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RUSH: So I checked the e-mail again, and I can guarantee what’s gonna happen. When I quote an e-mail asking me, “Why aren’t you doing X?” then the, “Why aren’t you doing Y?” crowd shows up, and the next crowd asks, “Why aren’t you spending more time talking about what Obama’s doing in Syria with ISIS and ISIL?” I’ll tell you why. Because I don’t think he even cares what he’s doing!

This is an absolute joke. John Kerry gets up there and says absolutely inane things. He was taken to down by Bob Corker yesterday, sent Boxer shuttering away in tears. We got the sound bites coming up. Kerry doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Hagel doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The generals know what they’re talking about, and they’re actively being ignored.

This isn’t about beating ISIS, is why.

This is all because Obama’s poll numbers are falling.

I’m not gonna get roped into talking about this the way the soap opera writers demand that it be talked about. “Can this revive the Obama presidency?” Screw that! That’s not what this is about. We’re sending 3,000 troops to fight Ebola? We won’t send 3,000 troops to protect our border! We won’t send 3,000 troops there — we won’t admit that that’s what we’re doing — to stop terrorists that want to wipe us out.

We’re gonna send the Iraqi army and the Syrian army, who are supposedly somehow gonna become loyal to us? What the hell? It’s stupid, folks. It is asinine. The generals know it’s stupid, but they can’t just out and say it. They’re getting as close to try to tell everybody how literally wacko this is out actually saying it because they can’t be insubordinate. But, for crying out loud, Barack Obama, commander-in-chief?

That’s scary. John Kerry has already demonstrated that he is clueless. Chuck Hagel, ditto. We knew that back when he was a proud Republican. But the whole motivation behind this is once again to improve Obama’s chops in the polls. That’s why we’re doing this. Three weeks ago, he didn’t have a strategy. Three weeks ago, they were the JV team. Now we’ve done a 180.

When there’s something relevant, really important about this to talk about, you can count I’m gonna be right there. But I’m not gonna get roped in to talking about this in identically the same way you see it on cable news or standard news, wherever you see it. Because it’s all being talked about in the same way. The same questions are being asked by the same people about the same people.

The same analysts are coming up with the same opinions about this or that, but nobody will tell you that this is an absolute embarrassment and that the only reason this policy is being undertaken is because of the November elections.


RUSH: Here is John, Jefferson City, Missouri. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thank you very much for taking my call today.

RUSH: Yeah, you bet.

CALLER: I just wanted to comment on how right you are about everything you say about how you know Democrats like every square inch of your glorious naked body and everything, and it’s basically based on your excellent observational skills.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: But just to put make a point about what we’re seeing currently with Obama and with Hillary and the way they use the military as far as like what happened in Benghazi. The narrative was “Osama is dead and Al-Qaeda’s on the run” and everything, and they would not let anything in that interrupted that narrative. If you remember back in, like, I think it was ’93, ’94, whenever we were pulling out of Somalia, Les Aspin was the defense secretary at the time if I recall correctly.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Bill Clinton was president, and I remember the military at the time was calling for armor to help them get out of there successfully, and that was going to go against the narrative. I remember it was overruled by either Bill Clinton or Les Aspin. Right about that same time, Black Hawk Down went down or occurred, and they didn’t have an M1 Abrams tank, a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle to go and rescue those guys. They were going in with unarmored Humvees, and like we’re seeing today — as you say about liberals and Democrats — they are the smartest people in the rooms, they think. But they don’t listen to their experts like they should, and they play a very cynical and risky game with our troops’ lives.

RUSH: Well, the Somalia thing is interesting, because Clinton actually didn’t start that. That was started with George H. W. Bush.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: He was reacting to a single photo on the front page of the New York Times. But you’re right. The public story was it was Les Aspin who refused the request for more money and armaments, weaponry, what have you, because it wasn’t going well. I mean, Mohammed Farrah Aideed Skyhook was winning. It was embarrassing, and finally the last straw — and this is what Osama Bin Laden told ABC News about when he saw this. Remember the two naked Rangers, Special Forces Army people dragged through downtown Mogadishu?

CALLER: Oh, yes.

RUSH: That’s when we cut and ran.


RUSH: That’s when Osama Bin Laden, talking to John Miller — who was at the time working for ABC — said when he saw that is when he began to believe the United States was a paper tiger and could be defeated. Clinton… I mean, I don’t think Aspin called for it. Clinton made the call on that, but Aspin took the heat for it. He’s secretary of defense.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: But he got out of there. It wasn’t Clinton’s mission, it wasn’t going well, and it involved black people. There was nothing in this for Clinton. At the time the US military… Remember we were getting stories already that Hillary was disrespecting the uniformed Marine guards at the White House.


RUSH: Clinton had protested the Vietnam War. There was no love lost between the two, and it was cut their losses and get out of there

CALLER: Yeah. We’re just seeing the same thing again, and I just fear that this mission is going to be compromised. They’re gonna play it up for the public consumption.

RUSH: Well, look, it’s real simple what the generals are saying. From Ray Odierno to Martin Dempsey, the generals are saying, “I don’t care what you think, you cannot win this with bombs. I don’t care what you think, we’re not gonna wipe ISIS out — we’re not gonna have what we consider a decisive defeat and victory — with air power and a ragtag ground force that’s not even ours and that’s advised by us. The only way this is gonna happen is with boots on the ground.”

This is not what Obama wants to hear.

It’s not what Chuck Hagel wants to hear.

It’s not what John Kerry wants to hear.

The generals, nevertheless, are saying it, but stories are replete that Obama doesn’t listen to the generals. See, this is why this whole subject, to me, is really frustrating. Because in the deep, dark crevices of the White House and the defense department/State Department, this is a political operation. It’s being done out of political necessity. There’s a whole different definition for victory here.

The definition for victory that Obama and the rest have attached to this mission is the November election results. So the optics of whatever’s gonna happen are what matter. All that really matters is that Obama is now seen as steeled and determined and committed to get ISIS. By the way, do you know why he keeps calling them ISIL and not ISIS? ISIL, Levant?

That includes Israel in the equation. ISIS, as a name, doesn’t. It’s a real inside baseball thing. “The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.” Believe me, ISIS, it’s word games that he’s playing. It’s along the lines of George H. W. Bush never would pronounce Saddam Hussein’s name “Sah-dahm.” He pronounced it “Sad-um.” In that world, in Iraq, pronouncing Saddam as “Sad-um” was a profound insult.

It was the equivalent of calling him a shoeshine guy, I think I read. If not that, it was something bad. There was a reason. (interruption) It was adog or something. It’s the reason why he called him “Sad-um.” It’s like George H. W. Bush never called “Pete” DuPont “Pete. ” He called him “Pierre.” (interruption) Oh, yeah, he called him Pierre, so that people would think, “Pierre? Only rich snobs are named Pierre!”

He never would call him Pete. Pierre every time he mentioned his name, and “Sah-dahm” instead of “Sah-dahm.” Well, Obama’s doing the same thing with ISIS and ISIL. But this whole thing is supposed to produce enough results to show Obama as ready and willing and able, and therefore the Democrats are worthy of getting votes. Look, I have sound bites on this. I’ll tell you what.

I wasn’t gonna do it. Cookie gave me a lot of good sound bites on the roster. I was gonna stay away from it for stuff that’s interesting. But now that I’ve made it interesting, I’ll get to the sound bites in the next half hour.

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