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RUSH: Monica Lewinsky, speaking of rejection, let me tell you something. It’s about time that somebody — well, this is gonna be hard, because, look, there’s a plausible explanation for her being messed up. You know that long, detailed monologue I did on the day we had that blockbuster story that weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq and that Karl Rove and people in the White House had made an active political decision to cover up the discovery and what that begot us.

That got five years of an insane Democrat voter base. Five years of Bush lied, people died. Five years just unnecessary — we lost the House and the Senate in 2006. I’m convinced that those five years of pummeling that were not responded to, were not answered to, gave us Obama. We’re still suffering from it. The military is still suffering from it. The whole premise of the War on Terror, we’re still suffering from that. There’s so much about what the United States does that’s now considered to be illegitimate because that’s what the Democrat Party said, and there was no reaction to it.

So, in a certain sense, Monica Lewinsky has been a victim of similar things with what the Democrat Party and the willing allies in the media did to her in order to save Bill Clinton. But at the same time, there’s been enough time go by — I mean, she made a speech yesterday at some Forbes thing for women or people under 30 to talk about whatever they talk about. And she was just lamenting how the Internet destroyed her life. How Matt Drudge destroyed her life and the New York Post called her the Portly Pepper Pot, or some such thing. She clearly isn’t over it, despite every attempt to make people think she’s over it. But the thing that strikes me about it, Matt Drudge didn’t do anything to her. Bill Clinton! And she’s admitting, by the way, she was in love with the guy now.

She was totally, completely gone in love with Clinton. And that Clinton knew, and even despite that, here comes Carville and Begala and all of the things they did to destroy her and her reputation in order to protect Clinton. Clinton’s right in assisting all that. But at some point, she’s found a way, I guess because she still loves the guy, she has found a way to absolve Clinton of any blame in what happened to her, to absolve Clinton of having any role in what happened. Instead she’s blaming the Internet, blaming Drudge, or what have you, and that’s not what did it to her. Bill Clinton did it. The Democrat Party did it. And she was right in there doing it to herself.

She was 19 years old, and she knows the guy’s married, and she knows the guy’s wife is the first lady and is either right outside the door or upstairs, what have you. Well, somewhere, maybe in another wing, but she’s there. The point is, Monica knows that Bill’s married. Hillary’s married to Bill on the days when that is useful. I’m getting a little worn out with all of the, “Oh, the Internet deprived me of my privacy and the Internet destroyed my image and reputation.” There’s a lot of people that did that before the Internet even got involved.


RUSH: Now, one point I want to make, I didn’t completely cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s here. I started to say, just like the five years of incessant, never-ending pummeling that this country and the military, the presidency took over the Iraq war, handed out by the Democrats and the media, five years, never ending, I mean, it was horrible. And I don’t think we’ve recovered from it yet. I think it’s had a permanent effect on Republican branding. I think it’s had a permanent effect on the War on Terror. I think it’s had a permanent impact on the already existing distrust of these institutions that we need to trust. I think the same thing with this Clinton-Lewinsky business.

I think that episode played out in a way that shocked people. I think a lot of people thought that there should have been and would be a serious price payed by Clinton for such reckless behavior, for such irresponsible behavior. From using the affections of a young intern, to lying as president under oath before a grand jury, and then we learn of all of the bullying this man engaged in with people like Kathleen Willey and Gennifer Flowers.

The fact that Bill Clinton to this day is the biggest rock star of the Democrat Party I think still has a lot of people mildly discombobulated in the sense that it wasn’t that long ago there were prices to pay for such lapses of judgment and morality in positions of power and authority. And today, the episode has enhanced Clinton’s resume, it’s enhanced his image with some people, and I think people are still scratching their heads over this and asking, “Why teach our kids right and wrong if wrong is how you win?”


RUSH: What do you mean, why do I think this? Because I’ve been told it. I’ve had people share this point of view with me, and I frankly kind of pooh-poohed it. Initially I just chalked it up to jealousy on the part of guys, Clinton got away with it. But I’ve rethought this, particularly given that blockbuster news about weapons of mass destruction.

I would love to come up with yet another — I’ve already been as persuasive as possible. I’d love to come up with another way of characterizing those five years of the Iraq war, 2003-2008, and the lasting negative destructive impact on the national psyche because of that. Not just the Bush administration and not just the Republicans, but the national psyche.

