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RUSH: Here’s Stephanie in Nebraska. Stephanie, thank you very much for waiting. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Hey, my birthday! This is best birthday present ever.

RUSH: Well! Happy birthday to you.

CALLER: Thank you. Hey, you’ve been talking about Homeland Security, you’ve been talking about all this stuff, and it just hit home today. My husband and I, we own a salvage yard. We’re just, you know, small business, trying to do our best, good Americans. My husband got a car in that somebody impounded and sold to us, anyway. So he goes through all the cars whenever he gets ’em and we found some very alarming things in this car. An Islamic-type person had obviously had this car. We had IDs from several states. You know, the same person with several driver’s licenses.

RUSH: Wait a second. What? Hold, hold, hold on. You got a car at your salvage yard that had passport-like IDs in them?

CALLER: Yes. Oh, yes. Much more than that. We found eight or nine cell phones, IDs of the person… He had worked at several airports across the US. So we found airport IDs, driver’s licenses, cell phones, Islamic books. It’s like a bad movie. I mean, it was just stupid. So my husband said, “I think I need to get a hold of somebody.” He wasn’t sure who to get a hold of so he found a phone number for Homeland Security and called them.

He called me and said, “You’ll never believe this one. This is our government to work.” I said, “What?” He said, “They told me they couldn’t help me.” I said, “What do you mean, they couldn’t help you?” And he said, “Well, it didn’t happen on federal property.” You know, we didn’t get this car on federal property, so he just deals with things that happen on federal property.

He said, “Okay, well, do you have a phone number of somebody that can help us? You know, we think that this car needs to be looked through. You know, this could be a lot of serious stuff, and he said why don’t you just call your local police station.” And my husband said, “Well, we don’t really have a local police station. This is a small town.” He said, “Well, why don’t you flag down a highway patrolman?” And my husband said, “I’ll figure it out,” and just, you know, hung up.

RUSH: Are you kidding?

CALLER: I’m not kidding.

RUSH: Flag a highway patrolman?

CALLER: Flag a highway patrolman.

RUSH: How often does a highway patrolman drive by your salvage yard?

CALLER: We’re right on the interstate, so probably once in a while, but, you know. (chuckles)

RUSH: Did he not even tell you to call the FBI?

CALLER: No. But we’re smart enough. We’ll figure out probably who to get a hold of but it was just —

RUSH: What kind of car, Stephanie?

CALLER: I haven’t seen the car, so I don’t know. It was just a car that I don’t know why it even… We get a lot of cars like from different tow companies that, you know, if they get abandoned they’re sold or —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — whatever and they just get junked.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But we always go through ’em, you know, before we… You know, make sure they’re fine and — so…

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: It’s just kind of scary to think that, I mean, this is our government, and we’re here calling and we’re saying, “Hey, we’ve got something hot here,” and they’re like, “Eh, we don’t care.”

RUSH: This sounds like pre-9/11. “Hey, I go on this computer here,” or, “Hey, I got a bunch of guys at my flying school who don’t want to learn how to land.”


RUSH: Oh, well, send us a report.


RUSH: So have you call —

CALLER: If we didn’t report it and something happened, I mean, then would we be in trouble? You know, I don’t know. It’s just doesn’t make… You know, my husband’s an ex-Marine, we have a lot of patriotism, and it’s just like we feel like, I don’t know, what’s the deal, where’s our country, where’s our people?

RUSH: Well, I may have had missed what you said. Did you call the FBI?

CALLER: We haven’t yet. This all happened today.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: We have a couple of more ideas. You know, we just don’t want to give this over to the wrong hands, like a local level and it just be lost.

RUSH: But you’re convinced that this is something that needs to be investigated?


RUSH: I know you don’t know. I still would be interested to know what kind of car this is, whether it’s an SUV, whether it’s a van.

CALLER: No, I think it was a car. I do not think it was a van.

RUSH: Like a family sedan.

CALLER: Yeah, like… Yes.

RUSH: Was it a hybrid?

CALLER: The person had an Islamic name, but I think he is of African-American descent. Does that makes sense? Like sometimes they change their name.

RUSH: Believe me, you don’t want to go there.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Let the FBI figure that out. Was it a hybrid? Was it an electric car? Do you get a lot of those?

CALLER: All he never even said. He just said car. He didn’t say what it was, so I don’t know.

