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RUSH: This is really unreal. They just don’t stop. They just keep coming at us full speed ahead. Obama, as we speak, is addressing the United Nations on something that is not happening — climate change — and he is announcing all of his support for new regulations on limiting emissions of greenhouse gases. It’s an upside down world.

Let me go through a little exercise in logic, of which we are in sad short supply. Okay? A person predicts global warming every year for 20 years, man-made global warming due to one thing: The predicted increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. I should precede this by pointing out that… I know for you true believers, you’re not gonna believe this. But there is no hard evidence of global warming, period, man-made or otherwise.

The only basis for even talking about this is the predictions spewed out by computer models. The only quote/unquote “evidence” of global warming is what models are predicting the climate and the weather will be in the next 50 to 100 years. Now, what those models spit out is only as good as the data that’s put in, and it’s an absolute joke. In terms of science, it’s a total joke. There is no warming, global or otherwise!

There never has been.

They’re not predicting global warming based on what’s happened in the past; they’re basing it on what their computer predictions say, and nothing more. The agent that is causing this (that isn’t happening) is CO2, carbon dioxide, created by man in his smokestacks and his SUVs and his factories and his cars and his exhalations in breathing, ’cause what we exhale is CO2.

So just our existence is destroying the climate.

Okay, so that’s the umbrella under which the following logic is made: CO2 is it. CO2 and the computer models. So a person predicts global warming every year for 20 years due to increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere — and, get this, for each of those 20 years there is an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. For 20 consecutive years, CO2 levels jump dramatically every year.

However, during those same 20 years, there is no actual warming.

There is no increase in global temperature.

For 20 years!

Even though all that CO2 has been spewed and belched into the atmosphere, there isn’t any warming. Therefore, the person, people, whatever, predicting global warming for any reason have been wrong for 20 consecutive years. Every year for 20 years the supporters of this theory have been wrong, as wrong as it’s possible to be. That means that the person predicting global warming is not credible and does not deserve to be listened to.

Because that person hasn’t been right.

That person has been as wrong as that person could be for 20 years.

Therefore, the debate about global warming due to increased levels of CO2 — in real terms — is over. Except that it’s not. Because as we speak, the president and the secretary of state are at the United Nations telling everybody of the threat of global warming because of CO2 emissions and how we, as a leading economic industrial nation, have got to cut back or else it’s end times for our planet.

Yet it isn’t.

There isn’t any warming.

Virtually everything… I don’t care how scientific they sound. I don’t care. They’re wrong. They’ve been as wrong as it’s possible to be. But that doesn’t matter. Do you know why? Because the global warming advocates “care,” and those of us pointing out how they’re wrong obviously don’t care. In their view, we don’t care. So it’s not about fact.

It’s a political issue, and they’re gonna sell this lie like they’ve sold every other lie. You know David Brooks has a column in the New York Times. A lot of people are responding and tweeting about this, ’cause it’s just over the top. It’s asinine. One of the things: Brooks is lamenting that we as a society have lost our self-regard. We have lost our self-confidence. We’ve lost respect for ourselves.

We refuse to accept the realities, the joys of being governed by Big Government, caring government,and so forth. And then he said… This is one of the things people are tweeting. There hasn’t been, he said, a major piece of legislation in God knows how long, and there doesn’t look like there is any to come. Has he never heard of Obamacare? What the hell is Obamacare if it’s not a major piece of legislation?

But beyond that, the supposed “conservative” columnist at the New York Times worried that there isn’t any major legislation coming, and because of that we don’t have any hope. The conservative columnist at the New York Times says there hasn’t been a major piece of legislation in God knows how long, and there isn’t any in sight? Uh, what was Obamacare? Major legislation?

These are the kinds of people, this is the kind of thinking that is leading this country right now, and it’s why we are so challenged. John Kerry, who served Vietnam… I made this point yesterday, and it’s in the news again today. John Kerry had a bunch of foreign leaders at the State Department to talk about ISIS and what our upcoming action is gonna be, and he actually told them that global warming is a bigger threat to the people of this country than even is ISIS.