And I’ve had, you know, over the years when Monica Lewinsky and the Clinton stories come up, I’ve had people say, “Can you believe the guy’s the biggest rock star in the Democrat Party after all this?” And I said, “Well, it’s who the Democrats are. Failure is a resume enhancement.” But here comes Monica again. She won’t go away. She keeps telling us how she’s over it and she wants to move on, but she’s not over it. She has been permanently scarred by this, and I don’t think she’s the only one.

I don’t want to overemphasize or exaggerate here, but we all know — it’s not a matter of opinion — it wasn’t that long ago that for the kind of behavior Clinton was caught engaging in, there would have been a price to pay at least in terms of reputation, respect. I mean, here’s a man who wantonly used a 19-year-old intern in the Oval Office of the White House countless times, lied about it under oath to a grand jury, while he was married, potentially subjecting himself to blackmail and other things.

I’m just saying there are a lot of people in this country who expected there to be a price to be paid, that the institution would demand it. And instead, not only was there no price to be paid other than the loss of a law license that he never used for a year, there was no shame; there was triumph. (imitating Clinton) “That’s right, Limbaugh, I got away with it, buddy, ha-ha. I’m the biggest thing in the Democrat Party, Barack Obama notwithstanding. Everybody loves me. Women still want me with my pants down, Limbaugh, you know it’s true, everybody does, and you just can’t stand it, right?”

And I’ve had people say to me that, why should we bother telling our kids right and wrong when it seems like the bad guys’ behavior outside the norms is what everybody wants; is what gets attention; is what sells; is how you stand out in a crowd with a lot of noise, how you make yourself known, renegade. I mean, that isn’t new, but in the office of the presidency and distinguished positions of leadership, the short version of this is, I think that there has been a lingering, multiplying, sort of built up over time unease about all of this.

And now the guy, not only did he not pay a price, he is the biggest thing in the Democrat Party. He’s the biggest rock star. (imitating Clinton) “Limbaugh, you forget what I’ve done. I have done so much image repair. Look at all the charity work that I do. I fly all over the world helping people out. I mean, I knew I had a problem. I’ve rebuilt my image and I’ve changed it around.” Yeah, and all of it’s for show, and it’s worked. My point is, folks, I think that there is a national malaise. I think there is rampant cultural rot going on in the country that has people very worried, above and beyond politics, even though it’s part of it.

The cultural rot has parents concerned. It has a lot of people concerned about the underlying decency and goodness of the country and has it been shattered and will nobody stand up for what used to be right and wrong, morality. We can’t talk about it because nobody has the right to define it because whatever you think is moral, you don’t have the right to impose that on anybody else, is the prevailing viewpoint today.

Morality used to be clearly understood. Right and wrong used to be clearly understood. Now it’s all gray, and the likelihood of getting away with it depends on how cool and hip you are to the media. The likelihood of getting away with it depends on whether you got a D or an R after your name.

And one of the things I remember worrying about — ah, I didn’t worry about it. One of the things I commented on, I warned people that the Lewinsky-Clinton affair was very likely gonna end up being seen as cool by young people. “Man, that was really cool. Finally got rid of the stuffed shirt behavior. Yeah, the president’s just like us. He’s a horn dog just like we are in college. Oh, yeah, man, I’d do it if I could, props to Clinton.” And there you have declining standards, reputations, and so forth.

And here’s Monica. Now she’s showing up at some Forbes event, 30 Under 30 summit. She’s 41 years old. And she’s out, she said her new objective in life is to eliminate bullying. She wants to be a spokesperson for bullying. She wants to stand up for the bullied. And yet the guy she admits being in love with was one of the biggest bullies that she’s probably ever encountered. Ask Paula Jones, ask Kathleen Willey, ask Linda Tripp, ask Ken Starr, name it, the list goes on and on and on. And I know. I’m not making it up. And a lot of people say it troubles them.

All of this by itself, not big, but throw it all in with what Obama has done and what’s happening to the health care system, what’s happening to the economy, what’s happening to jobs, the Iraq business, five years of incessant, everything that used to define the greatness of the country is under assault, it’s under siege, it appears to people. Things that people used to count on.

