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RUSH: John in Garden Grove, California, you’re next. It’s great to have you with us on the program today. Hi.

CALLER: How you doing? I wanted to know, when we wanted to go into Syria, Obama put the red line out saying that he has a red line, that if Assad used gas, that we would go in. He said this is weapons of mass destruction. He kept linking gas and weapons of mass destruction together, and he said we would go in there. He did not go in. However, when Bush showed the photos in 2003 of the Kurds that were gassed there, there were photos, and the Kurds were gassed, I think it was 80,000 Kurds that were gassed and also he gassed the Iranians, those weren’t weapons of mass destruction then. They were only weapons of mass destruction when Obama says they’re weapons of mass destruction, but when the press says it, I mean, when Republicans go against, they’re not weapons of mass destruction. The other thing I wanted to say was, how come nobody’s asking Mr. Colin Powell, General Colin Powell about Obama’s performance over there, since he backed him both times?

RUSH: Now, that is a fascinating question, John, because you are right. In both elections, General Powell said that Barack Hussein O was the guy. He was more qualified, he was the guy, and he has not been asked about —

CALLER: No he has not, and people say that I look like him, but, you know, I used to admire him, but I don’t anymore because of the way he played tricks in the political arena. But you know something, Obama told Israel that welfare program was not gonna be the people just get things free. He told the people that when they pulled their crops, that they were to leave a certain peripheral edge around their crops, and that they would leave that and the poor people could go and glean it from there. He didn’t tell them to cut the whole crop and then lay it out there so the poor people go out there and get it free. They had to work also to get their welfare. But we just give it, just free. No work involved, no nothing. Germany used to have a work program where you get welfare, but we just do it free.

RUSH: I did not — you know, you’re full of information. I didn’t know Obama told Israel that. And it’s shocking. I mean, tell Israel that but not us? That is — whew. That’s really strange. That Obama would tell Israel that welfare’s — anyway. The great question there, General Powell. Where is he? What does he think of the way Obama’s dealing with ISIS? What does he think of the way Obama’s dealing with the Syria situation? What does he think about the way Obama’s dealing with Iran? Because General Powell told us he was eminently qualified. General Powell, the titular head — no, no. No, no. General Powell, the ideal Republican, we were told. Great question, John, absolutely fabulous.

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