He’s back with the news media covering it today. This TheHill.com: “Secretary of State John Kerry,” who served in Vietnam, “said the threats posed by climate change should be addressed with as much ‘immediacy’ as confronting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and the Ebola outbreak. During a meeting with foreign ministers on Sunday, Kerry said global warming is creating ‘climate refugees,'” kind of like Christians running for their lives from ISIS.

There are no “climate refugees,” folks.

The LA Times. I don’t know what happened out there, but the LA Times has a story today that just totally destroys the global warming advocacy. It’s been repeated. Actually it comes from the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. And this report from the journal. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, says that the warming trend on the Left Coast over the last 100 years was not caused by human activity, but rather by a change in wind.

Now, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is an approved, peer group, leftist bunch. The LA Times repeated this. I don’t know how this got past their editors, ’cause this totally debunks a major spoke of the wheel of global warming. This cuts out one of the legs of a three-legged stool, to say that man-made global warming is not at all responsible for the warming trend the last century in the West.

It’s wind.

“Using independent data from 1900 to 2012, researchers showed that the temperature change is ‘primarily attributed to changes in atmospheric circulation.'” That would be wind, for those of you in Rio Linda. “This, they wrote, ‘presents a significant reinterpretation of the region?’s recent climate change origins.’

“‘Surface winds and wind-driven ocean currents have large effects on temperatures in and around the northeast Pacific Ocean; they dominate the overall temperature variability and also account for a large fraction of the warming trend,’ Jim Johnstone, lead author of the study, said in a statement.” So it’s not your SUV. It isn’t your smokestack. It isn’t your lightbulbs. It’s not your stupid hair spray! It’s not the fact that you don’t recycle.

It’s none of that.

It’s the wind!

And I’m telling you, folks, I don’t know anybody who claims to control it. They say that George Bush steered Hurricane Katrina to New Orleans, but I have never heard anybody claim that they have control over the wind, where it blows, and how strong, and where it comes from. Have you? (interruption) Okay. So we could conclude that even the radicals have not laid claim for man being responsible for the wind. Here comes the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The evidence every day piles up.

Folks, I’m telling you, it is one of the most amazing sights to behold. There isn’t any, there hasn’t been any global warming, not man-made, there isn’t any of any kind. The number one agent causing it has increased in volume exponentially, CO2, and there hasn’t been any warming. And yet they’re still pushing it. You’ve got to believe that this is all politics. It can only be politics keeping this alive. And it is a politics that intentionally insults the intelligence of people and preys on the stupid and the dumb and the weak, intentionally, in order to gain popular support.

And by that, I mean, they focus on people who have, in their own estimation, meaningless lives. They’re wondering what their purpose is. Why am I here? Why am I driving this clunker car? Why can’t I get a good job? Why am I here? And then all of a sudden those people hear they can save the planet. Now, that’s big. You go from mattering not at all, to being a key ingredient to saving the planet, you sign up right then and you do whatever. Then you let everybody know you’re doing it. So you go buy a Prius and you go support all this madcap, crazy stuff, and you become an evangel. You are saving the planet and your new life has meaning. And that’s what I mean by preying on the weak, the dumb, the stupid.

How many times have you heard anybody on TV who’s being interviewed for some achievement, for some accomplishment, for some reason, and the person, usually a Hollywood actress, but it could be anybody, “I want to make a difference.” How many times have you heard that? Well, that’s what they prey on. You want to make a difference? Fine, you can save the planet. Now, you’ve helped destroy it. We know you didn’t mean to, but you unwittingly by driving the car you drove or eating McDonald’s, you were destroying the planet.

But now you can atone. You must vote Democrat, support Big Government, the welfare state, and cut back on progress. And if you do all that, we’ll love you, we’ll take care of you. Just vote for us and you can save the planet. That’s how they prey on ’em. They can make a difference. Hitler made a difference. Stop and think about that.