Do you remember last week or do you even know last week, a running back from the Dallas Cowboys by the name of Joseph Randle was caught shoplifting. Now, as a running back for the Dallas Cowboys, Joseph Randle doesn’t have money problems, but he got caught shoplifting underwear and a cologne, bottle of cologne or whatever, and he got caught and he apologized to his teammates, and he said, “That’s not who I am.”

Really? That’s not who you are? You shoplift, that’s not the real you? “No, it’s not the real me. That’s not me. I’m sorry to anybody who was offended by what I did,” blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, guess what’s just happened? A Los Angeles-based brand called MeUndies has just hired Joseph Randle as their spokesman. A shoplifter hired as a spokesman. I’m sure they’ll have great TV commercials. I’m sure the commercials for this are gonna make fun of the shoplifting. This guy loved ’em so much, he just couldn’t wait to buy them. He had to have them right now. Took ’em and so forth. The company had to see this great opportunity.

Meanwhile, the people who make this country work, that are out there toiling away in anonymity are left to scratch their heads and say, “What? How does this work?” And I think all of these things, and there are any number of them, when you tie ’em all together they feed off of themselves, and they, over time, created a giant unsettledness out there that makes people question what they’ve always thought to be virtuous. They’re asking what happened to it. Why is the opposite of virtue what triumphs? And then they say to themselves, “It wouldn’t for me. If I get caught shoplifting, I’m not gonna get hired as a spokesman for the underwear company whose product I stole.” You know if it’s your kid, it wouldn’t happen to your kid.

So, my point of all this is, if Monica wants to take on bullying, and if she wants to try to say she’s put this behind her, she’s gotta stop blaming Drudge, and she’s gotta start taking a little bit of responsibility for her role in this. And then she’s gotta be willing to say that there was a coconspirator and it wasn’t the Internet and it wasn’t Matt Drudge, and it wasn’t Michael Isikoff, it was Bill Clinton. And then you can throw Hillary in there too, because Hillary after all this broke, goes on the Today show and blames it all on a right-wing conspiracy. Go figure that out. And I, of course, am the Mr. Big of the right wing.

What did we do? Did we hire Monica as an intern? Did we arrange for the pizza deliveries when we knew that Clinton would be in the Oval Office and she would be delivering to the Oval Office the just delivered pizzas? We did all this? And yet the media, she blames it on the vast right-wing conspiracy? Once again the Republicans are to blame. And this came shortly after that whole idea that the Republicans wanted to starve our kids. So I just think the cumulative impact of all these things matters.


RUSH: It has just been posited to me that the only reason Monica is doing what she’s doing is because Hillary is running for the presidency, and if Hillary runs and loses, then it’s over for Monica. With the Clintons out of the news, Monica will not have a chance to cash in. So she’s doing what she can to help Hillary win. She needs Hillary to win to keep the Lewinsky story, Clinton-Lewinsky story alive? Is that… (interruption). Okay, she needs to bring attention to herself to get whatever money she can out of it. The theory rests on the fact that if Hillary loses, then it’s over for Monica? (interruption) That’s what I don’t get. She doesn’t need Hillary Clinton running.

She doesn’t need Hillary Clinton to win in order to get coverage. All she needs is Bill Clinton to still be out there making speeches. Did I miss something? Did she have an affair with Hillary Clinton? What’s Hillary got to do with it? Hillary is not even acting like the ticked-off wife. (interruption) Hillary isn’t gonna react to any of it. Hillary isn’t gonna react to any of this, other than to keep the theme it was the vast right-wing conspiracy. If Hillary does anything, it will be to express sympathy and sorrow for Monica, but not because of her husband, but because of the Internet or whatever.

But I don’t think she’ll even mention Monica Lewinsky. Monica trying to cash in. I don’t see Monica’s chance to cash in being tied to Hillary winning or running or not. But I could be missing something here. I don’t… (interruption) What’s the only what left? That’s what I don’t get. I don’t think she’s doing what she’s doing now because of anything Hillary’s doing. And I don’t think she needs Hillary to succeed in order to continue to be in the limelight. Because Hillary wasn’t part of the original story, other than to blame it on the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Maybe Monica will be brought up in the debates, but even if Hillary doesn’t win or doesn’t run, the press is always gonna be fascinated. All Monica’s gotta do is change what she says her psychology of the day is. All she’d have to say, “What you know? I’m regressing. I think I’m still in love with the president.” Bam. You know, Hillary could be back in China doing something, and that would make news. She doesn’t need Hillary Clinton to make news.

