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RUSH: So I checked the e-mail during the break, and I got, “Dear Rush: What books are you reading right now besides your own?” I don’t read my own books, because I wrote them. I know what’s in them. Now, I do the audio for them, and I read them in that regard, read them out loud. They’re really good, by the way. This next one, the one we just announced the pre-orders, Rush Revere and the American Revolution, you know, the audio of this is great.

Brian will tell you. He was here; he was dazzled by it. It took us four days and he was so dazzled he couldn’t leave for a half hour after we finished every night. He couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. It’s on CD. It’s not out yesterday. It’s out on October 28th or 29th. But my brother’s book is Jesus on Trial. My brother, for the longest time, has been attempting to prove to himself what there really is only faith for.

He’s Christian, and he has sought any number of ways to prove to himself that the resurrection took place, that the Bible is the truth, and he’s written about it. He’s written about his quest. It’s a personal quest. Obviously I know my brother a long time, and it’s been decades that that he has been… I don’t know what. Fascinated? Not obsessed, but it almost is, in terms of trying to reach for himself an answer that will that will get him beyond his faith.

Many people in religion do this. They want something more than just their faith, and so he’s written about it, and he has been able to convince himself that the Bible alone is all you need to prove the stories in the Bible, that the Bible itself offers its own proof, if you’re willing to accept it and if you know how, and that’s what he shared with readers. He’s been out there. He’s doing television and radio interviews all over the place.

He’s a lawyer, so he applied his legal training to this, and you’ve probably seen him talking about it on TV with Hannity, and he’s been all over the radio, but it’s a fascinating book. And then there are two novels that I’m reading. Doug Brunt has a book called The Means, and it’s great. It’s about the mixture of television news and politics, and it’s salacious. Doug’s wife is Megyn Kelly. It’s not autobiographical, but he knows lots.

This is insider kind of stuff. He’s not writing about people that you know. These are fictional characters. But it’s fascinating stuff about the news business and politics and beautiful women and all that. And then there’s a book called, “I am Pilgrim” by a guy named Terry Hayes. It’s a real long novel, and it’s about one of the world’s best forensic criminal investigators of Islamic terrorism and his quest.

By the way, this book has some relatability to today because this book is about a militant Islamist who does not look like one. He’s an educated doctor, Saudi Arabia, who hates the Saudi Regime because they beheaded his father. He hates everybody, but he’s a doctor, and he’s found a vaccine. He’s found a way to genetically destroy the vaccine to smallpox. He’s found a way to infect the world with smallpox, and, in it, he’s found a way to genetically alter the vaccine so that it’s useless.

It’s the job of this investigator to track this guy down after they’ve learned what he has done. So those are the three: My brother’s book, Jesus on Trial; Douglas Brunt, B-r-u-n-t, which is The Means, and “I Am Pilgrim” by Terry Hayes. They are, of course, all different. Yeah, I do read them all the time. I read them on my iPads or now on my iPhone 6 Plus.

And, just like a Kindle, wherever you leave off is where it automatically picks up if you want to read it on an iPad next or even on the computer. I haven’t had an actual book in my hand to read. I mean, I get ’em, but I haven’t read from an actual book probably in couple years. I read everything electronically. So those are the three, and then there’s a couple others. Let me look at the list here… No, I won’t bother you with that.

Well, yeah. James Patterson has a series called Private and it’s about super-duper private investigator guy in LA who’s expanding to all over the world, London, and the latest is down under Australia, whatever. Private Down Under. But I’ve set that aside for now. I basically just didn’t even really start it other than the first two pages. But those are the books.

So one more time. Jesus on Trial, by my brother. I think that is valuable for anybody who’s fascinated by the story of Jesus Christ and Christianity. And, by the way, it’s not presented in legalese. It’s not a court case. It’s just that he uses legal analytical ability. The Means by Douglas Brunt, and I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes.

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