RUSH: Grab sound bite number one. Remember we talked about this babe either late last week or yesterday? Naomi Klein. She’s got a new book out that admits, it literally admits that the global warming movement is totally devoted to anti-capitalism. It finally admits it.

Of course the left is hailing the book. She has written a couple of books prior to this that are also extreme left wing. But this one they’re celebrating because apparently they like the fact that they could be honest that what they’re doing here is trying to destroy an economic system and that capitalism is responsible for all of the war.

Capitalism is responsible for all the inequality, the inequity, the unfairness, the discrimination, the divide between haves and have-nots, the divide between rich and poor. Capitalism’s the reason there are Republicans. That alone is reason enough to do away with capitalism. Capitalism is the reason there’s a Tea Party. That’s reason alone to get rid of it. Capitalism is the reason why there are conservatives.

We’ve got to get rid of capitalism.

She pretty much admits it in the book. So she was on the radio yesterday, NPR, and the host was a guy named Tom Ashbrook. Now, Naomi Klein is a contributing editor at Harper’s, and the host said to her, “If you listen to right-wing talk radio, conservative talk radio, this is exactly what they always have warned about. They said the environmentalists want to take away your pickup truck, they want to take away your free market…”

I, by the way (since they’re talking about me here) have said that militant environmentalism… I’m not talking about you people driving an electric car ’cause you want to save the planet. I’m talking about the militants. For militant wacko environmentalists, environmentalism is the new home for displaced communists, once the Berlin Wall fell. As evidence, look at where Gorbachev went!

Gorbachev actually formed something called the Green Cross.

What do you think it is? They actually gave him some real estate at the Presidio in San Francisco to house his headquarters or base of operations or whatever. I don’t know if it’s still there. Green Cross. So, anyway, he says to her: You’ve written a book here, and you’re admitting it’s exactly what the right wing has always said about you environmentalists. “So how do the politics of this work out,” Naomi?

KLEIN: Planning is a dirty word (snickers) in post-Reagan America. I spent time with the climate change deniers on the right. They have understood for a very long time that if the climate science is true, and we need to cut our emissions as much as scientists are telling us we need to — and if indeed industrial capitalism is destabilizing the life support systems that we all depend on — then their ideological project of pushing for ever so-called freer markets and vilifying collective action as quasi-socialist — which, you know, the basic talking points of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh —

ASHBROOK: Mmm-humph!

KLEIN: — that they’re in big trouble, and so they face a choice: Either they accept the science and then have to challenge their worldview, or they deny the science and their worldview is intact. And they are choosing to do that, for obvious reasons.

RUSH: I am not denying the science; you are! There isn’t any science that says there’s man-made global warming. Anyway, notice this passage here: “[I]f indeed industrial capitalism is destabilizing the life-support systems we all depend on…” Naomi, it is the capitalist system which has allowed this country to feed and clothe the world, and to rush to any far corner of the globe to assist in disaster relief.

It is capitalism that has created a country capable of this.

This is what bugs ’em. This statistic that I have for you here, this is what gnaws at them. The United States… Stop and think of this for a second. I always ask a question when I do a speech. I haven’t done any in years, but when I do them, I always ask the audience to stop and actually consider something. How is it possible, how did it happen that a nation of 250 (now 300) million people, in less than 250 years, came to create half of the world’s wealth?

We have been around hundreds of years less than other countries or civilizations that were around thousands of years. Now, we aren’t any better DNA-wise; there’s nothing superhuman about us. So what is it that has allowed this? What is it that resulted in the United States creating — not stealing, creating — half of the world’s wealth, 50%? That’s what gnaws at them. They hate that that’s true! They think that’s inherently unfair.

