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RUSH: Look, I want to try to say this as precisely as I mean it, because one of the missions here… Please never forget this, if you can try to stay conscious about what this program’s about. One of the many missions of this program is to have as many people as possible understand the pitfalls of liberalism and what it causes.

It causes a mess. Liberalism makes a mess out of economics. It makes a mess out of personal responsibility. It just screws everything up. And here we have dyed-in-the-wool liberals who have been properly trained in compassion and good intentions and equality and fairness and political correctness, and they’re idiots!

That’s not the right way to say it.

That isn’t gonna work.

This is nonsense what we’re hearing here today — from the CDC guy, from the Secret Service woman — and it’s all because of what liberalism teaches these people to be, what liberalism instructs them and how it shapes them. (sniveling liberal voice) “Of course we can’t say do anything that would hurt anybody’s feelings. So the Ebola patient, we must not victimize the patient and he must not castigate the patient and we must not cause distress.”

It’s just asinine. What it leads to is the defining down of everything. What’s decent and right gets canceled out because it’s unfair that it’s decent and right. What is successful isn’t fair to the unsuccessful. The healthy are not fair to the unhealthy. The employed are not fair to the unemployed. So in order to make the sick feel better, we have to get sick! In order to make the unemployed feel better, we have to not advance as much.

In order to make the poor feel less poor, we’ve got to pay higher taxes. It’s just stupid! Political correctness, liberalism is a direct assault on success. It’s an assault on achievement. It’s an assault on self-reliance. And in this case it’s becoming an assault on national security. It’s getting in the way… What liberalism really excels at is getting in the way of common sense.

It totally obliterates it. Common sense is not permitted. We’ve been tracking it, outcome-based education. What happens in a classroom where you have some fast learners? “Well, that’s humiliating to the slow learners, and we really can’t have that.” It’s what leads to the silly nonsense of getting all worked up over the name of a football team, when this other kind of stuff of real serious magnitude’s going on.

It’s also what leads to people who are liberal never being happy no matter what they get, because it’s destructive. It literally destroys systems, traditions, tried-and-true practices. It destroys them all, so that everybody ends up miserable, unhappy, and confused — while they think they’re being compassionate and thoughtful and considerate and fair and equal. It’s just absurd, and it’s in that context I am listening to this CDC guy.

We have a disease for which there’s no cure, and this guy cannot bring himself to tell us the truth about it because of who it might stigmatize or who it might offend! The truth is the biggest casualty of liberalism. The truth in anything. So for those of you who are new in listening to this program and those of you who have been here a long time, this is a reminder: I’m not ripping these people that rip ’em, and I’m not ripping ’em to be funny.

I’m ripping ’em because it’s instructional.

We don’t want people like this in serious positions of leadership. We don’t want judges like this. We’ve got ’em. We don’t want doctors like this. We don’t want airline pilots like this. We don’t want presidents like this. We don’t want military commanders like this where the enemy isn’t the enemy, where we’re the enemy. Where the enemy is justified in hating us because we’re so big and they’re so small, and that isn’t fair. This is destructive stuff, folks.

Liberalism does not permit the recognition of excellence, greatness, superiority, achievement, you name it. Everything has to be torn down and ripped apart so that everybody is either the same or they feel the same. And it is in that sense that I’m being critical of this guy. It’s not personal. To me this is a teachable moment. Why do you think during Hurricane Katrina General Russel Honore was so celebrated and so respected and to this day, I just saw Russel Honore on TV talking about Ebola.

Why do you think that is? Because there’s a no nonsense guy who had the audacity to tell everybody the truth about what was going on in New Orleans after Katrina, what needed to go on, how we’re gonna clean it up, how we’re gonna fix it. We’re gonna crack some heads if there are people out there raping and murdering and breaking laws. We’re gonna crack heads, we’re not gonna put up with it, and people applauded and celebrated. It used to be we had a nation of people like that in leadership positions.

Now there’s so few that General Russel Honore is one of the only guys the news media can find that is willing to speak as an authority with confidence and assuredness about what the right thing to do is in any given crisis. We don’t have people with that kind of authority. We don’t have people with those kind of guts. We don’t have people with that kind of confidence anymore. They’re afraid of offending whoever it’s gonna offend if they speak with any authority about matters in which they do have expertise. I’m sure the CDC guy knows a hell of a lot more than we do about this disease, but look how he has to couch everything he says because who it might offend and it might get him in trouble.

He’s gotta say contradicting things and conflicting things that make him look like an idiot cause he feels the need to be politically correct, even in the face of a disease like this. And, by the way, it gets in the way of us dealing honestly with terrorists and our enemies. We can’t even speak honestly about that because of who it might offend or who it might bother, which might lead to a lawsuit or what the hell ever else.

I’m telling you, this is gonna be so damn destructive if we don’t stop this stuff and get a handle on it pretty soon. You keep electing liberals and they keep nominating people like this in positions of authority and prestige or what have you, and this is what we’re gonna get no matter what department you go to. These people are running EPA, for crying out loud. I just shudder to think. And it was so unnecessary. This is what bugs me. The Republican Party won’t even go out and characterize these people as what they are.


RUSH: Steven in Cleveland. Steven, hi. Great to have you on the program, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, thank you very much. It’s an absolute pleasure to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: The reason I called, I wanted to ask you, in an effort to keep one eye on the future, I’m wondering if this sudden Ebola occurrence in Dallas isn’t setting the stage for controlling the voting population come early November, or at least at a minimum, encouraging more absentee ballots which will lead to other game playing as the voting continues.

RUSH: The level of cynicism that this — I think this is a direct result of the Democrat Party and the things they have done and the kind of things they say. The kind of things they accuse other people of doing, we know they project what they do on to others. This kind of question is normally so out of the bounds you wouldn’t even consider it. Here’s somebody actually thinking that this could be used to stifle vote turnout in November. Remember, who was it? It was Rahm Emanuel who said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” There is a reason people are thinking this way, and it’s not mean-spiritedness or extremism or any of that.

Now, having said that, I think this is real. I think this is a real case. I think it’s been percolating in Africa now all year. It was ludicrous to think it was gonna be contained. I haven’t believed that from the get-go. The second thing is — I don’t even want to go there. If this thing really starts spreading like wildfire, they’re gonna do more than keep you from going to the polling place in November. Imagine if this were smallpox. You know, folks, this is why you really hope that you have the best, most qualified people in positions like this. But the best is not allowed to be identified with political correctness. We stigmatize the best. Anyway, I appreciate the call, Steven. Thanks much.

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