I don’t get you people. You think this is tied to Hillary’s campaign? It may be strategically in some sense, but she doesn’t need Hillary in order to make news. She didn’t get invited to this Forbes thing because Hillary’s running for president. (interruption) Well, that’s because nobody cares about a Monica Lewinsky pocketbook or a Monica Lewinsky watch or a Monica Lewinsky scarf. That’s not what she’s known for. She’s known for what she did with her mouth. And as long as she’s using her mouth, she’s going to be news, whether she’s speaking or playing with cigars or whatever. (interruption) What are you people missing in there?

You all have got Hillaryitis! I can’t get over it, everybody is so scared of Hillary still. Anyway, don’t blame me. The staff wanted to argue with me during the break. That’s what got all this started, and I still don’t understand. But I’ve done my best to refute it.


RUSH: Come on, you guys, we already know what Hillary’s gonna say if somebody asks her about Monica during a debate. She’s gonna say, “What difference does it make?” And then what are they gonna say? “What difference it make now?” She’s already used that once, about Benghazi. I think Monica needs to start marketing some lipstick, myself.


RUSH: Now, before I move on to this Daily Beast stuff, I’ve got some sound bites associated with this Lewinsky stuff that I want to get out of the way. I intended to get these in the last hour as well. First up is Monica herself. Yesterday in Philadelphia at the Forbes 30 Under 30 summit. She’s 41. We have just a portion of her remarks, and then you shall be treated to media reaction to Monica Lewinsky yesterday at the Forbes 30 Under 30 summit.

LEWINSKY: Thanks to the Internet and a website that, at the time, was scarcely known outside of Washington, DC, but a website most of us know today called the Drudge Report, within 24 hours I became a public figure. Not just in the United States, but around the entire globe. As far as major news stories were concerned, this was the very first time that the traditional media was usurped by the Internet. Overnight, I went from being a completely private figure to a publicly humiliated one. I was patient zero.

RUSH: I’m sorry, folks. Now, do you have an idea why now I have the attitude I’ve got? She’s 41. She’s not a 19-year-old kid anymore. She’s 41. It’s like she didn’t do anything! She’s minding her own business one day and all of a sudden the Internet decided to tell people what she was doing. And if it hadn’t been for the Internet nobody would have known because the real media wasn’t interested. See, the real media, Newsweek, they spiked the story. The real media didn’t care.

Monica, do you have any idea what you did? Do you have any idea with whom you did it? Do you have any idea the marital status of the man with whom you did what you did, where you did it numerous times? How in the world did you expect that not to be reported? How in the world did you expect that not to become known? Patient zero? “I went from being a completely private figure to a publicly humiliated one”? What do you expect to happen when you do what you did?

Now, don’t misunderstand here, folks, she’s 19 at the time. In some people’s books that’s an adult, and I’m not denying she was exploited, she was used. This guy, Clinton, knew that she was infatuated. He knew that she was in love with him. He used it and he toyed with her and he just chewed her up and spat her out. But he didn’t — (interruption) well, figure of speech. Now, come on, don’t distract me again here. The fact of the matter is, he should have been humiliated, too. Not only that, Clinton went out and lied about it.

Now, here’s Monica, who’s just so much in love with the guy, and she’s watching him and he’s finally got a chance to go on TV and proclaim his love for her. Instead he goes out and says (imitating Clinton), “I never had sex, not a single time with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” Like he didn’t even know her. He wasn’t humiliated. He never has been humiliated. She was. But it was not because of the Internet, and it was not because she’s patient zero, and it’s not because there was any bias or what have you. This kind of thing is a symptom, folks. It’s clearly a teachable moment, symptomatic, so much in this to learn that instructs us why we are where we are on a whole bunch of things.

Now, let’s go to the Drive-By Media. We have here a montage of Drive-By and entertainment media helping the Clintons and Monica rewrite history. And the rewrite of history is that she was a victim of cyberbullying, and she was the first victim of cyberbullying, and this cyberbullying has got to stop. Meanwhile, everybody engaged in the Internet on social media is doing everything they can to have everybody else know everything about them. And this has been going on for a long time because everybody wants to be famous. Everybody wants to be Monica Lewinsky in the Lewinsky story. Everybody wants to be the focus of television reports and television stories. Young people, I’m talking about. Here’s the Drive-By Media montage on this.

