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RUSH: There’s a video that has gone viral on YouTube. Not that long ago I would have had more fun with this. We would have created our own parody version of it, our own bit of satire. We would have created our own organizations, fake organizations to represent this point of view. But the fact that this video has gone viral and the fact that the vast majority of people that get their television via their phones or their tablets or their computers or what have you, as opposed to the actual TV set, that’s a number that’s rising and it’s young people. It’s part of the ever-changing landscape of the great population of the country.

So what happened is this. At an upscale restaurant in San Francisco, an animal rights person walked in, Kelly Atlas, of Direct Action Everywhere, entered the Bluestem Brasserie and spoke from her heart. She didn’t throw things. She didn’t threaten anybody. She didn’t bring a bunch of ragtag protesters. She walked in, and, in the middle of everyone having dinner, began to speak out on the plight of her pet chicken named Snow.

She begged these people to eat anything other than her pet chicken and other people’s pet cows. Don’t eat meat. She asked the diners at the San Francisco restaurant to join her in equal rights for all animals, not just cats and dogs and other non-food species. She said, “WeÂ’re so enraged when we hear someone hurting a dog or a cat, but because of this ‘speciesism’ in our minds, we donÂ’t think twice about a chicken being hurt or a pig or a cow.”

Her chicken, Snow, her pet chicken was rescued from an egg ranch, she said. When the chicken’s egg production peaked and was on the wane, the chicken was of no value to the egg ranch so they were going to kill the chicken. “I see the suffering that she faced, and IÂ’m so happy that I took her out of there and I want the same for every animal.”

Now, Snerdley is in there laughing and yucking it up, and probably most everybody else is. But I guarantee you that this video, upwards of 600,000 people have seen it, and now because I’ve mentioned this, it’s going to skyrocket. You wait. There are going to be all kinds of sympathetic followers and young people who agree and if I did do a parody or satire of it and if these same people ever came across that, they would think I’m a heartless, mean-spirited, extremist mean guy.

What does it mean? (imitating Reverend Wright) “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” But it also means something else. I’m telling you, this is how — (interruption) No, there’s nothing in the story that says any of the other patrons stood up and told her to get the hell out. Nothing in the story about what the other diners did. But I don’t care about them. They’re inconsequential to the story. This is going to end up out there on social media, and just like Al Gore was able to convince similar kids that polar bears were dying on three square feet blocks of ice because of global warming, so is this going to build. This is what the takeover of the education system has led to and what it means.

And meanwhile, all these Republicans running for office have no clue what’s happening here in the world of social media. They’ve got no clue how these young people are being approached and how their minds are being shaped and how their political opinions are being formed. This is different than walking in there and setting the place on fire. This is different than walking in there and pointing fingers and throwing dead meat at the diners. This is walking in and, “Don’t eat my pet chickens, no, how dare you? My chicken means as much to me as your cat or dog, so why are you eating my chicken?” And I guarantee you everybody in that restaurant felt guilty as hell. It’s San Francisco, don’t forget.


RUSH: No, no, no, no, if I had been in that restaurant and this babe walks in and begs me not to eat her pet chicken, I would point out that I’m not. That I hope her chicken is still alive at home, even though she’s stranded and abandoned it to come preach to me. And then I would ask her: What about all of the animals your chicken eats to stay alive? What about all the poor bugs? What about the worms that your chicken eats? Who is crying for them? What about all the insects?

How many hundreds of millions of tiny animals has your immune system murdered, bacteria, virus, there’s all kinds of tiny animals that your own immune system is killing, young woman, young lady. The whole thing is absurd, but that’s the point.

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