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RUSH: We have our usual roster of news regarding Ebola today, and there are a lot of contradictions going on. The president said some time ago (imitating Obama), “Don’t sweat it. It’s very hard to get it, very unlikely it’s gonna be here.” And now that it’s here, the president had a meeting last night to discuss protocols. Great timing. After it’s here, we’re now gonna discuss what to do about it. So it’s quite a lengthy roster of sound bites I have on it.

There are some Regime officials very, very concerned about this and media people very concerned for the Regime. The media people are more concerned for the Regime than they are for the citizens with Ebola, because with them it’s always, “How is this gonna affect Obama?” And I guarantee you, Obama’s not gonna get Ebola, but the media is acting like Ebola’s gonna hurt him more than any people that end up contracting it. You’ll see what I’m talking about as the program unfolds before your eyes and ears today.


RUSH: There’s a case of Ebola that has been discovered in Spain, and everybody’s reporting, “First known case outside of Africa.” What do we have here? I mean, isn’t it kind of a technical point? Yeah, there’s an Ebola patient from Africa who is here, Thomas Duncan. But I guess what they mean is the first Ebola case contracted by somebody not in Africa, not who went to Africa. This is somebody in Spain, which, maybe it’s a fine point, but why would anybody want the dubious honor. And now the euro weenies, uh, sorry, leaders of the European Union are now scared to death.

They are claiming that an Ebola outbreak all over Europe is unavoidable now. They’re making no bones about it. They’re taking an entirely different tack with their population in Europe than our government’s taking with us. Our government is telling us, “Nothing to see here. Nothing really to worry about. We’re working on new protocols, and we’re gonna ramp up screening, and we’re taking people’s temperatures, and we’re interviewing them before they get on the airplane. They’re filling out questionnaires, so we got it covered. Very hard to contract here. Don’t worry about it. We’ve got it contained.”

In Europe they’re doing just the exact opposite. They’re telling everybody a European-wide outbreak is unavoidable. What is in it for them to create a panic like that? Well, you have the philosophy, never let a good crisis go to waste. And it’s axiomatic, as senseless as it is, when things like this happen people the world over turn to their governments for solutions, for answers, for help. And if you happen to be a member of a big, far-reaching tentacles everywhere socialist government, that’s music to your ears.

And so, if you wanted to establish a European-wide curfew, if you wanted to establish European-wide restrictions on movement to better control your population, what better way than to scare everybody into thinking that an Ebola outbreak all over Europe is unavoidable. Sorry to be suspicious about this, but I happen to know how statists operate, and I happen to know what they see as opportunities. And it’s what you and I see as crises. They see them as opportunities. And statists, socialists and so forth, are all about as much control over their populations as possible. That’s how they stay in power, in many regards. Something to be concerned about.

Now, the Regime here has not resorted to that tactic yet. In fact, they’re doing just the opposite, trying to say, “There’s nothing to see, don’t worry about it, got it handled. The guys at CDC are better than anywhere in the world. Our guys at Customs are better than anyplace in the world. Our border agents are better than any in the world. We got it handled, no need to worry. Very hard to get this disease, don’t sweat it,” seems to be the messaging here.

But that’s gonna change. It’s gonna change simply by virtue of who it is that’s in power here, it has to change. The question is, how long is it going to take? We’ll see. I predict it isn’t going to be long before the Regime changes its tactics. The problem for them, as is the case with everything they do, is politics. There’s an election coming up and they can’t and don’t want to do anything that will further anger the population at large with the people in charge. The election will always come first. With the media, whatever Obama does, how it will affect him will always come first. Not what the effect of the disease will be on the population, but what will Obama’s policies mean to him. And you can see evidence of that already.

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