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RUSH: Now, some predictions as to the way this is gonna go because of political correctness. I hope I’m wrong about these, but even when I start making jokes about the left I end up being right. It’s foresight.

If Ebola starts spreading quickly in the United States, and if the death toll rises rapidly, I want you to be prepared for the fact that this will be a disease created by the CIA or other powerful majorities for the purposes of wiping out minorities. That is how it will be — and not in kookville. This will be mainstream stuff. College professors will tell their students this.

Others will discuss it on cable television, much like they discuss the “art” in a movie on how to assassinate George W. Bush. They will discuss whether or not we need to consider such theories; could they, in fact, be possible. In fact this prediction’s already beginning to come true because Calypso Louie, “Minister Farrakhan” of the Nation of Islam, is already saying so.

The CIA created AIDS, too. It’s out there now, and Calypso Louie, think of him as a kook, if you will, but he’s got followers that believe everything he says. They tell other people who believe what they say and it mushrooms. If we, the United States of America, come up with, at some point, a pretty widespread available treatment for Ebola — if we, with our advanced medical research systems in this country are able to come up with a massive amount of that serum which comes from the tobacco plant…

Very politically incorrect, remember? The serum that works against Ebola in some people comes from a specific tobacco plant in Kentucky, and tobacco is, “Tsk-tsk!” It’s a dilemma for the left. But if we come up with a massively available treatment, maybe even a vaccine, be prepared for us to be called racists or other things for not sharing it with other people, either in our country or in the world.


RUSH: Let me give you the Calypso Louie quote. He said, “Another method is disease infection through bio-weapons such as Ebola and AIDS, which are race-targeting weapons. There is a weapon that can be put in a room where there are Black and White people, and it will kill only the Black and spare the White, because it is a genotype weapon that is designed for your genes, for your race, for your kind.”

He was talking to a black audience. So it’s out there. It’s already being planted in the heads and minds of a lot of people who believe everything Calypso Louie says. To you and me he’s one of the fun crackpots we have jocularity with here, but to others he’s the gospel. So we know this is gonna happen. These are just things that you can bank on now and that they’ll pick up in the Drive-By Media.

And the big one, if we come up with a vaccine, if we come up with a widely available treatment, if we don’t first send it to Africa, if the first thing we do with it is treat Americans, we’re gonna be called racists and only said to be interested in our own people surviving. You mark my words on this.

And, by the way, I can find the stories for this already being stated: The spread of Ebola will be linked to global warming. It already is being linked. Now, in years past, when these kinds of things happen, we laughed and we said, “Who’s gonna believe this? Global warming’s responsible for a virus?” You wait. We made the mistake of laughing about it. No, that wasn’t the mistake. The mistake was thinking millions wouldn’t believe it. That’s the mistake we made.


RUSH: I know. I know. I know. A lot of you people are thinking, “Come on, Rush, they’re not gonna blame it on global warming.” I got it right here, folks. Right here in my formally nicotine-stained fingers, from Breitbart: “In a report on a mysterious virus causing paralysis in children that aired on ‘CBS This Morning’ earlier this week, Dr. David Agus, a medical contributor for CBS News and a University of Southern California medical professor, discussed a so-called enterovirus that is believed to behind paralysis and muscle weakness in nine Colorado children.”

That’s at the bottom of my Ebola Stack. That’s a completely different thing that’s happening. See, that’s gonna end up being tied to the open borders and the children’s mass arrival from Central America. But you can’t say that because of political correctness. Can’t say that, but it’s gonna prove out.

This medical expert at CBS: This virus, Enterovirus D68, it’s spread throughout the country, and it might be because of global warming. It’s already out there, folks. It’s just a matter of time before it’s attached to Ebola.

You know, the first prediction I should have made, first thing to warn you of, when all is said and done, all of this is gonna end up being blamed on the Republicans. I know you’re gonna laugh at that, but everything else is, and so will this be, and it’ll be blamed on Republicans for not helping Obama. For gridlock, for not taking their jobs seriously, for not working with Obama to grow the government to make sure we have the resources. They’ll blame it on the sequester.

Do you know how much is still blamed on the sequester? You wouldn’t believe how much. Minuscule budget cuts in the sequester a couple years ago are still being used as an excuse. So the Republicans are gonna take a hit on this. I don’t know how much it’ll stick, but they will be blamed.


RUSH: Sammamish, Washington. I hope I’m pronouncing that right. I’m pronouncing it phonetically. Dave, welcome to the program, sir. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush — and, yes, you got it right. It is Sammamish, Washington. Thank you.

RUSH: All right, cool.

CALLER: I was listening to you at the top of the hour, and if I heard you correctly, you said that if the US was able to develop a vaccine, that the comment would be, “To be fair, we would send it all to Africa.” Did I hear that correct, or did I miss it?

RUSH: Yeah, you heard that correct. I mean, that’s not the whole context.


RUSH: But you heard me say that.

CALLER: But isn’t that where it should go? I mean, we don’t have an outbreak here. We don’t have the issue here.

RUSH: Well, see, that’s the context. What I’m telling you…

CALLER: (interrupting)

RUSH: No, this was all based on the fact if there is one here, the politically correct thing is going to be to treat us last. “That’s the only fair way.” That’s what’s going to be said. My point was this: If we develop a vaccine, and there’s outbreak here and we use it on Americans first, there’s gonna be hell to pay from the politically correct crowd for not sending it to Africa first or sharing it equally or what have you.