NANCY O’DELL: On the topic of cyberbullying, Monica Lewinsky.

SHAUN ROBINSON: Monica says her reputation was completely destroyed thanks to the Internet.

ANDERSON COOPER: Patient zero in the epidemic of cyberbullying.

JASON JOHNSON: She is the first cyberbullying victim.

JONATHAN KARL: Beginning of a full-blown campaign against cyberbullying.

JONATHAN HUNT: She feels a victim of a bullying culture.

KELLY WALLACE: To end the cyberbullying and online shaming that really damaged her.

BRET BAIER: Hoping to use her experience to change the culture of public humiliation on the Internet.

ANDREA MITCHELL: The first victim of cyberbullying, before Google, before Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

GLORIA BORGER: She was the pre-social media person who experienced bullying as a result of what happened to her.

RUSH: You see how this is working out now? You guys in there that have Hillary on the brain, if you want to know what’s really going on, she is helping Hillary take this whole story off of Hillary’s plate by rewriting it, repositioning it as cyberbullying, and we’re gonna erase from everybody’s memory that she was in the White House having oral sex with Hillary’s husband. We’re gonna erase that. That’s not what this is gonna end up being about. This is gonna be about cyberbullying, bullying being the magic word. And if you guys think that Monica’s complicit with Hillary in anything, the complicitness is in rewriting the story and giving Hillary a new issue, cyberbullying.

I don’t think she’ll ever talk about Monica. I couldn’t care less. I don’t know what she’s gonna do. But you see now how this is being rewritten. Poor Matt Drudge is building a business out there and he comes across a story that Newsweek has and spikes so he runs it, and all of a sudden he’s the bad guy? Matt Drudge? The Internet’s the bad guy? What did Monica do? Now, I realize I may be skating on thin ice with women. I know this. But, I’m sorry, I’m the mayor of Realville. This is not about feminism. It’s not about women. This is not political here. She’s a human being. Did she not know what she did?

It’s as though what she actually did has no role in why she’s a news story. How can that possibly be? Matt Drudge wouldn’t have cared. Newsweek wouldn’t have, nobody would have cared if not for the details of the story. How many other interns have been in that White House? Do we know of any of them? Hundreds. Do we know of any of them? Why? There were no Lewinskys going in there, that we know of. That we know of.

Here’s Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, on the NBC Nightly News last night reporting about Lewinsky’s new quest to end cyberbullying.

ANDREA MITCHELL: The timing couldn’t be worse for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

SUSAN PAGE: I think no one was probably sorrier to hear Monica Lewinsky’s name raised again than Hillary Clinton. An extraordinarily painful period of her life. One that she’s moved on from.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Bill Clinton is now the most popular Democratic surrogate on the campaign trail as memories of the Lewinsky affair have faded, at least until now. Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington.

RUSH: Wait a second. That’s another thing I’m missing. This is the second appearance of Monica at one of these kind of things to talk about cyberbullying. This isn’t the first time she bashed Drudge. This happened a year ago. (interruption) Campaign what? (interruption) I don’t care. She did it. This is not her first coming out trying this. This is not the first seminar she’s attended. Somebody look it up. I know my memory is dead-on right about this. Monica Lewinsky has not faded from anybody’s memory. She was out there a year ago trying this. My point is, here’s Andrea Mitchell, “faded from everyone’s memory.” She’s not faded from everybody’s memory. That’s the whole point here.

The people who remember this are still disgusted by it and trying to figure out how in the hell the participants in this thing end up unscathed, unshamed. It’s just sort of perplexing here. The timing couldn’t be worse for Bill and Hillary? So, once again, here’s Monica out there doing what she’s trying to do, and it still is about Bill and Hillary, you see? Oh, no. Is this going to hurt Hillary? Oh, no, is this gonna hurt Bill? Why are you asking? It never has.

The Lewinsky story never hurt Bill Clinton. The Lewinsky story never hurt Hillary Clinton. The Lewinsky story isn’t going to hurt them. Why, Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, are you so worried that it might hurt them now? It never has. Moving on to CNN. Wolf Blitzer speaking with Jeffrey Toobin, the senior legal analyst, about this.