“It’s not right. It isn’t fair that one country should have so much.” So they chalk it up to the inherent unfairness and inequality of capitalism. This is what Obama believes. “We didn’t create that wealth; we stole it. We went around the world and we took it from people. Under the guise of going to war and liberating them, we took what they had. Yeah! That’s how we did it.”

If the United States had never been a capitalist country and if Naomi Klein’s preferred view of the world had happened, we wouldn’t be a superpower. There wouldn’t be any “life-support system that we all depend on.” Under socialism, a bunch of dictators would be in charge of it, and they’d be feeding themselves and their cronies, and everybody else would be fighting for crumbs, which is the way it is in every communist or socialist country.

I’m not making it up. Look at them. You can go live in Cuba if you want. Live under the ChiComs if you want. Pick any socialist country you want, and live there. I mean, none of this is being made up. And the scientists are just dead wrong here. They’re all been politicized. We just discussed this. There hasn’t been any warming for 20 years, yet the CO2 emissions, the number one agent of it.

They have increased, by dramatic numbers. It’s just a total… In scientific terms it’s a hoax. For the left, it isn’t a hoax, it’s just a cause. It’s a religion to them. You’re never gonna be able to talk ’em out. I know some people in New York who went to the global warming march on Sunday. They told me some of the signs they’re carrying. They tried to talk to them. You can’t talk to them.

It would be like trying to convince a Christian that Jesus never lived. You don’t have a prayer there, no matter what evidence you think you’ve got. You just can’t talk to them, can’t reason with ’em. It’s not about fact. It isn’t about science, really. It isn’t about truth. It’s about belief and wanting a better world and mattering and a life with meaning and all of that extraneous stuff.

They take whatever their science frauds give them as ammunition, but it’s not happening. Furthermore, I got a polling result here somewhere in the Stack. Worldwide polling. Global warming is the last item on everybody’s list of things of importance. I mean, at number 20 and number 21. So this is just an unbridled attack on capitalism ’cause they think it’s inherently unfair.

They see capitalism “destabilizing the life support systems we all depend on”? Where? The exact opposite is true. Capitalism is “the life support system we all depend on.” The problem in the world can be boiled down to one stated fact: an inefficient, unequal distribution of capitalism around the world.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, if you are a longtime member of this audience, I wouldn’t blame you if during some portion today’s program you’re saying, “Rush, come on, could you get on to something besides global warming? We’ve heard it for 26 years,” and I hear you. I would love nothing more than to move on from it. But they keep dragging me back in. Because they don’t go away. They keep coming with the lies and the distortions and the misrepresentations and the propaganda.

Folks, I’m gonna go out on a limb. If I hadn’t stayed devoted to the truth of this issue, we might have had a carbon tax years ago. The individual wealth in this country would be even less than what it is if Clinton had succeeded in getting his carbon tax the first thing he wanted in 1993. I’m with you. I’m tired of talking about this, but I’ve got a responsibility here. I get up every day and I look at what I believe in under assault being attacked, including me, and I come here and defend it.

I mean, just today this journal of science, whatever it is, peer reviewed journal that has a lot of claims that the warming that’s happened in the western part of the country for the past hundred years all of a sudden that’s not man-made, it’s because of the wind. There is no man-made global warming. They’re not gonna give it up because it’s not really about global warming. It’s an anti-capitalist movement that uses global warming and how people can save the planet as its theory and mechanism for advancement.

I’m sure you know people that believe every word of it and there’s nothing you do can. They’re not particularly political. Their kids see a little polar bear stranded on a three-square-foot cube of ice and think we’re killing them. Or maybe your kids have come home from school and accused you of killing the polar bears because of the kind of car the family has. It’s a daily effort to beat these people back. It’s a daily political effort. Here’s more reason why. Here’s Obama at the United Nations, he addressed the General Assembly. Here’s a portion of his remarks.

OBAMA: Worldwide this summer was the hottest ever recorded. The global carbon emissions still on the rise. So the climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it. The alarm bells keep ringing. Our citizens keep marching. We cannot pretend we do not hear them. We have to answer the call. We know what we have to do to avoid irreparable harm.