CALLER: Yeah, but… But is it — is it — is it…? Is this a political thing, or is this just a health thing that…? You know, if the — if the — if the mountains are burning in one spot, that’s where you’re gonna send the water, right?

RUSH: Mmm.

CALLER: You’re gonna focus all your water to concentrate where the — where the outbreak is, where the big firestorm is.

RUSH: No. No. You’re not… Look, I’m glad you called, because you’re missing a key element. All of this that I’m predicting to happen, is I’m telling people how the politically correct look at things, deal with things, and manage things. I can give you examples of where a forest has been burning and the politically correct say, “It deserves to burn! We shouldn’t have been clear-cutting in there, and nature says and don’t put the fire out.”

That is a politically correct way of dealing with forest fires in a lot of places. These people are nuts. My point was this: If there is an outbreak here, and we do develop a vaccine before anybody else in the world has developed it, if we do not send it out and treat other people with it first — if we treat our own people with it — I’m just telling you a prediction.

The politically correct are gonna chastise and berate this country as being selfish and bigoted and racist for hoarding the treatment for its own citizens. It was a prediction. I’m not telling you what should or shouldn’t happen. We’ve already sent the vaccine to Africa, and, by the way, it’s gone. Every bit of it that has been manufactured has been used. It’s not a vaccine, really. It’s a treatment.

It works in some people; doesn’t work in others. It’s the stuff that comes from the tobacco plant, a specific tobacco plant in Kentucky, and we’re out of it. And you know, the reason I made the prediction is real simple: A version of it has already happened. There were two American charity workers who came down with Ebola in Africa, and we sent a jet, two trips, to bring them back here and treat them

There were people who said, “How dare you! How dare you get those Americans out and treat them and leave the Africans to suffer. How dare you!” They’re in the American media, and they post comments on Twitter, these anonymous trolls out there. But the politically correct are out there. Any opportunity to berate the country, they’ll take it. I’m just trying to warn people of what will happen.

My point has been that years ago, when these kinds of inane things were said, we laughed at it. We said, “Nobody’s gonna believe this.” That’s where we were wrong. A whole bunch of low-information people have signed on to the whole politically correct view of things and way to look at things, which results in America being guilty and Americans feeling guilty over the fact that we’re selfish and greedy and we’re too powerful and we haven’t shared the wealth and all this kind of stuff.

We’re responsible for the spread of Ebola because we’ve denied them this treatment — and by the way, speaking of that, folks. Do you know what the number one thing African nations could do? Economic growth. Why is it that the United States has all the ability here to come up with medical treatments, medical advances, serums, you name it? Why do all these people want to come here?

Well, because we have advanced medical capabilities and health care.

And why?

We have a robust, growing economy. We have the resources to research it, develop it, invent it, mass produce it. I think the per capita income or the median income in Liberia is $700 a year. There’s no way they can do it. The reason for that is the global warming people will not allow modernization because they think it causes pollution. So the leftists that preach global warming are responsible for African nations being poor, in large measure.

That’s why everybody has to come here.


RUSH: Here’s David in Tumwater, Washington. Great to have you. Thank you and welcome to the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Great honor, I must say.

RUSH: I appreciate that, sir. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I can’t tell you much a heart jumps when the phone rings. But, anyway, my point is, my fellow Washingtonian from Sammamish was proving your point on your commentary, the point you were trying to make about Ebola being politically correct.

RUSH: This is the guy who called, he thought he was gonna entrap me into sounding like an insensitive, mean-spirited, extremist, racist, bigot, homophobe, right?

CALLER: That’s right. He was doing everything he could to get you to say something. “Did you really say we weren’t gonna send any medicine to Africa and we were gonna hog it all? Where do you send the fire trucks?” You know, it was just an entrapment call and he totally proved your point without even knowing it.

RUSH: Well, I am very much attuned and highly sensitive to these entrapment calls and what their purpose is, ’cause they’re sitting out there. They’ve got a direct line to Media Matters just waiting to get these entrapment call. But I can spot ’em a mile away, just as I spotted it from that guy. And, by the way, he had every opportunity to refute anything I was saying, and he didn’t say a word.


RUSH: He didn’t say a word. He was just waiting. He was hoping that I would say something that he could then turn into whatever the left’s spin is: Racism, sexism, insensitive, whatever it was. But he took everything I was saying purposely and totally out of context as well.

CALLER: He was trying to get a talking point across that you’re a meany and you don’t want to help people in Africa. I was screaming at the radio. “You know, you’re proving Rush’s point. He’s right again.”

RUSH: Yeah. He’s proving the point by virtue of what he was thinking. “Well, yeah, we ought to send it over there if we get it! Exactly right we ought to send it there,” which was my point to begin with.

CALLER: That was the point of your whole monologue is that’s the way they would react if we had a cure.

RUSH: Exactly right. So here comes a guy calling and proudly confirming it while thinking he’s entrapping me.

CALLER: Yep. Exactly.

RUSH: David, I appreciate the call. I really do.

CALLER: Rush, you’re the only guy on the radio I never get tired of hearing.

RUSH: Is that right?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: You don’t know how much that means to me. No, no, no. You don’t know how much that means to me. If I could be honest… Wait. I’m always honest. If I could reveal something that is not often revealed. That happens to be one of the major objectives of everybody in media: How do you avoid becoming a tune-out? How do you avoid people grabbing that index finger and punching the button or turning the dial or scrolling to the next position on the device to find something else?

Particularly when you’ve been around like 26 years.

A lot of people, that could be old hat and so forth. So I really appreciate it. That is a really great compliment, and I cannot thank you enough for it. I really, really do appreciate that.

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