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RUSH: Ebola story continues to grow out there as more and more questions are being raised about the second nurse, the healthcare worker who flew to Dallas from Cleveland on a Frontier airlines flight.

The flight crew said, “No, we didn’t see any symptoms.”

But she has them. She has the disease. She has Ebola.

So now people are starting to ask the next logical question: “Well, how did she get to Cleveland? If she flew to Dallas from Cleveland on a Frontier Airlines flight, how did she get to Cleveland? How many people might have been infected on that trip? What airline did that happen on?” We’re witnessing, ladies and gentlemen, the breaking of the illusion of government competence here. It is just overwhelming


RUSH: Here’s Zach, State College, Pennsylvania. Hi Zach, glad you called. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, it’s an honor.

RUSH: Thank you. Great to have you here.

CALLER: So you know, the White House themselves, CDC, had promised us that they had careful protocols, yet they had 77 healthcare workers treating one Ebola patient. That’s a lot of healthcare workers.

RUSH: I didn’t see that.

CALLER: What did they think was going to happen? You know, my mom and dad worked in the —

RUSH: I think what happened is that 76 or 77 people came in contact with her. I don’t think they’re all healthcare workers, but that’s how many people came in contact with her, yes.

CALLER: That’s a lot.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. Especially for somebody who is supposed to be monitored.

CALLER: I’ve been to the hospital seven times or so. To touch 76, 77 people, I’d literally have to be walking around touching people.

RUSH: Wait a minute. You’ve been to the hospital 17 times?

CALLER: Six or seven. Yeah, I’ve been there seven times, and I’ve at most come in contact with five. My mom and dad worked in the ER and they talked about how hard it is to follow the protocols, you know, about when to take your gloves on and off and taking the gown off the patient, what part of the gown to touch. You have all those workers in there, what do they think is going to happen?

RUSH: Wait a minute, Zach. We haven’t heard that before, the protocols are hard to follow? Your parents told you that?

CALLER: Yeah. And they work in the ER. My dad is an ER doctor.

RUSH: The protocols are magic. The CDC guy said we’ve got protocols and people following the protocols.

CALLER: The protocols will save us all.

RUSH: Exactly. Because, why, because a liberal set them up. Look, I know that — here we go again. If you’re new to the program and you hear me say something like this, you say, “Come on. Would you get serious?” I am serious, folks. I know these people better than I know the back of my own hand. And I’m telling you that they are so impressed with themselves, they’re so superior in their caring and their compassion, they really do believe — and Obama, all you have to say is it’s not coming here and that will keep it out. You give a speech and that ends the subject. You give a speech on beating ISIS and it’s going to happen. It’s just the personality type. It’s combined with a conceit and an arrogance.

So, yeah, I’m being snarky when I say, “Wait the protocols are hard? No, no, everything’s easy. Everything’s easy. We set up the protocols. You follow the protocols and nothing will go wrong.” (interruption) Do I think candidates should be using this Ebola thing on the trail? Let me think about this. You’re asking me this in light of my previous monologue today. In this case, if it were me, if it were I, I don’t think I would. I might name Frieden. I might name him. But I would couch this as a clear demonstration of the utter incompetence in reaches of the government in institutions that people have long trusted.

I would point out that it’s symptomatic of the current administration and it’s why we desperately need a change, to competent, qualified people in these terribly important positions that we currently don’t have. I don’t know about hammering Obama. I’m not afraid of hammering Obama. I don’t buy this polling data that says if you hammer Obama you send the independents running back to the Democrats. I think it’s bigger than Obama. Obama, he’s the head of the tail here, because he puts all these people in these positions, but this is institutional. These are institutions that people have trusted, they implicitly trust them.

The Centers for Disease Control. Let’s be honest, a breakout of any disease happens, when you hear the CDC is on the scene you sigh, what a relief. Okay. Somebody’s on the case. You just trust that the best in the business are there in terms of diagnostics, knowledge, ways in which to deal with it. That’s what’s breaking down here. That’s what I mean when I say that the illusion of government competence is breaking here. And I think it’s scaring a lot of people. When you’re already assuming that the best people you have are in these positions, when you find out that they aren’t, it’s a scary thing. And I think that’s where people are right now. At that point, then, yeah, I would use it campaign-wise, to tout my own ability to fix it.


RUSH: This was this afternoon at the Centers for Disease Control teleconference with reporters. He got a question: “I’m curious if you can go into some more detail about how this nurse was able to get on an aircraft and not being monitored or quarantined if she’d been in contact with the Index Patient, Thomas Duncan, in Texas?”

FRIEDEN: She was in a group of individuals known to have exposure to Ebola. She should not have traveled on a commercial airline. The CDC guidance in this setting outlines the need for what is called controlled movement. That can include a charter plane. That can include a car. But it does not include public transport. We will, from this moment forward, ensure that no other individual who is being monitored for exposure, undergoes travel in any way other than controlled movement.

RUSH: Now, can I translate this for you? You know what this guy is saying? He’s essentially saying: Well that nurse, she should have known. The honor system, she should have known that she should not have gotten on a commercial airline. She was in a group of individuals known to have exposure to Ebola. She should not have traveled on a commercial airline. We have guidance in this setting that outlines the need for what is called controlled movement.

See, they’ve got guidelines. They’ve got protocols. Problem solved. Except somebody either didn’t know or wasn’t thinking or took the risk or whatever.

They weren’t being monitored.

We were told they were being monitored. They weren’t.

It was the honor system. Because you see, why, we have guidelines and outlines and we have settings and we have protocols. This is beyond comprehensible. This is it, folks.

I guess Earnest is doing the press briefing today right now, Josh Earnest at the White House. Fox has got a graphic caption up there that says: “White House: Second Ebola Diagnosis Indicates a Serious Situation.” Really? We have a serious situation. They just said so at the White House out there, folks. Yeah. It must be because Obama cancelled that fundraising trip. He also said we don’t need an Ebola czar. That was CNN’s big deal. CNN earlier today said we need an Ebola czar.

We need an Ebola czar? We’ve got one. It’s called Dr. Thomas Frieden at the CDC. We’ve got an Ebola Messiah. We’ve got the President of the United States. What more do we need? We need an Ebola czar? See, we have a problem created by government incompetence and what’s the solution? Okay, government creates a problem. We need more government. We need the same people who made the original mistakes fixing them. And the White House rejected the idea that we need an Ebola czar. I’m sure it’s because they think they already are the Ebola czar.

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