. Don’t misunderstand. I’m telling you they’re not as popular as people want us to believe and they want you to believe. They’re not rock stars.

The Republican Party has a branding problem, more than anything else.


RUSH: Andrew Cuomo, 945 books sold. Hillary Clinton, $14 million for her book that was just out that nobody bought. There are reports of voter fraud, and Obama’s encouraging — well, I gotta be very careful about that. You’ll hear when the story comes up. But this multiple voter registration, dead people, it’s reached an all-time high.

I’m convinced that the Democrats, irrespective of who wins elections, I’m just here to tell you they are not universally loved and adored. They are not thought to be hip and cool from top to bottom. They are not thought to be rock stars. They are not thought to be infallible. We’re living under a false pretense, false image, false brand created by the Democrats and the media that the Republican Party happens to believe, frankly.


RUSH: This is my point. There’s a story at something called Watchdog.org. And the story is: “Cook County Ballot Box Tries to Cast GOP Votes for Democrats.” It’s been discovered. No, that’s Cook County. Everybody expects that. My point is, that kind of stuff is happening all over the country, I’m convinced of it.

Now, in the past I have downplayed these charges of voter fraud, not downplayed their existence, but I’ve downplayed the fact it’s a big factor, because it would have to be so massive to explain all these Democrat victories, but I’m beginning to have second thoughts about this.

The more I see it happening the more it’s uncovered, and then you apply common sense. The Democrat Party and individual Democrats are not loved and adored like you are told to believe. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, respected, loved and adored, admired, give me a break. We know that’s not true. Hillary Clinton, ditto. Kay Hagan, North Carolina. Al Franken, these people are not loved and adored. Hillary can’t sell any books. Andrew Cuomo can’t sell any books. They don’t have any audience on their cable news shows. They’re not these rock star, popular, admirable figures that people run around emulating and wish they were like. It’s not that way.

There’s more of a branding issue that the Republican Party has, I think, than anything positive the Democrats are exuding. If it were the case, they’d never lose anything. If it were so true that the Democrats were universally loved, adored, respected, and popular, we wouldn’t be looking at polling data like that that we’re seeing today. And why am I mentioning this? ‘Cause I’m trying to keep everybody’s mood up. There’s no reason to get defeatist. I mean, it’s frustrating because to me this stuff is over-comable. It’s beatable.

The frustration is that we just don’t have a Republican Party that seems to know how, in some cases not even interested. But some of this stuff doesn’t make any sense. Some of these people that win elections, some of these people that lead, doesn’t make any sense. You can’t tell me that people in North Carolina think Kay Hagan is any great stuff. This is a woman that didn’t even show up in her debate last night, and she didn’t show up at her debate because she didn’t want to be forced to answer embarrassing questions. She flip-flopped on air flights from Ebola countries.

Her family got stimulus money, used it personally. That story has come out in the last couple weeks. So she just doesn’t show up. It was an empty chair. She tweeted her answers the next day. I mean, you may have had some of these underwear clad blog posters in their basements in the Democrat Party thinking it’s cool and hip. But I’m telling you, the majority of the country doesn’t think, “Wow, Kay Hagan, that’s really smart. That’s really clever, to not go to your debate and then tweet the answers later?” Yeah, that’s what we want in our leaders, yeah, right. That’s not the attitude people have about it.

She’s an embarrassment. Franken’s an embarrassment. A lot of them are. They’re just never characterized that way by the Drive-By Media. Look, I’m repeating myself here. But you get my main drift here. I’m really starting to be curious about the degree, the amount of voter fraud taking place out there.

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