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RUSH: How about those Kansas City Royals sweeping the Anaheim Angels three games to zip? These are the kind of things that destiny is made of, folks. First time in the playoffs in 29 years. Up against the best team with the best record in baseball. Not supposed to have a chance, and before you know it the Angels are eliminated and the Royals go on. They’ll start Friday night in the ALCS in Baltimore.

It’s a good feeling, 29 years. That’s the longest drought I think a baseball team has — well, in the modern era. It’s great, and congratulations to everybody at the Royals and in Kansas City. It’s great to have them back. Great, scrappy young team. Do you know that one player, Josh Hamilton, get this statistic, and no complaining here. It’s just an illustration of things.

Josh Hamilton, who I think was hitless in the series, left fielder for the Angels, $17 million this season. He made more than six of the starting eight Royals players combined. It’s an amazing stat, and the names escape me here, but I think it’s five or six of their starting eight, not counting the pitcher, starting pitcher. And I think he went hitless, or one hit, whatever it was.

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