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RUSH: The war against nonreligious religious extremists continues. It’s been stated that there’s no military victory over ISIS. Obama says a military victory is not possible, or isn’t gonna happen. “There is no military solution to Islamic terrorism. It has nothing to do with Islam, which is the religion of peace.” That’s Obama and David Cameron. All of that and much more coming up.

The allies have hit oil targets in Syria. We, Obama, bombing oil targets. It’s a war for oil, folks! It’s blood for oil! And by the way, the peace protesters in San Francisco must have heard me because about 50 of them have now started protesting. So, Mike, grab Slim Whitman and Una Paloma Blanca as we go back to the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites. Just give ’em a little taste of it here. I’m not gonna do the update here, but this is the update theme from long ago.

(playing of song)

I repeat, not the update here. Just from the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites, the peace update theme.

(continued playing of song)

Ah, yes, ladies and gentlemen.

(continued playing of song)

Oh, yes, they can, Slim. Okay, that’s just a taste of it. That’s Slim Whitman’s Una Paloma Blanca as our official — actually, it goes way back to the first Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament, all the way back to the eighties. We haven’t had occasion to use it in I don’t know how long. So we will have that today.


RUSH: Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut. Promised in the first hour, and it’s time. Peace update.

(playing of song)

The protestors have finally shown up, folks.

(continued playing of song)

Slim Whitman. Let ‘er rip here, Slim baby.

(continued playing of song)

Remember the Olympic flame, they released a bunch of white doves? It was una paloma bako. They got scorched.

(continued playing of song)

Yes, it was just yesterday, ladies and gentlemen.

(continued playing of song)

I get a hernia listening to him yodel. Slim Whitman and the official Peace Update theme song, from the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites. So yesterday we made mention of the fact that despite launching military action, the Democrat president, against ISIS — in other words, using the US military, dropping bombs from fighter jets, well, bombers and fighter jets, there were no peace protesters. It even made the news in California that the peace protesters didn’t show up. And they were given an excuse.

Well, they’re worn out from the weekend’s global warming protests, which begged the question: What does global warming have to do with peace? Why would global warming protesters be peace protesters? And of course the truth is they’re all the same thing. They’re just a bunch of leftists malcontents. But nevertheless they didn’t show up. They weren’t protesting, and they claim they’re for peace, and they hate the military. But, see, it only happens when a Republican’s in the White House.

So I made mention of this. Yesterday I told the peace movement in San Francisco they let me down. I wanted to play Slim Whitman yesterday, very sad, very disappointed. I was all ready to go expecting them to get in gear, and they sat on their asses doing whatever, without protesting anything. Well, they heard my call, ladies and gentlemen.

“A loud but peaceful group of protesters descended on downtown San Francisco on Wednesday evening to voice their opposition to recent air strikes in Iraq and Syria. The group, which numbered above 50 at its peak –” What an embarrassment. That’s an asterisk. That’s not a peace protest. For crying out loud, these people usually show up in the hundreds, sometimes thousands. Fifty people in San Francisco is all they could muster for about an hour?

It happened near the “corner of Powell and Market streets around 5:30 p.m., with people making speeches calling for an end to the bombing and groups chanting against US military involvement in the Middle East. … Speakers came to the microphone blasting the Obama administration for what they called the most recent in a long string of unnecessary and costly military interventions in a region halfway around the world.”

Nathalie Hrizi, a public school teacher who brought her young son Adam to the protest, said, “Millions upon millions upon millions of dollars are being spent to kill people in countries that have never done anything to us. Money for jobs and education,” she chanted. “Money for jobs and education, not money for bombs.”

An enthusiastic crowd shouted back (imitating protesters), “That’s right! Not for war!

Not for occupation! Money for jobs! Money for education! Money for addadictomies!” Sex change people showed up. They always show up at these things.

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