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RUSH: Did you see, ladies and gentlemen, that a guy who thought the atmosphere was gonna collapse jumped the White House fence over the weekend and got over it? He got inside the White House grounds. (interruption) He’s a former… (interruption) Yeah, inside. He’s a former military guy, and he was convinced — ’cause he watches the news — that the atmosphere was gonna collapse, and he needed to get in there and tell Obama about it.

But you know what struck me was what they did. They tried to get rid of the guy! They tried to throw the guy back on the other side of the fence. They tried to get him out of the White House grounds. They tried to throw him out of the White House. I thought we were supposed to welcome people that jump fences. I thought we’re supposed to welcome people who crash our borders.

Be nice to ’em! You know, maybe put ’em on the welfare system or something. Well, now, look the White House fence is an affront to justice. I mean, that fence is symbolism that says, “We don’t want you here.” And, boy, when somebody jumps the fence, what’s the first thing that happens? The Secret Service tries to nab ’em and throw ’em back to the equivalent of Mexico. Why didn’t they welcome the guy in?

Why didn’t they say this? “Glad you finally came out of the shadows, pal! We’re happy to finally know who you are and we want to make you a full-fledged citizen.” Why didn’t they do that? I thought we were a welcoming nation. I thought people who crossed boundaries did it with love. I thought they did it ’cause they wanted to become Americans; they wanted to live the American dream. I mean, we’re all citizens of the world, and we all share the wealth. Why does some poor guy, obviously with a mental disorder who jumps the White House fence, immediately get thrown back, like a fish that nobody wants when they catch it?

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