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RUSH: You may have heard the terrible news here that Thomas Duncan, the Ebola patient from Liberia, made his way to Dallas, has died. The Reverend Jackson was in Dallas yesterday trying to soothe the community. The Reverend Jackson helpfully claimed that Thomas Duncan got sick, went to the hospital, but he didn’t have insurance and they turned him away. So they sent him back into the community with a contagious disease, and for that there must be some liability.

The Reverend Jackson is claiming all this happened in Dallas. Never mind Duncan was not turned away because he didn’t have insurance. It’s against the law. You go to the ER, you get treated. He wasn’t turned away because he didn’t have insurance. But the Reverend Jackson is trying to find a way to make somebody with deep pockets liable here. There’s no question.

What is this? Duncan got sick. He went to the hospital, didn’t have insurance in Africa so they turned him away? See, the story is, he told ’em he was from Liberia. He goes in, he exhibits flu-like symptoms, they give him some antibiotics and send him home. The claim has now erupted that all that happened because he was black. That’s the meme now.

That’s the story that they’re gonna stick to, that the medical profession in Dallas just didn’t want to deal with a foreign black man. They knew what was up. They just sent him home. He didn’t have insurance in Africa so he couldn’t pay for anything. But it’s against the law to do that in this country.

The Reverend Jackson also helpfully questioned why Mr. Duncan wasn’t getting ZMapp. That’s the essential serum, the super-secret serum that’s made from an exclusive tobacco plant in Kentucky. Reverend Jackson said, “They are saying no more doses (of ZMapp). That seems strange to only have only enough medicine for two patients in the whole country.” The Reverend Jackson is referring to the charitable workers we flew home from Africa and gave them ZMapp and they recovered. This is helping the community, don’t you know, Reverend Jackson stirring things up.

Meanwhile, there’s a story today, what is it, H.R., is it the Boston Globe or something? There’s a story about how talk radio and cable news are stirring all this up. Talk radio and cable news aren’t stirring anything up. As usual, my patience wears thin on this kind of stuff. These are just the usual shibboleths that the media fall back on. They don’t even know what’s happening on talk radio. They don’t listen to us. So now they’re out there blaming Fox News, blaming talk radio for stirring things up. What is Jesse Jackson doing by going down there and trying to fire up that community by telling them that Mr. Duncan was turned away for racial reasons and was not given medicine because he wasn’t an American?

We are out of ZMapp. We’ve sent a lot to Africa. I wonder if the Reverend Jackson mentioned that to the community down there. It’s experimental. We don’t have massive quantities of the stuff, this tobacco plant in Kentucky. You know tobacco is the enemy of the left. There are all kinds of regulations involved in using tobacco plants for this kind of serum in medicine. And CNN is doing their part, too, man. Ever since the news of Mr. Duncan’s death was released they’ve been harping on the fact that he was released from the hospital after his first visit to the ER. You can see where this is going, and you can see what the purpose of it is.

And, once again, this country is to blame. This country and its basic instincts, just not comfortable with a sick African showing up at the hospital. So now focusing on, harping on the fact that he was released from the hospital after his first visit to the ER. I just saw earlier today, a reporterette and infobabe at CNN was just saying that those couple of days where he was turned away and sat at home, if he’d have gotten good care, might have been crucial to his survival.

They can’t chalk it up to simple incompetence. They can’t chalk it up to nobody in this country is prepared. They can’t chalk it up to the fact that the president’s been telling everybody, “Don’t worry, it’s not gonna come here,” and then we let somebody in. They don’t chalk it up to the fact that there’s mass confusion in the emergency medical services field over what to do about this, ’cause there really isn’t any authoritative leadership coming from anybody. Everything they say creates more questions.

The CNN infobabe also stressed that Thomas Duncan told the hospital that he had recently visited Liberia, and they still sent him home. I’ve wondered about that. We all did. He tells them he’s from Liberia. He’s got flu-like symptoms. Why does the connection not get made that, “Hey, we might have an Ebola patient here.” I have no idea, but they’ve made the connection they sent the guy home on purpose, and they gave him pills that they knew weren’t gonna be effective, antibiotics, and those two days could have been crucial to his survival.

They’re running around getting the community he’s from all fired up about this, which is exactly what they do, turning this into a typical, average political agenda item for the Democrat Party. Well, here’s the thing about this. He told them he had recently visited Liberia. What if he had just told the nurse he was from Liberia? You know, visiting Liberia is one thing. He told them he was visiting because he’s here illegally. He can’t tell ’em he just got here. He thinks he’s not gonna get treated, so he’s gotta try to pass himself off as somebody who’s already here who was visiting Liberia, just came back.

What if the nurse had been too concerned about the political correctness to hold that against him? You know, this political correctness stuff rearing its head in any number of ways, what if the nurse, “I can’t do anything. He says he’s been to Liberia, oh, my God, if I do anything I’m discriminating.” You know what political correctness does to people. It paralyzes them. It frightens them. What if the nurse went to public school. What if the nurse is so obsessed with political correctness. You see there’s any number of explanations for this, and most of them come down under the column of lack of confidence, insecurity, incompetence. But here come the baiters, and they want to charge it all up to racism.

So now I predict to you that what you’ll be hearing about is discrimination against illegal aliens from Liberia next and that this case, Thomas Duncan and his death, will be cited as an example.

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