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More Ice Than Ever at the North and South Pole

RUSH: There’s more ice than ever at the South Pole. The Antarctic ice sheet has reached record levels in the midst of so-called climate change and global warming. It’s the same thing at the North Pole. Arctic ice sheet levels are at record levels. The North Pole is supposed to have been melted by now, according to Algore.

Remember it was not that long ago a bunch of researchers got on a boat and started chugging for the South Pole to find evidence of the melting glaciers and global warming, and they got stuck in the ice and it took three ice breakers and a helicopter to rescue them. Yet they still carry the day in the pop culture that global warming is happening.

It’s an ongoing, never-ending battle to find a way to have the truth permeate the noise.

Kerry Flip-Flops on ISIS

RUSH: I didn’t get a chance to get to Obama and Kerry flip-flopping on what’s war and what isn’t and the war on ISIS, but there’s always tomorrow for that.

The Community Organizer Can’t Organize a Coalition

RUSH: I just will observe something. I can’t believe that a guy who ran for president on the premise that he was the best community organizer out there can’t put together a coalition. I mean, what good is it electing a community organizer if the guy can’t organize a bunch of allies to join us fighting evil? What a waste! What an absolute waste.

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