BLITZER: We covered the whole Monica Lewinsky affair with the president. Why is this resurfacing right now?

TOOBIN: What I don’t understand, frankly, is why she persists in doing things in public which are just — is just gonna attract unflattering attention. And I think she’d be better off working for her causes in private rather than in public.

BLITZER: And if she’s gonna work for good causes, don’t start rehashing all of that painful past. Move on.

RUSH: Yeah, see, Wolf doesn’t want any more it. Move on, painful past, why rehash it? Come on, get out of here, Monica, we’re tired of it. They may be worried that at some point it will hurt. But I think we all have to agree, it hasn’t hurt anybody except her from the get-go. It hasn’t hurt Bill. It hasn’t hurt Hillary in any demonstrable way.


RUSH: You talk about something I never intended to be spending this kind of time on. All right. My memory, as usual, flawless. I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from Vanity Fair — magazine to the stars — May 6th of this year. June, July, August, September, October. Six months ago Monica Lewinsky published a book called Shame and Survival. Six months ago.

Now, all of a sudden she shows up at this Forbes thing. And, by the way, it was covered by everybody, and she was on TV, and that was when she first complained about being bullied by Matt Drudge. This is not the first time she’s done it, and yet these people in the Drive-Bys all think it is. And they’re all wondering, “Oh, the timing, oh, this is so unfortunate, oh, it’s so sad.” She wrote a book called Shame and Survival, and Vanity Fair had the exclusive: “Monica Lewinsky Writes About Her Affair With President Clinton.”

So she’s back in six months. Guess the book didn’t sell well. Everybody’s acting like, “Oh, oh, the timing, oh, it’s so bad for Hillary, oh, it’s so bad.” One other thing and then we’re gonna get to the phones as I promised. Cyberbullying. They want to say that Matt Drudge was bullying Monica Lewinsky. What was he bullying her to do? What was the bullying? Was Matt Drudge bullying Lewinsky to shut up? Was he bullying Lewinsky to tell the truth? What was the bullying? I don’t even understand how the word’s being used.

All that happened was the details of her behavior with the president were made public. Where is the bullying? Drudge did not make her do something she didn’t want to do. The Internet, nobody Internet bullied Monica Lewinsky into doing something she didn’t want to do. This is almost like a half-baked effort to bully Drudge into stop reporting the news, is what this is. It’s actually reverse bullying.

Anyway, we go to the phones with David in Chester, Virginia. I’m glad you called, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Monica is showing exactly how naive she is. (unintelligible) That Drudge destroyed her, if she didn’t have that blue dress, the Bill and Hillary political machine would have crushed her. There would have been no political cover. There would have been no job offer from Vernon Jordan. They would have absolutely destroyed her.

RUSH: You know, that is an excellent point. If she hadn’t kept that semen stained blue dress, she’d have gotten the dollar bill through the trailer park treatment from James Carville. They would have destroyed her, because it would have allowed Clinton to keep denying it. (imitating Clinton) “I never had sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, not a single time. I don’t even know who that woman is.” They could have literally destroyed her. They could have ruined her, and they would have been really bullying. They are the bullies. That is a brilliant, brilliant reminder, David.

CALLER: Thank you. Could I say one thing about your sponsor, one of your sponsors?

RUSH: Depends. If you like it, yes.

CALLER: Okay. Off-site backup is critical for people, critical, because they might have a backup drive on their home computer, but if they have a fire or if they have a theft or if they have a flood, then their backup and their original are gone. Francis Ford Coppola had a theft in his house when he was down in the Bahamas where they stole his computer and his backup drive, which was right next to the his computer.

RUSH: That’s a good point. It’s a good point. He’s making the case for IDrive. He’s making the case for off-line, off-site backup. (interruption) Now, what are you laughing at now? The staff is in their own world today. (interruption) Well, I didn’t know where he was going, either. But I trusted him. See, that’s the difference. You’re in there shaking in fear, “Oh, no, where’s the caller gonna go? I didn’t screen it.” I had implicit trust. All I had to do was say, “If you’re gonna say something good, fire away.” And he did. And it’s a great point. I do remember Francis Ford Coppola lost everything. Because if the backup drive is part of your computer, or part of the array in your house, if it’s all stolen or if it’s all ruined, it’s all gone. He’s right.

