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RUSH: A question, ladies and gentlemen, here from the San Francisco Chronicle. Headline: “Where are the Peace Protests Over the Syria Bombing?” by Kevin Fagan. “Maybe it’s war fatigue.”

Yeah, see, these Occupy Wall Street and the global warming protesters and the animal rights activists and the feminazis, they’re just worn out. They don’t have the energy to protest the war anymore. They don’t have the energy to demand peace right now. They’ll get going in a while but they gotta regroup ’cause they’re just worn out. “Maybe it’s war fatigue. Maybe climate change is consuming all the protest energy right now. Maybe momentum just needs to build.

“But most likely, all of the above are the reasons antiwar protests didnÂ’t erupt throughout the Bay Area, veteran activists say, after US warplanes roared over the Syrian border Tuesday to bomb more than a dozen enclaves of Islamic radical jihadists into rubble. Some activists even conceded that many people werenÂ’t going into the streets because the militants being targeted deserved to be dealt with, if not killed.”

So, you see, the reason there isn’t a peace protest is because these people are leftists and they’re not gonna protest one of their own (unless it just gets out of hand like it did with LBJ and the Vietnam War). But they’re not gonna start protesting for peace, and they’re not gonna complain. When is the last time you heard a peace activist suggest that people targeted by the US may, in fact, have “deserved” to die? When’s the last time you heard that?

I’ve never heard that. I have never heard left-wing peace protesters suggest that targets of American bombs deserve to die. “By Tuesday afternoon, there were still no loud demonstrations to be found. Major military incursions in years past launched seas of banners down San Francisco’s Market Street, but this time? Nothing — at least right off the bat. ‘People are war-weary and have already been very disappointed in President Obama for some time,’ said David Hartsough, executive director of the Peaceworkers anti-war group in San Francisco.

“He said he and other longtime activists are outraged at the bombing and believe nonviolent solutions to jihadist terror would be more effective — but the groundswell to hit the streets just isn’t there.” So they must not really believe in anti-American militarism. It’s selective opposition. They must not really be the peace movement. When’s the last time the peace movement ever said anybody deserved to die except an American soldier? Hartsough also said, “I think a lot of people are focused on the climate right now, especially young people.”

What, can you people not chew gum and walk at the same time? If you’re totally devoted to the climate change that means you don’t have time or energy to protest death? I mean, let’s face it, you people in San Francisco, you gotta shape up. You’re letting us down here. I’ve got

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