RUSH: Wow. (sigh) How many different IDs did you say your husband found?

CALLER: Oh, several. I mean, he couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t like it was one or two. You know, it was like numerous IDs and cell phones, like eight or nine cell phones, which was a lot.

RUSH: And where, again…? How did this car end up in your junkyard? Do you know that?

CALLER: We have very… I don’t know exactly who sold it to us, but we have different tow companies that they get alerted to abandoned cars and stuff, and so different ones. I don’t know exactly who dropped this one off.

RUSH: Whoever you call is gonna want to know that.

CALLER: Oh, I know. And my husband knows all those details. I’m sorry. I don’t know all that.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. Okay. He knows.

CALLER: Yeah, he knows, but I… You know, I’m just the bookkeeper, Rush! Come on.

RUSH: Just the bookkeeper?

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: That means you’re the heart and soul.

CALLER: Oh, dear. I just want to tell you that —

RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: My four-year-old daughter is yelling in the background. We’ve listened to you, I’ve listened to since I was 16 years old. I was one of the only Rush Babies, I called myself, because in high school I would listen to you. My government teacher, I mean, I’d argue with him about government way back in the nineties. So it’s a real honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Well, God bless you. Thank you very much, and happy birthday, Stephanie, and I’d like to know what happens here.

CALLER: Well, I’ll forward that.

RUSH: Would you give Mr. Snerdley your number so we could check in with you periodically and find out?


RUSH: We want to make sure that your junkyard’s there tomorrow.

CALLER: (laughing) Hey, I kind of disguised our location just in case.

RUSH: (laughing) Very smart.


RUSH: While I was talking to Stephanie, I was looking for the story I referenced earlier on all the turnover, all the people leaving the Department of Homeland Security, and I guess I didn’t print it out. So I’ll go back and get it during the break, but it is happening. I do have the story. No reason is given, but it appears there’s morale and disarray and just rampant confusion. If it’s being reported about the Obama Regime, it’s likely that it’s worse, even, than what is being reported.


RUSH: Jennifer in Goshen, Ohio, thank you for waiting. It’s great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s great to be talking to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Well, yes. I was gonna touch on Stephanie, the lady that called, and she said she found some of the IDs from the airports, like worked at the airports?

RUSH: She didn’t know whether… No, she found them in a car. They were in a salvage yard, and they had a car delivered, a junk car, and the IDs and some cell phones were in the car.

CALLER: Right. Well, I used to work at an airport, okay — on the outside, you know, when you load the planes and fuel the planes and everything. I’m telling you, that is my main fear. In TSA, they would maybe check our bags once a month, because we all had our backpacks and everything that we carried in to work and whatever.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait just a minute. I want to understand. While TSA is making Grandma disrobe upstairs —


RUSH: — outside on the ramp, they’re checking you once a week?

CALLER: No, once a month, maybe. I am not kidding you. I have been trying for probably two months to get in and tell the story, because there is so much that could go wrong, and especially now that they have all… You know, like some of these planes that are missing and things like that, then you hear more and more about some people working at the airport, like that one guy who left to go fight for ISIS.

RUSH: Let me tell you something I heard. I can’t mention any names, and it’s not gospel. This is just scuttlebutt. What I heard is not from somebody at TSA. It’s somebody that is familiar with the overall thinking on the next terror attack. Apparently one of the — and there are many theories as to where the next one will come from. And there’s a body of thought that the next attack will not have anything to do with airplanes ’cause the last big one did, and it’ll be something else.

So they’re not focusing on airplanes as much as they were. I don’t know that to be true. This is just somebody’s theory, the theory that the next attack is gonna be totally unrelated to airplanes, otherwise they can’t get away with it. They’ve tried since 9/11 to do airplanes, the shoe bomber and so forth. They’ve been caught, maybe many more times than we know.

CALLER: Well, but the thing of it is, if it’s someone that is already working there, that’s how they’re gonna be able to do it, because they’re gonna have that stuff, put it in the plane, and no one would know because TSA never checks the bags.

RUSH: Of the line workers? You’re talking about the line workers outside?

CALLER: Right. Everyone who works outside. Yeah, they frisk Grandma.

RUSH: Well, this is not very comforting. I admit that. I know.


RUSH: Yeah. This is not very comforting, I have to say. Just don’t go to the airport.

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