RUSH: There’s nothing you can do. Anyway, it isn’t happening. Worldwide this summer was the hottest ever recorded? Tell that to the people freezing their butts off in the Hamptons and haven’t been able to go to the beach without building a fire out there. I mean, it hasn’t been the hottest summer on record. They just keep lying. Folks, I hate to tell you, a comparison here. People like Obama, these huge statists — some people might say dictators — the way these people operate, they rail against straw men, nonexistent enemies.

And how about “our citizens keep marching”? He’s talking to a bunch of lug heads. You know, this is the Star Wars cantina scene there at the United Nations. They’re a bunch of thugs and dictators anyway. They’re in there and Obama’s telling them, “The American people, our citizens keep marching.” Right. How many, 500? Even if it’s a thousand, big whoop. And then, after establishing these straw men, these nonexistent enemies, now it’s time to attack them.

OBAMA: Let me be honest. None of this is without controversy. In each of our countries there are interests that will be resistant to action, and in each country there is a suspicion that if we act and other countries don’t, that we will be at an economic disadvantage. But we have to lead. That is what United Nations and this General Assembly is about. Now, the truth is that no matter what we do some populations will still be the risk. The nations that contribute the least to climate change often stand to lose the most.

RUSH: Why is that? That’s an excellent point that he swerved into, and I don’t know that he knows he’s making it. Do you know who these climate change regulations, this dream of limiting carbon emissions, you know who it’s really gonna affect? Third World countries are going to be kept poor. They are not gonna be allowed economic growth. The ChiComs are never gonna sign on to this, and the Indians are never gonna sign on to this. I mean the nation of India. They’re never gonna sign on to this. No growing economy is gonna sign on to this. It is a death knell for economic growth.

But the real point here is, who are these people? By the way, we just attacked ISIS yesterday. What’s this guy doing? Preaching about global warming at the UN. Couldn’t get a coalition out of these people, but now he wants them to raise carbon taxes on everybody all over the world. These are the same people that claim they’re for the little guy.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and their cohorts all over the world, they care about the downtrodden because of course capitalism is unfair. It rewards the rich like the Koch brothers, and the Koch brothers are the rich. They steal all the money and they take it from the poor and they never give it back, right? So they have policies, the welfare state and whatever, ’cause they’re the ones that care. They are care about the little guy. They care about the downtrodden, right?

If they succeed in implementing this, the little guy gets slammed, the Third World. African nations already been decimated by Ebola are gonna be consigned to Third World status forever because economic growth will not be permitted. You cannot have economic growth without carbon emissions. You just can’t. You can’t have economic growth without industrial production, you just can’t have it. And they won’t. And this is being done purposely. So Obama actually comes out and says the nations that contribute the least stand to lose the most.

Actually it’s kind of a misnomer because the nations that contribute the least actually contribute the most. Where there is poverty and where there is stagnation, there is often filth and pollution and just general yuk because they don’t have the means to clean up their messes. We do. So all of these things Obama and his buddies are dreaming about would keep poor people poor and never allow them a way up. It would make wealthy nations poorer. I know you say, “Well, why would anybody want to do this?” I don’t know. It’s the eternal question. Those of us with common sense and patriotism can’t comprehend this kind of desire for power these people have. But they demand it. They salivate over this kind of power to control as many people as they can in this dream to make everybody dependent on them as the source of their power. It’s hideous, it’s just hideous, but that’s what this is.


RUSH: Obama then went on to apologize for the US. He said, “There should be no question the US is stepping up to the plate. We recognize our role in creating this problem and we embrace our responsibility to combat it. We’ll do our part and help developing nations do theirs.”

“We recognize our role in creating this problem.” Once again, a president at the UN bashing his country.


RUSH: I want people to hear this in Obama’s own words. I read this transcript of a sound bite, part of a speech at the UN today, but I want you to hear it from his own mouth.

