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RUSH: Here’s Jill in St. Charles, Illinois. Hey, great to have you, Jill.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I just wanted to say that I just got Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims for my son, my 6-year-old, and he loves it so much that he wants to be Rush Revere for Halloween. It’s so cute!

RUSH: (chuckling) That’s incredible. This is the first I’ve heard of something like this. Six years old. Now, does he read well enough —

CALLER: One problem we have right now with that is my husband is ultraliberal. (giggles) But, last night, I couldn’t read. I was unavailable to read to him. My husband was in there reading and doing all the voices and everything. It just was amazing to hear.

RUSH: Well, now, that’s fine because there isn’t anything political in these books. There’s nothing in these books that should anger your husband, even if he’s a driven liberal like you say. There’s nothing in there that would insult him.

CALLER: Exactly. No. You know, I had a hard time finding it. I had to order online. I went to my son’s school book fair to try to find it, and the people who were working the book fair never heard of it, and I was really shocked because it is such a great book, and it is so good for kids.

RUSH: It’s a worldwide bestseller! If they haven’t heard of it it’s because they don’t want to hear of it.

CALLER: Exactly. That’s what I thought.

RUSH: What do you mean you couldn’t…? Wait a second, Jill. What do you mean he couldn’t find it? Where were you looking.

CALLER: I couldn’t find it like the school book fair.


CALLER: I thought, “The book fair, that’s the best-selling book,” but they didn’t, and I was really shocked.

RUSH: The schools, in many cases… I don’t know specifically about your school, but in many cases what’s in the Rush Revere adventure series, Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans is not taught in schools. That’s why I wrote the books.


RUSH: Because what’s taught in schools is different now, and the reason for writing the books is to teach young children like yours the truth of the founding of this country, how special it is and how beautiful it was and how hard it was and how unique we are and why there’s every reason in the world to be proud of America and to be a proud American and to love the country. So that’s why the books have been written. So I am thrilled that you are reading it to your son and he likes it. Now, he wants to go out as Rush Revere for Halloween. Your husband doesn’t want him to go out as Rush Revere on Halloween?

CALLER: I haven’t asked him yet. (giggles) I don’t need to ask him. I just haven’t told him yet.

RUSH: Oh, okay. All right. He can’t possibly object. I mean, the child just wants to go out as one of his heroes in a book now.

CALLER: My husband was reading it to him last night, so that’s why I think it was amazing.

RUSH: That’s a major achievement. That’s a major accomplishment. He was even doing the voices of the different characters?

CALLER: Yes, and our son has named our Chihuahua “Liberty.”

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: So he’s always yelling, “Rush, rush, rush into history!” So he loves it.

RUSH: Do you have Rush Revere and the First Patriots?

CALLER: No, we just have the new book.

RUSH: You don’t have the First Patriots?


RUSH: Okay. What I want you to do is hang on, and whoever answered the phone’s gonna pick the phone back up. Don’t hang up. I want to send you that. I want to send you the second book, and I’m gonna send you the audio version of both books so that after you’ve read it and after your husband has read the book to your child, if he wants to hear it again, you can just plug in the CD ’cause it’s every word.

None of it’s abridged, and it’s an entirely different experience, Jill, when you hear me, the author, read my own book. I must say, they’re really good. So I’d be delighted to send those to you, if you want. (interruption) Don’t tell me we lost her. Oh, okay. She’s already… She left me to give her information to the call screener. Okay, fine and dandy. So that’s all. (laughing) She’s already leaving her mailing address! (laughing) Okay, cool.

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