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RUSH: Look, let me tell you where we are with the Republicans. I had a guy was chatting back and forth, a friend last night. He said, “You seem remarkably calm.”

I said, “I am. It’s all about expectations. I finally figured out, the Republican Party’s what it is and isn’t anything gonna change it, and every day being invested in the hope they’re gonna change is a waste of time and energy. Let me give you an example…”

And then my friend said, “Let me just tell you something. If one of these ISIS guys get in through the Southern border and sets off some kind of bomb in LA, that’s the end. That’s the end of the Democrat Party.”

I said, “See, no. That’s where you’re looking at this the wrong way. If some ISIS guy gets into the country through the Southern border and drops a bomb, sets off a bomb in LA, it’s the Republicans who will get blamed for not working with Obama on comprehensive immigration reform that could have kept the ISIS guy out!”

The Republicans are going to get blamed for everything, and because they’re gonna get blamed for everything, they’re going to keep cooperating with the Democrats in hopes that they will stop being blamed. That’s the reality of the day, folks. Call it Battered Wife Syndrome, call it PTSD, call it outright fear of the media or what have you. But the Republicans… Look at John Boehner!

He just voted for the continuing resolution that funds Obamacare. All right? At the same time said that comprehensive immigration reform is got to happen. It’s the only thing that can help the American people. Well, so, I have ceased… That’s not the way to put it. The question that drew all these answers out of me was, “How do you get up and go to work every day? Aren’t you just totally frustrated?”

I said, “I used to be, but I finally come to grips with the reality that’s out there. And I can’t change it.”

He said, “So, well, what is your hope?”

I said, “I’ll tell you what my hope is. What I’m gonna do is what I’ve always done. I’m gonna show up here every day and tell the truth about what I see and think, and I’m gonna have my audience in mind, and that’s where my focus is gonna be. I’m not here to change the behavior or the votes of the Republican Party.”

That has never been the purpose here, and it was never even designed. It was never even one of the structured designs of this program. It’s always been audience focused and related. So I believe that if there’s a turnaround that’s gonna happen here, I just don’t think the Republican Party’s gonna lead it. I think they’ll follow whatever happens to reverse things in this country.

I think — and this is gonna sound Pollyannaish, and it’s gonna get a lot of objections from a lot of people as simplistic. I can’t explain why. I’ve just always had a tremendous faith in a majority of people in this country to get it right and to eventually get fed up and to eventually do something, or that some event will happen. I have mentioned this many times before. I can’t be more specific. It’s just it’s a it’s a gut-level instinct I’ve got.

It’s not a false hope. It’s not a dream. It’s a it’s a it’s a real, substantive feeling that I have. I’m confident that all of this rotgut that is happening to our country, at some point is going to be stopped and beat back, and maybe — this is a big one, but maybe — a serious reversal will take place. But that’s gonna be over time.

I don’t know if it’s gonna be generational, young people growing up and refusing to accept the idea that America’s best economic days are behind them. I wouldn’t, if I were becoming 25, 30 today and was told that. I’d say, “Screw you,” and I’d set out trying to prove everybody wrong. I just don’t think young people are gonna sit there and accept this talk from leaders that the American economy.

“Get used to it. This is the new normal.” It appears that they are now, but give ’em time to get frustrated. So I just think human nature is gonna take over at some point. Look, I know it’s sounding Pollyannaish here. I know I sound like a Miss America pageant contestant, a male lesbian. I can’t get any more specific than that. It’s not a dream. I’m not trying to be falsely optimistic, and I’m not saying that taking action isn’t necessary.

It is!

There has to be active push-back.

Well, we do that here, with the American people. The Republican Party isn’t, though. All I’m telling you is, it didn’t take long to set in. Expecting the current Republican Party to all of sudden behave differently than they have been for six years? That does not make any sense. Hoping for that, waiting for that, trying to influence that, that’s what doesn’t make sense to me. The die is cast. (interruption)

No, I was not joking. If an ISIS guy… I know how this works. For crying out loud, when a kid shoots up a theater in Denver and ABC goes to the roster of the local Tea Party to see if the name is on it? What do you think’s gonna happen if an ISIS guy blows up LA? The Republicans are gonna get blamed for it! Whether they deserve it or not is not is the point. Everything’s politics. It’s gonna happen, and it’s made to order.

“Republicans refuse to cooperate with our brilliant, brave president in a comprehensive immigration reform plan that could have kept that guy out.” Never mind that that’s just totally BS and there’s not one syllable of truth in it. It doesn’t matter. The low-information people will be told that. If you can convince enough people that the Republican Party actually hates women, well, then you can convince ’em of anything.

If you can convince a sizable number of people in America that the Republican Party actually doesn’t want women to have sex, then what can you not convince them of? If you can actually convince a decent number of people that the Republican Party is conducting a War on Women that is rooted in Republicans not wanting them to have access to birth control pills, then what the hell…?

It’s the same old Democrat trick. They create all this dependency in people and then accuse the Republicans of wanting to take it away. Social Security for the elderly, cell phones for welfare recipients, food stamps within, you name it. That’s all they have to do. If that’s all you’ve got, if government welfare is all you’ve got to live on, and somebody comes along that you’ve been voting for and is telling you that the other guys want to take it away from, you can’t take a chance.

You’re not gonna take the risk and investigate to find that you’re being lied to. You’re just not gonna vote for the Republican. It’s up to them to find a retort to this. We’re all exhausted telling them what to do. There are ways around this message way — core, principled belief message ways. But they’re not interested. They want their committee chairmanships, they want their consultants to get paid off, and they want to keep close ties to the Chamber of Commerce — and they want their retirements paid for, by the way.


RUSH: You think I’m joking? Folks, the Republicans are being blamed for Ebola, because they didn’t vote for the Gang of Eight bill. Have you seen that? The Republicans are being blamed for Ebola. It’s according to Dick Durbin. I’ve figured out how the Democrats do. The only way they get away with it is with a supportive media.

Because the Gang of Eight bill would have tightened up the border, and that’ll keep Ebola patients out. See, if you don’t do comprehensive immigration reform, then any evil that crosses the border is gonna get blamed on the Republicans because comprehensive immigration reform has as one of its features what? Renewed enhanced border security.

Well, since the Republicans are not helping pass the Gang of Eight immigration bill, there isn’t any new border security, and thus any malady or crime — or anything that happens as a result of failure to shore up the borders — is directly tied to the Republicans. So if an Ebola patient gets in? Republicans! Dick Durbin is illuminating the path of how it happens.

Of course, Obama sends 3,000 troops over to fight Ebola, so he’s on record as trying to stop it. But then an Ebola patient gets in through a porous Southern border that would have been fixed with comprehensive immigration reform? It’s a lie. Of course. There is no border security in the Gang of Eight bill. There’s another false promise to do it. Republicans get blamed. I’m telling you, nobody has a counter to it.

Nobody knows how to deal with it. How do you deal with people lying about you all the time? There hasn’t been a way. Other than sue them left and right, nobody’s come up with a way to deal with that, and the Democrats clearly have… (interruption) Well, of course, but they’re not doing. They’re not telling the truth about the Democrats, and they’re not. No, no, no, no, no.

When something like that happens, what’s the standard Republican response? “Oh, please don’t believe that, about us. No, we didn’t do that.” They accept the premise, they accept the premise and then try to deny it. Well, when you accept the premise that you may be culpable then anything you say after that is not even going to be heard.

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