OBAMA: There should be no question that the United States of America is stepping up to the plate. We recognize our role in creating this problem; we embrace our responsibility to combat it.

RUSH: Right, right, right, right.

OBAMA: We will do our part, and we’ll help developing nations do theirs.

RUSH: We’re not gonna be able to if this keeps up. (sigh) We’re not gonna be able to help anybody. We’ll be too busy helping ourselves. Anyway, once again, the president is apologizing for and bashing his own country on the issue of global warming. “We recognize our role in creating this problem.” Oh, yes! See, it’s all our fault.

This is supposed to gain favor with these thugs at the UN. They’re supposed to applaud and say, “Yep, yep, you guys are the problem in the world. Exactly right. Now give us some of your money to make up for it,” and Obama seems willing and eager to hand it over. He also said… He ended his speech urging “global action” so that the world that we leave to our children is cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous and secure.

How does a carbon tax do any of that?

How does a carbon tax do any of those things?

How does a carbon tax “leave a cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous and secure world to our kids”? It impoverishes their parents! (laughing) There’s no way. How does a carbon tax do any of that? It does the opposite of it. And, by the way, Obama also said, “We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”

Two lies in one sentence.

We haven’t experienced it because it isn’t happening! Let me tell you something, folks, if you don’t know this already. You in this audience do know this. You long-termers. For those of you that are relatively new here, I’m not interested in things that aren’t true. There’s nothing in it for me to be wrong about global warming. There’s nothing in it for me to lie to you. There’s nothing in it for me to have you believe something that isn’t true.

I’m a total slave to the truth and the relentless pursuit of it. I am addressing this issue politically because that’s how it’s being advanced. The aggressor always sets the rules in any conflict, and these are the aggressors. They have to be responded to by somebody, and this has been a major cause for me for 25 years, because global warming is the encapsulation of the concentration of the forward march of socialism and an undiluted attack on capitalism.

Now, if there were global warming, and if I really believed it, I’d be the first to tell you. I wouldn’t lie about it. There’s nothing in it for me to lie about this. Eventually it’s gonna be exposed anyway. There’s nothing to gain by it. For somebody like me who has to have credibility with all of you in the audience, there’s no reason to lie about anything, and particularly something I think about, or an opinion that I have.

These people, you can question motives all day long. I’m just telling you there isn’t any warming. There hadn’t been in 20 years. There’s cooling, in fact. Every prediction they’ve made is incorrect. I’m sorry to rehash this, but they don’t go away. They keep coming back, and they keep fighting for it, and somebody has to push back. By the way, I don’t view this as a labor.

This is my natural instinct is to push back and defend the things I believe, the traditions and institutions. They’re all under assault, and they’re worth being defended.


RUSH: Here is Karen in Cleveland. Karen, I’m glad you called. Great to have you. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s a pleasure and an honor to speak with you today.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’m kind of nervous, and I hope I’m not showing my ignorance here, but can you enlighten me about what I’m missing about the increase in the CO2? Is it so politically incorrect to bring up the one thing that needs the carbon dioxide, mainly green plants and the rainforest? Nobody does, even these scientists that speak out against global warming and stuff. I never hear any news about them saying anything about the importance of cutting down the rainforests and the effect it has.

RUSH: Let me see if I understand. You’re saying it would be a bad thing to reduce CO2?

CALLER: No, no, no. I’m saying, “Did I miss something in science class about CO2 and oxygen?” If they’re cutting down the rainforest, there goes the one thing that uses up the CO2. Maybe the levels wouldn’t be so high if they weren’t.

RUSH: Oh, oh, yeah, but you know what happens?


