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RUSH: Yeah, that’s right, I just remembered. I promised everybody I was gonna tell ’em what fun it would be to look at the upcoming military incursion in Syria and Iraq as a lib would look at it. See, I got so many things banging around the inside of my cranial cavity. But it can be fun to talk like a lib. Okay, so the libs have learned what? No, no, we’ll get back to the NFL here in just a jiffy. The libs have learned what? I mean, after being driven insane with hatred for five years over the Iraq war, what have they learned? They learned last night that to save his presidency, Barack Obama’s gonna go back in. (laughing) And he’s gonna do it with drones and highly trained Iraqi boots on the ground. (laughing)

So how’s the left gonna look at this? Well, a good liberal, the first thing a good liberal would want to know is what is the carbon footprint of our military operation going to be, and is it worth the climate change interruption or climate destruction that this is going to cause. And are there any endangered species? I know it’s desert, but are there any endangered species like maybe an albino sand rodent that might end up being wiped out in this operation. We must be very careful. And then a good lib would ask if the UN has signed off on this. Will there be UN peacekeepers, blue helmeted people.

Has Obama taken steps to ensure that a sufficient number of gays, lesbians, transgenders, and women will be involved in the operation in order to make it inclusive and diversified? And what about the name of the military operation? Operation Pinprick? Operation No Boots on the Ground? Operation Passes the Global Test? Operation Inclusive? (laughing) Operation You Didn’t Build That? (laughing) ‘Cause I think, you know, if Obama is gonna sully the reputation of the Democrat Party with another war he at least ought to do it with sensitivity and compassion and make sure the force is diversified and all that.


RUSH: To the phones, to Ariel in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m really glad you waited. Thank you for your patience. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. One thing just to really, you know, just really quickly, ’cause I gotta do something here really quick, you know, but I was wondering do you think ISIS will attack, either if it’s today or sometime in the near future? Personally I don’t really think today ’cause, you know, kind of, one, doesn’t really match, really, the time they usually would attack, but…

RUSH: Well, last night President Obama said there’s no credible intelligence that they are gonna attack our homeland. And that’s good enough for me. (Coughing) Excuse me.

No, I have no idea. That’s the point. Nobody knows. We supposedly have people that do know in our intel community. I don’t know. I think this, Ariel. I keep they will eventually many times. Whenever they think they can get away with it I think they’ll try it. I think they’re preparing now, crossing the border. We have to be thinking this way. We’d be foolish not to. I mean, today specifically, I don’t think they’re gonna do anything on a day we would expect it to happen, like today. That would just be my guess. But you gotta be prepared for anything. They mean it. They’re dead serious about their intentions, where we are concerned.

One more quickly. Janet in Phoenix. I’m glad you called. Great to hear you.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, what a pleasure it is to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: You know, I was telling your screener — I’ll make this quick because I know you’re almost through here. I was telling your screener there were two reasons for calling. One was, even though I voted for Bill Clinton twice, when you do your Bill Clinton —

RUSH: Impersonation.

CALLER: — impersonation, I just find myself practically rolling on the floor.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I want to let you know, that is so entertaining.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: The other the other issue is a little more serious. Do you recall how desperately Obama tried to get into Syria about a year ago so that he could —

RUSH: No, he didn’t. See, I’m glad you called. Obama drew a red line last year and dared Assad to cross it and didn’t back it up, didn’t do anything. A year ago, we were about to make the mistake of going in and essentially arming ISIS! We were wrong in assuming that Assad was gassing people in Syria. He wasn’t. It was ISIS. But we didn’t. That was close. That was almost a disaster, and it’s a good thing that we didn’t.

Now, the Iraqi army is going to go into Syria, I guess. Just have to wait and see, boots on the ground, somebody’s boots are gonna be there. Obama promised it ain’t gonna be our boots ’cause we’re not going back to Iraq even though we are.

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