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RUSH: From Reuters: “A temperature goal set by almost 200 governments as the limit for global warming is a poor guide to the planetÂ’s health and should be ditched.” This is a new study from professors at the University of California, San Diego. They say that environmentalists need to give up on the UN’s temperature goals as the mission for the global warming movement. And why? Because they’re not rising. The temperatures aren’t going up, so they need to find some other objective, some other way of keeping you scared about global warming.

And here’s a quote from the piece: “They also said the target was out of line with recent trends. Temperatures have risen about 0.85 degree Celsius (1.5°F) since about 1900 but have been virtually flat since about 1998 despite higher emissions from factories, power plants and cars.” So the increased CO2 is not raising the temperature undercuts the primary theory of the global warming prediction.

“They said that blood pressure, heart rate or body mass were all vital signs of health for a person, not just temperature.” So we need to take the equivalent of the earth’s blood pressure, the earth’s heart rate, and the earth’s body mass and stop examining the earth’s temperature because that’s not working.

So the global warming advocates have been told by environmentalist wackos to ditch temperature calculations when talking about climate change because it’s not working, because it isn’t happening. See, but they’re not gonna give up the movement. See, the evidence there isn’t any global warming, so we have a problem, because it’s not about global warming. It’s about the advancement of leftist agendas and so forth, as we mentioned.


RUSH: Here’s Becky, Silicon Valley, California. Great to have you on the program, Becky. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you for taking my call. I appreciate it.

RUSH: You bet. How are you?

CALLER: I’m doing fine. You kind of caught my attention because you had mentioned earlier that David Agus had been on CNN talking about the diseases and then the link to global warming.

RUSH: Right. Yeah.

CALLER: And it caught my attention because I used to work — I work in Silicon Valley, but I used to work for a company that he had cofounded, and so I’ve met him personally, and one of the venture capitalist firms, KPCB, that was backing the company, and Al Gore is associated with KPCB and he knew Al Gore real well. And I know he made a comment once that he was concerned about Al Gore’s weight and had encouraged him to lose weight, so they were on really good terms. So it didn’t surprise me that he would say anything that was associated with global warming. But I was surprised they had him on. So I just wanted to let you know that.

RUSH: You’re not surprised that he — well, let me repeat the premise of the story, just to make sure you heard it. What this really is all about here is that these professors at the University of California, San Diego say environmentalists need to stop pitching or trying to persuade people of global warming by focusing on the temperature of the earth, ’cause it isn’t rising. Temperatures aren’t going up. They need to find some other way to persuade people. He’s mentioned in this story, and to me it’s a tantamount admission that they’re wrong. But what they’re saying is, “No, we’re not wrong, we just have to find a different way to fool people, ’cause our primary premise, that CO2 is gonna cause the temperatures to rise, greenhouse, it isn’t happening. So we gotta find an alternative way of persuading.” Why can’t they just admit that they were wrong about it?

CALLER: I thought he was also quoted as saying that these diseases were associated with it, that he said we were a flat environment now, and it’s not surprising that we have Ebola and these other diseases here.

RUSH: Oh, that, too. Okay, that story. Yes. About global warming being responsible for Ebola and so forth. Yeah. You’re not surprised he would say something like that?

CALLER: He’s a doctor and highly well known. I mean, he was even mentioned in Steve Jobs’ autobiography by Walter Isaacson as being somebody that Steve Jobs went to. So David Agus is kind of known, at least out here. And it just didn’t surprise me. I don’t think people understand the connection and how small it is around here. That he’s connected to Al Gore in a big way and for him to associate these diseases and telling us it’s global warming and being on that bandwagon, I don’t think people realize the close associations that are out here. So that in itself didn’t surprise me he’s on that bandwagon.

RUSH: Well, what would you want people to realize about it, because the associations are so narrow and close, what would you want people realize, that they have no credibility?

CALLER: Well, it’s all about money.

RUSH: Oh, absolutely. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It is.

CALLER: So of course he’s gonna promote his friend’s agenda. Why not? If you don’t out here, and I’m probably one of the only conservatives I know, myself and my husband, I’m originally not from here anyway. But it is a big deal, and you can’t mention if you’re conservative. It is all about the big blue agenda and global warming. And of course everybody buys into it. They toe the rope for everyone who’s making the money because they want a part of it.

RUSH: That’s exactly — well, you’ve got great courage in even admitting this because that’s exactly what this is. Al Gore and all of these people that are supporting him, it’s all about a quest for money, every bit of it is ’cause they make no effort to alter their lifestyle to save the planet, do they?

CALLER: No. And he certainly hasn’t.

RUSH: Nope.

CALLER: And I don’t think people realize, too, the amount of government money that goes into these green energy companies out here. I’ve interviewed with them when I was in between jobs, and the amount of money that they’re getting even from the state of California —

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: — and the government.

RUSH: I think you’re totally right about it. In a way, I hate to say it, it’s a testament to how successful their PR messaging has been. They actually have made people think that they are trying to save the polar bear, that they’re actually trying to save the planet. And what they’ve done is very seductive and successful. They’ve convinced people that their lives can have meaning by joining the quest to save the planet. They get on this mission, and even then if they hear that some of these leaders are making big money off it, that’s fine because we’re helping to save the planet and leaders should be rewarded and all kinds of things.

I’m probably remiss for not mentioning this enough, but the follow-the-money theory works perfectly in explaining why certain people are just hell-bent on persuading and convincing everybody to live and behave as though there’s global warming, ’cause they’re making gazillions of dollars off of it, and clearly Al Gore is one. I appreciate the call, Becky. Thanks much.


RUSH: I have here the story in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers that Becky was talking about, Dr. David Agus. He’s the CBS medical contributor, medical expert. It is he who was saying that global warming is responsible for Ebola, the spread of Ebola and the enterovirus that’s causing paralysis among kids in this country. He claims to have been Steve Jobs’ doctor. He’s a good friend of Algore. They scratch each other’s backs.

Becky’s point was, “They’re not even really true believers. They’re just chasing money. So whenever an opportunity comes up, such as Ebola, blame it on global warming!”

They know — Algore and these guys know — that the media is gonna promote it, not gonna question them, not gonna doubt them, and they’ll be able to further cement this idea that all of these horrors, travesties, disasters, could be averted if we would just get serious about global warming. But the point is that she knows him, has worked with him, knows of him, and that it’s all about money for these people.

About that, she is exactly right.

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