RUSH: I’m glad you mentioned this. This came up about 20 years ago on this program. In fact, there was a bunch of worry over clear cutting that was going on in the Amazon Rainforest, and the usual suspects in the environmental wacko movement, were paranoid and worried. It was not CO2 that was doing it; it was evil property developers. It was evil corporatists and capitalists who were trying to build things in parts of the Amazon Rainforest —

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: — and farmers, by the way, who were clearing it out to plant crops and earn a living. In many cases it was migrant farmers just trying to eke out a living, and they were clear cutting little swaths of the forest. What happened was, they learned that the equivalent amount of forestation was discovered to be growing in other parts of the world. In this case, particularly in parts of Europe.

The story was that Mother Earth herself made sure that if foliage was actually chopped down in the Amazon, it was replaced. Nature took care of replacing it elsewhere in the world to keep everything in balance. Now, I don’t remember the source of the story, but it was a fascinating piece, and once again — in my mind — what it did was relegate all of these man-made global warming people to basic irrelevance.

The idea that we can control the weather, control the climate? The idea! The climate of this world, the atmosphere of the planet, the systems here that are necessary for life are so complex, they are beyond us to understand. They are beyond our ability to control. Literally we don’t have the ability. We don’t have the brain power. We can’t create these systems that are interdependent, interlinked.

All we can do is study them and hope to learn about them and marvel at how they work together. The complexity is such that we couldn’t comprehend it, but it was discovered and it was factually demonstrated that despite the loss of… I forget what it was actually called. Foliage. I’ll use that word, but that wasn’t what it was called. The loss of foliage in the Amazon actually was made up in other parts of the world, in a shocking way.

So the climate people want to tell you that we have all this power that we can destroy what we can’t create. It’s absurd. All of it is just literally absurd. I wish I could remember the actual piece. It was just 20 years ago. We even had some phone calls from scientists about it, documenting the truth and the factual nature of the story and that the ecosystem the planet does indeed behave this way.

I mean, the earth’s ecosystem is not a dead victim. It’s the same argument about the redwoods. “Oh, my God, this is old growth! These are native trees! You can’t cut them down. My God, they’ll be gone forever.” No. It may take a couple hundred years but they’ll be back if we leave ’em alone. Besides that, they actually tried to convince people about the spotted owl.

When it came to the old growth about the spotted owl, they were trying to convince people that the redwood trees out in Northern California had been there since the beginning of time and that we were cutting ’em down and how horrible are we! It wasn’t true. There are so many lies and myths about all of this, and they exist primarily because of the easy ignorance that people promulgating in these myths encounter.


RUSH: Here’s Josh, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Great to have you on the program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, thanks for having me. My point is or my question is if the United States is so serious with global warming, why are all the so-called green energy products such as LED lightbulbs, fluorescent lightbulbs and those reusable bags you can get at the grocery store, why are they all made in China? So they’re not governed by an EPA?

RUSH: Because they’re cheaper.

CALLER: Well, it doesn’t do very good for helping the environment if they’re powered by a coal-powered plant and they don’t —

RUSH: You’re not supposed to ask a question like this. This is a question you’re not even supposed to be aware of. Who told you all this?

CALLER: Well, you just walk through your grocery store, any department store and look at it, and it’s all made in China.

RUSH: Yeah. Be careful the paint. It’s got lead in it, the toys, you heard about that?

CALLER: Yeah. The fluorescent lightbulbs all contain mercury as well. That’s good for the environment as well.

RUSH: That’s right. Exactly right. They are poisoning children with lead paint. You know, some kids chew on drywall, that was poison, too. No, it’s a good question and what it really illustrates is, you know, the ChiComs are a growing economy, too, and they aren’t gonna cut back on any of this. No way. They’ll be happy for us to. But they aren’t gonna cut back on any of this.

Look, you’re not supposed to get this specific with global warming and climate change. You’re just supposed to accept the fact that you individually are helping to destroy the climate. But there’s a way out for you, and that’s to vote Democrat and support people like Gore and Obama in an effort to clean up the planet. That’s as far as you’re supposed to understand or take it, and you can save the polar bears, added bonus.

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