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RUSH: Did you see last night, folks? Did you happen to see it? I can’t… When Obama finds out what happened last night, oh, man! And he may not. If he wasn’t watching the game, he may not have known. If the intel services don’t tell him what happened last night, he may never know, and that may end up being good. It could be bad out there, folks. It could really be bad. … Did you see where the safety for the Kansas City Chiefs intercepted Tom Brady last night? A pick six.

A gentleman by the name of Husain Abdullah, not to be confused with the king of Saudi Arabia, whose name is King Abdullah bin Abdilaziz. This is Husain Abdullah of the Kansas City Chiefs, not the king of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah bin Abdilaziz. What happened was that Husain Abdullah intercepted Mr. Brady and returned the pick to the end zone for a touchdown for the Chiefs, and immediately Mr. Husain Abdullah slid through the end zone and then bowed with his helmeted head on the Arrowhead Stadium turf and prayed.

Immediately, he was flagged. The Chiefs, his team, were penalized 15 yards for what is called unsportsmanlike conduct. Now, the NFL’s already in trouble, big-time trouble, with all of the domestic abuse and spousal abuse. Wait till Obama hears about this — IF he hears about this. The odds are, Obama is unlikely to hear about any of these things unless he was watching the game. We find out that Obama doesn’t even attend 60% of his daily intelligence briefings.

Remember we were told by somebody, some White House spokesman, I forget the term, but we were told that Obama is, well, ingrained in intelligence. I mean, he is so in tune with intelligence, he doesn’t need the daily briefs. He knows what he’s gonna be told before they walk into the room. As such, he doesn’t have to waste his time. So the presidential daily brief is presented to him in writing. It is unknown whether he readies them, however.

The thing that has everybody talking today is how Obama totally blamed his intel community for not telling him what was really up to ISIS, and yet people have gone back and found out that the intelligence community knew everything there was to know about ISIS and has been trying to tell Obama about it since 2012. It didn’t matter. He still threw Clapper and everybody else in his intelligence services under the bus, in the Sunday night 60 Minutes interview.

Oh, that’s another thing. Did you see the ratings for 60 Minutes on Sunday night? Tank, folks. Toilet City. Nowhere. Some of the lowest ratings 60 Minutes had in a long time with the Obama interview. Do you know what the excuse is? “There was no football lead-in. CBS didn’t have a late game so there was no football lead-in.” Nobody’s saying that people tuned out offing 60 Minutes ’cause Obama was on, but that’s what happened. I mean, it was well known.

CBS promoed all over the place that Steve Kroft was gonna be slow pitching softball pitching questions to Obama. So if you’re an Obama fan, it’s an ideal time to watch. But they didn’t. The ratings were really. And nobody is talking… Well, some people are talking about the trade publications out here, like variety and Hollywood Reporter and Dateline and all, they’re all reporting 60 Minutes’ horrible ratings performance Sunday night, but none of them (chuckling) are even mentioning that Obama was on.

They’re all just chalking it up to the fact that it was… “Ah, it was just too bad. There wasn’t any NFL game on CBS to give them a great lead-in,” which means that 60 Minutes started on time, and it never does start on time in the football season. It always runs late because of the football game, but there wasn’t one. So, anyway, what do you think is more likely Obama will condemn: The NFL throwing a flag on a Muslim for pray..

By the way, the NFL said the flag was a mistake; he should not have been penalized. There is no rule in the book that says you can’t pray or genuflect after a touchdown. They let Tebow do it. You know, Christians get down on one knee or give the sign of the cross and look to the heavens and thank God for the touchdown. But Husain Abdullah (again, not to be confused with Abdullah bin Abdilaziz of

Saudi Arabia) actually got down on all fours and then lowered his head to the turf at Arrowhead Stadium.

I must say, the turf looked good last night. I watched the first half. It looked really, really good. Hadn’t looked that good since George Toma was doing it. I like the chiefs in total fire engine red last night. How about the Patriots? You know, Tom Brady has not had the best season, but it’s over now. (laughing) The sports media is just all over him. “He’s gone, he’s finished, throw him away, bring in the substitute, let’s start the new Patriots era with the new quarterback.”

It’s amazing how fast the media chews people up and spits them out.


RUSH: No, no, I don’t keep any grief for talking about football opening the program. This is a relevant societal, cultural issue that’s taking place here, and the NFL was quick… Oh. I should have added, the NFL was quick today to throw the referees last night overboard, should not have been a penalty on Mr. Husain Abdullah.

It should not have happened, it was a huge gaffe, it was a big mistake.

They made sure that the world heard about that.


RUSH: We start on the phones today in

Michigan. China, Michigan. This is James. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Twenty-plus years of dittos.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate that.

CALLER: I have a silly question. Wasn’t George W. Bush criticized for only getting his daily briefings and not reading the news itself? And, two, how do the Washington Redskins get picked on but Kansas City Chiefs get a pass?

RUSH: Well, let’s take the first question first. I’m not… You know, I have a vague memory of Bush and the presidential daily brief. There was news in the presidential daily brief about 9/11 or allusions to the possibility, not the specificity of it. I don’t remember specifically if Bush was tarred and feathered for not reading beyond the daily brief. I know he was laughed at when he admitted he didn’t read newspapers, the Washington Post, New York Times. He was chastised for that.

But I don’t… I’m gonna have to search my memory banks, the deep, dark crevices of my memory banks to find out what it was that Bush was ripped for in the presidential daily brief. Now, when it comes to the Redskins and the Chiefs, give ’em time. Give ’em time. Once they get the Redskins name changed, it will be on to others. That will fuel them. Right now, if you had to compare the names Redskins to Chiefs, I don’t think you’d have a whole lot of people saying that the Chiefs is offensive.

Not yet. It could happen down the road, because the Chiefs are the leaders. The Chiefs, they run the show. That’s power. Redskins is considered to be a derogatory term. But it’s not even about that. This whole Redskins thing is just another media-manufactured thing made to look like a groundswell of opinion supports it when it doesn’t. It’s classic.

It’s part of the daily media soap opera, and the left is gonna keep pounding it until people get so fed up with it that they’re gonna say, “Just change it! We’re tired of hearing about it. We don’t care. Just change it! Stop!” And that’s generally how the left gets what they want. They intimidate, they bully, and they never go away until people just throw up their hands. It’s like the way we deal with serious crime. Moynihan said: Define deviancy down. You finally figure out you can’t stop certain kind of crimes so you stop calling them serious. You just accept it. You call it the new norm or what have you.

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