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RUSH: Ken in Livonia, Michigan. Welcome, sir. Glad you waited, and great to have you here.

CALLER: Yeah, I wanted to comment, Rush, that we’re seeing history repeat itself again with Obama. The same mistake that he made in Egypt, the same mistake he made again in Libya, he’s now getting ready to do in Syria. Barack Obama, as we know, wants to arm, as he calls them, the moderates of the moderate rebels in Syria.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: However, both the Orthodox church in Syria and others in the Christian community have correctly identified that there is no such thing. There is no such group as the moderates.

RUSH: That is exactly right. That is another left-wing, leftist, Democrat Party term created in America to apply to certain people that are really cutthroat, mean SOBs. But we’re gonna join forces with ’em, so they’re moderates.

CALLER: This thing, Rush, what we’ve seen is that these so-called moderates, as Obama calls them, they are already in the process of exterminating the Christians in Syria, and it happened in Egypt. He sided with the rebels. It happened in Libya. He sided with the rebels.

RUSH: Right. It’s all part of the Arab Spring.

CALLER: They want to exterminate the Christians and anyone that’s not like them. And Barack Obama wants to support these extremists.

RUSH: You are very brave in pointing this out. There aren’t a whole lot of people willing to say it the way you have.

CALLER: Well, it’s the truth. I mean, we can look at their ideology. We can see what they believe in. These people have no tolerance for anyone that’s not like them, and look at the beheadings, and here we go again, like I said in Syria, where the Christian community has made it very clear that these individuals that Barack Obama label as moderates are not at all moderates. They are killing not only Christians outright, but destroying the churches that are left.

RUSH: He’s exactly right. Obama tried to tell us the Muslim Brotherhood was moderate. It’s a trick. “Trick’s” the wrong word. It’s a technique. Well, it actually is a trick. It’s an attempt to fool people. Just like, do you remember how the mullahs in Iran are called “strict conservative,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, or the Nazis were the “hard line conservatives of German power.” It is an effort by the Democrat Party to tar and feather their political opponents in this country. And, by the same token, bestowing the term “moderates” is designed to keep you from understanding exactly who it is we are partnering up with. It’s designed to keep you in the dark about the truth about what’s happening in these countries is.

There is a slaughter of Christians going on in Libya, in Egypt, in Syria, and it is being done by militant Islamic groups who have made no bones about it being their intention. (interruption) What is our big beef with Bashar Assad? (interruption) You mean when we drew the red line? There’s a civil war in Syria and the belief was that the people that are fighting against Assad were thought to be carpenters and fishermen and just everyday, ordinary Syrians who were being gassed and mass murdered and poisoned by the brutal Assad Regime, when in fact ISIS is doing this, making it look like it’s a civil war made up of just average Syrian citizens in an uprising.

In fact, Assad is not the guy doing all the reprehensible things. Now, his dad, Hafez al-Assad, was a brutal guy. Bashar is more a GQ, and his wife is Vanity Fair kind of guy. Still brutal, but nothing at all to compare with his dad. I don’t know what the thinking of the Regime, Obama specifically, on Assad is. Syria is a terrorist state and they’re aligned with Iran. There’s no question about that. But there’s something deeper here. I gotta be real careful. The fact that Syria is — Iran is the leading terror state and we’re not doing anything to punish Iran. We’re in talks with them, negotiations over the development of nuclear power and weapons and so forth. Syria’s a client state of Iran. Hamas, Hezbollah, so forth.

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