Here’s Kathy in Austin, Texas. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a great pleasure to speak with you today. I wanted to comment about the Monica Lewinsky story where she said that Drudge ruined her life, and I would argue that the left ruined her life. They were trying to protect Bill Clinton, and she was the sacrificial animal for that. People on the right thought she was a victim of a predatory president.

RUSH: That’s all true, too. I would prefer sacrificial lamb to animal.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: But you’re right. Your point is on par with our previous caller. He said that blue dress saved her. They could not destroy her like was the business model. The bimbo eruption unit was there to destroy every Monica Lewinsky who surfaced no matter how or where. Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, the list goes on, Gennifer Flowers, it’s an unending list. Well, it ends at some point, but we still don’t know all the names that were possibly on it.

But again, Kathy is right. It was Clinton’s friends who aimed at Lewinsky. And, by the way, once the story comes out and it happened and Clinton denies it, here’s Madeleine Albright leading a bunch of women working in the White House outside to a press conference, “We believe in Bill Clinton, and we think this woman is trash.” Well, she didn’t say those words, but that might as well be the implication. So you add to this she’s gooey eyed in love, see, and these people are playing around with that. Mean people, folks, mean.


RUSH: Here’s Scott in Los Angeles. You’re next. I’m glad you called, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello?

RUSH: Yes, sir, Scott. How are you?

CALLER: Good. Hey, you know, Monica says that Drudge has ruined her life, and Monica, you know, let’s look at what she’s ruined. The sanctity of marriage, the dignity of the presidency, and the respect of our country. I mean, she’s ruined more with her choices that are now gonna have a lasting effect in consequences than anything in her pathetic little life.

RUSH: That’s pretty tough. She didn’t do that single-handedly, you know.

CALLER: She did not. She did that with the help of the media and with the help of that party, and it —

RUSH: Well, she did it with the help of Bill Clinton.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: You can’t leave him out of this equation.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Those are pretty tough charges to chalk all of that cultural rot up to her. She was a participant in it, there’s no question.

CALLER: She was a participant, and it might be pretty tough to go ahead and put that all on her, and of course she didn’t destroy the —

RUSH: But she didn’t get away with it, is the point. He did. Her life, who knows what it would have been, but you can’t say she got away with it, at least in her own mind. She’s humiliated, embarrassed, she’s a laughingstock, and then they turn around and look at Clinton as some big superstar hero. And she did pay a price. She’s admitting it. That’s what all this public appearance stuff is about, Drudge bullying her.

But Drudge didn’t bully her. Bullying isn’t even the right word here for what is going on. There’s no cyberbullying here. Drudge didn’t make her do anything, didn’t force her to do anything. Drudge didn’t have a role in what she did. Drudge came along after it was all over. Just like our previous caller said, she had just better be glad she saved that dress.


RUSH: Let’s see. I’ve spent about an hour and 45 minutes more on Monica Lewinsky than I ever intended to today. That’s just the way things fall out. And we haven’t even discussed the possibility of a porn career. And I don’t think I’m gonna go there. Some people have that idea, but I think we don’t need to go there.


RUSH: Bert, you’re next, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Well, thank you, Rush, from the top, bottom, and the side of my heart for everything you do.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Okay. Yeah, when you mentioned the culture earlier, it seemed to me like we went from a John Wayne culture to a Pee-Wee Herman culture. That’s what we’re stuck in.

RUSH: How did you settle on Pee-Wee Herman, of all people?

CALLER: Well, it was either him or Alfred E. Newman, which Obama reminds me of.

RUSH: Yeah, I could see that.

CALLER: His famous staying, “What, me worry?”

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: You know, that seems like our president.

RUSH: Well, there have been some major cultural shifts, there’s no question there have been. And I know why they’ve taken place, political correctness and the whole idea that whatever you want to do is fine, nobody has the right to define right and wrong, and nobody has the right to define morality. So now right and wrong are an individual choice just like morality is an individual choice. And this results in the breakdown.

You know, I think human beings, whether they want to admit it or not, like boundaries. They want rules. They want to know where the lines are that they have to not cross. And they’re being obliterated for a whole host of reasons. And people who have a firm idea of where those lines ought to be are castigated and attacked as too rigid and they’re bigots or what have you. But Pee-Wee Herman. Interesting choice, of all the people.

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