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RUSH: Here’s Debbie in Texarkana, Texas. You’re next. I’m glad you waited. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I’m a number one promoter, defender of Rush since 1988. I got two concerns about sending our military to Africa. One of them is, of course, you recently heard another doctor has gotten this disease, and you know they’re totally covered and protected over there, and they’re still getting it.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And, number two, I’m worried that humanitarian military types, I don’t know what their process is, but I’m worried about that could be a setup for an ISIS to use as an opportunity to attack our troops.

RUSH: Yeah, I haven’t… You may be a little bit more up to speed on this than I. I have not, other than the fact we’re gonna send 3,000 troops to fight Ebola, I haven’t dug too deeply. I don’t know. What are they gonna do?

CALLER: I’m not sure if it’s just a first time type thing or what they’re planning on doing, but —

RUSH: I know you cannot shoot a virus.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: You can’t imprison it, and you can’t torture a virus, like the American military did with George Bush. You remember that. Obama told us. So we’re gonna send 3,000 people corral a disease, and we’re gonna use the Iraqi army to fight genuine terrorists who want to wipe us out. I don’t understand what the military’s gonna do.

CALLER: I don’t, either, and I’m wondering if they’re even gonna be armed.

RUSH: Well, I would think so; they’re the military.

CALLER: Well, they’re not armed on our own bases.

RUSH: Well, that’s true, but they’re gonna be deployed in foreign environments.

CALLER: Well, hasn’t there been times when we’ve had people at the embassies and they didn’t even have bullets?

RUSH: Yeah. Rare, but, yeah. Those incidents have happened. But I would think it you’re gonna send the military to Africa to fight Ebola… You used the word “perimeter.” Maybe they’re just gonna be used to surround communities where the disease has broken out, make sure nobody leaves. I don’t know. This is another one of these things that there’s a lot of for-show stuff here. There’s a lot of image-building stuff that Obama is engaging in now and voter turnout stuff.


RUSH: Ebola is serious. I don’t mean to downplay that, but the purpose of the United States military is to kill people and break things. And I just don’t know. But, again, it may be out there to know. I haven’t really dug deep into that. ‘Cause that’s another one of these things, folks. To get deep into it and try to understand what the…?

It’s all political thinking, whatever it is that’s going on here. More and more, I find myself resisting the seduction of the daily soap opera news narrative that is to talk about whatever story in the proper accredited way, like every network does. It just doesn’t appeal to me. But I appreciate the call, Debbie, very much.

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