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RUSH: Let’s try Joyce in Lincoln, Nebraska. Hi, Joyce. Welcome. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi Rush, King of Think, mayor of Realville.

RUSH: Thank you very much. How are you?

CALLER: I’m good. I’ve talked to you before, and I have your books. I’m 59 years old and I’ve learned so much from them. Thank you.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. That’s very nice of you to say. You didn’t have to say it, despite how much you were paid, and I appreciate it.

CALLER: (laughing) I wish I was paid!

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: But, no, I really learned a lot. In fact, I’ve always said, “I need to go back to grade school.” I’ve been saying that for years, you know.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But they used to teach us that stuff, you know.

RUSH: And they don’t anymore, which is why I’ve found it necessary, literally necessary, to write these books. They’re fun, and they’re very worthwhile, but they’re necessary as well.

CALLER: But that isn’t why I called. I called for two things. Can I be mad as Hades with you, not at you. My two things are — I need your opinion on one of them — but I’m mad as heck over this reluctant warrior saying. What kind of a label, lame excuse, slash, lie did he concoct before he came out with that —

RUSH: Well, the reluctant warrior thing is easy — I don’t want to be insulting when I say it’s easy to understand. Don’t misunderstand. The reluctant warrior thing is just to not tick off his base. The reluctant warrior is code language for, “Okay, you fringe Michael Moore types. He doesn’t really want to do this, but he’s got to so that we don’t lose the Senate in November.” Reluctant warrior means he hasn’t changed. He’s not a warmonger. He’s not a hawk. He really doesn’t want to do it. He’s being dragged kicking into it, but since he’s gonna do it, he’s gonna do it the best he can. He really doesn’t want to. So you leftists, don’t think he’s betraying you. That’s all reluctant warrior means.

CALLER: I know that, and you know why it makes me so mad? ‘Cause I saw those 13-hour guys that tried to Ambassador Stevens, they are warriors. I looked up in dictionaries, and reluctant and warrior are contradiction in terms.

RUSH: Of course, it’s not possible. Warriors are not reluctant.

CALLER: They’re not reluctant, no.

RUSH: Heroes can be.

CALLER: And the thing is, do the libs want a reluctant, I was gonna say doctor, but I’m gonna say veterinarian. Do they want a reluctant veterinarian?


CALLER: No. Okay, so that’s my one thing.

RUSH: What’s the other thing?

CALLER: Let’s see. My other thing is — oh, I can’t even believe I would say something like this, but I’m —

RUSH: Oh, it must be really juicy then, what is it? What is it?

CALLER: I’m the female General Patton. My husband calls me an army sergeant. He’s done it for years.

RUSH: Oh, that just means he loves you.

CALLER: Oh, we do love each other.

RUSH: You’re the warden. You’re the warden of the house.

CALLER: Oh, he’s the boss. Oh, he’s the general.

RUSH: Anyway, what is the second point?

CALLER: Oh, the second point. Okay. Is Obama trying to lose this war? I mean, seriously —

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no way. No Democrat wants to lose a war with himself in the Oval Office. If they could have engineered losing the Iraq war with Bush in office, they’d do that. No, he doesn’t want to lose. That’s why they’re gonna proclaim it a victory. That’s why Kerry’s out there already on the verge of proclaiming it a victory. They know that they’re weak in people’s minds on national security and military matters. It all folds nicely into this “reluctant warrior” label. “He doesn’t really want to do this. You know, Obama, he’s really not a war guy, and he promised that the US isn’t gonna be doing this anymore.”

Believe me, folks, the left-wing base, I’ve said this a number of times, and I’m thinking maybe you might be tired of hearing it, but you’ve got to, because it’s true. The left-wing in this country is unstable anyway. Their natural state is imbalanced and unstable. But they were turned literally insane for five years by the Democrat Party and the media over the Iraq war. I mean, their harm hatred was inflated and pumped up. It was intensified for five years. The Democrat Party and the media drove their own base into abject insanity that resulted from the hatred they were instructed to feel over what Bush was doing in Iraq, and Cheney with Halliburton and all of that stuff.

Obama got elected promising that bunch of people “never again.” We’re not gonna go to war. We’re gonna save the planet. We’re not gonna kill it. We’re gonna do all kinds of wonderful, beautiful things. We’re not gonna have any need for war anymore because the world is going to love us once again, and we’re not gonna have any enemies. That’s what Obama can do. Add to that Obama claimed that he had wiped out Al-Qaeda after getting Osama. So of all things, the irony, for Barack Obama to save the Senate for the Democrat Party, he has to go to war. What irony.

I mean, in one sense, it’s juicy as it can be. The thing that got him elected, the stances, the anti-war position, the anti-war statements, the anti-war exhortations to his own base got him elected. The promise to get out of Iraq. The promise to close Gitmo. The promise to essentially lose the Iraq war got him elected. And now look. So he has to be a reluctant warrior. It has to be “he doesn’t really want to do it.” But, you know, they did such a good job of taking out Al-Qaeda that this new splinter group, the Kardashians, is formed. And the Kardashians are out now trying to regroup and do what Al-Qaeda did.

So poor old Obama, he thought he wiped ’em out, but there’s a couple cockroaches that started populating, and, bam, they’re back. So he’s gotta go back and he’s gotta do it. He really doesn’t want to. But no way, no way is it ever gonna be said we lost this. Are you kidding? Does Obama want to lose the war? Not while he’s in the Oval Office, or on the golf course, either. He does not want to lose and have that on the presidential historical record or resume. Joyce, thanks for the call. Appreciate it.

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