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RUSH: Ben in Storrs, Connecticut. Hello, Ben. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Rush, great to be with you. How are you?

RUSH: Great, sir. Rockin’ on.

CALLER: I just wanted to call and talk about this new Apple iOS 8.

RUSH: All right! Rock on! Now, that’s a a great Open Line Friday call. What’s up? What’s shaking? What about it?

CALLER: Well, I’m a college student up here at the University of Connecticut, I’m from Connecticut.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: I’ve been listening to you forever, and I got my new iPhone. I was due for an upgrade. I love the new iPhone 6 with a passion. I love that it’s bigger. But Apple put out a statement, and maybe you saw it, it said that this new iOS 8 is better — almost as good — the best thing since the App Store. And I — I don’t think it’s quite different enough, and I know a lot of people have had trouble with it. So just this morning around 8 a.m., they put out the new iOS 8.0.2 which fixed some of the bugs, but I just wanted to hear what you said, because, you know, as a college student up here at UConn, I mean, I’m the demographic.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I love technology. I use all Apple products. I know you should have been. So what are your thoughts?

RUSH: Well, let me preface this by acknowledging what many regular listeners know. I’m an Apple evangel. I absolutely love their products. So some people might interpret that as resulting in commentary that’s biased in their favor. It’s not the case, but I need to acknowledge that. I think iOS 8 is the most incredible, fabulous, sensational upgrade in software since the iPhone was released in 2007.

But let me tell you what’s brilliant about it. Most people, Ben? Most people hate change. They get accustomed to something and they just want it to keep working that way. Now, because of competition, the iOS is upgraded every year — in some cases incrementally, in some cases dramatically. This iOS 8 is dramatic. But what’s brilliant about it is that all of the real, substantial, what people call “power-user features” are beneath the surface.

The average, ordinary, everyday user is never gonna encounter them and therefore never gonna get mad and therefore never get frustrated about the change. The power user, if he or she wants to find them, they’re there, and they open up. Usability, productivity, the fun factor. It is just phenomenal what you can now do. The phones themselves… You have a 6 or a 6 Plus?

CALLER: I got the 6 because the 6 Plus is essentially just a little bit smaller than the iPad Mini that I use.

RUSH: Yeah, the 6 Plus is great, too. I’ve got both. But the 6 Plus is not a one-handed phone, if that matters to you. But the 6 is dynamic. It’s got the same guts. The speed of these two new phones is incredible. The Wi-Fi chip is increased. The LTE chip is increased. The download speeds on Web pages and e-mail downloads. The graphics?

The rendering of graphics is almost instantaneous. This is… Just to me, it’s phenomenal. I literally am excited. I’m still playing. It’s been out a couple weeks ago, and I am still loving it. Well, I’ve been using betas since June, but I just love it. There’s so much bogus because of the competition and capitalism. There’s so much bogus being said about it, but that’s Apple’s problem. They’ve gotta deal with that.


RUSH: Folks, this business about the iPhone 6 Plus bending? It’s so bogus. That’s capitalism, folks. That is just the raw, bloodthirsty competition in capitalism, putting stuff out like that.

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