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RUSH: To the NFL. Do you know that, speaking of that, do you know who Ted Robinson is? Well, you do. You just don’t. Ted Robinson is the radio play-by-play voice of the San Francisco 49ers. (interruption) Yeah, he got suspended. He got suspended for two games. The 49ers announced it on their website with a PR statement. He said something like Janay Palmer shouldn’t have married Ray Rice, was an idiot or whatever.

I mean, it’s getting to the point now, folks, of just being absurd. Suspending a play-by-play guy? I just saw it, don’t know the details, some player for the Indiana Pacers has just had to apologize for something he tweeted, and what he said was, and I just saw it for a brief moment so there may be more to it than this, but he said, “Hey, look, if some woman is spitting at you and hitting you, you gotta man up, homey,” something like that. So now he’s having to apologize. I didn’t get his name. (interruption) Yeah, I know. You told me.

But Ted Robinson, I mean, Ted Robinson. You know him, but you don’t know him. He used to do Sunday afternoon NBC football. He used to do Notre Dame football I think for a season or two. He does PAC 10. I mean, it’s just getting ridiculous. Now the NFL has found Robert Mueller — see, the big question now is, somebody in law enforcement is saying that somebody in the NFL saw that inside-the-elevator video. Goodell, the commissioner and the owner of the Ravens are all saying, “We never saw this before Monday.” And somebody in law enforcement, “Somebody at the NFL saw it ’cause we sent it to ’em.”

So now the NFL has established an independent investigation of itself. And they’ve hired the former FBI director Robert Mueller to do the investigation to find out who at the NFL accepted delivery of that inside-the-elevator video and saw it. And the sports Drive-Bys are very alarmed by the selection of Mueller. They don’t think he’s independent. You know why? I’ll tell you why. Because Robert Mueller works for a law firm that helped the NFL negotiate their most recent rights deal with DirecTV for NFL Sunday Ticket.

So the sports Drive-Bys are saying Mueller’s not independent, his bread is buttered by the NFL and his law firm, so we can’t expect an honest result from him. So the sports Drive-Bys are asking for Paul Tagliabue to be brought in to do with, Goodell’s former — well, the former commissioner. Folks, the long knives are out for Goodell everywhere. The reason the sports Drive-Bys want Tagliabue, you remember when Goodell handed out all of those suspensions to the Saints for the bounty program?

That defensive coordinator that was banned for a year, and the head coach Sean Payton, even though he had nothing to do with it. He was banned and those players got banned and they’re still seething about this in New Orleans. Well, when Goodell did that Tagliabue went public and said he thought Goodell blew it. So the sports Drive-Bys want Tagliabue to come in and do this investigation. They’re just hoping that there’s evidence Goodell lied. I’m telling you, I can see this from a mile away. It’s absurd.


RUSH: Last night, ABC News Nightline. Who is it? Well, I don’t know who’s doing the interviews here, but they had a guest on, Terry O’Neill, who is the president of the National Association of Gals, the NAGs. We got two sound bites. This is the first. It’s number 18. Audio sound bite number 18. In three, two, one…

O’NEILL: I just think that he can’t credibly commit to make the deep, the the the the thoroughgoing and deep changes that clearly need to be made in the NFL. We need someone independent to go in, do a top-to-bottom investigation of the entire NFL and get at the root of the NFL’s violence against women problem.

RUSH: See? The NFL has a root, and its root is a violence against women problem. It’s big, folks. And the NAGs want an independent investigator to get to the bottom of it. They don’t trust Mueller. Would they trust Al Sharpton? Tagliabue’s got ties to the NFL. Can’t send him in there. How about Al Sharpton fresh off of Ferguson with credibility. How about a Department of Justice investigation, civil rights violations. Now we’re talking. Civil rights violations of the NFL. Now we get into all of the women’s civil rights have been violated by players and owners and management, cheerleaders included, everything, everybody. Not just women have been beaten up, cheerleaders have been injured, you know, doing things they shouldn’t have to do to please the fans, clothes on or off, it doesn’t matter. We have one more sound bite here from the president of the NAGs, the National Association of Gals.

O’NEILL: There are over 50 incidents of domestic violence by NFL personnel on Roger Goodell’s watch. Under Roger Goodell’s leadership the NFL’s pattern and practice has been to sweep all of this under the rug. It wasn’t when Roger Goodell saw the video that he took action against Ray Rice. It was when millions of NFL fans saw the video. That’s when Goodell and the Ravens took action against Ray Rice.

RUSH: Am I missing something or was Goodell in the elevator? Did he hit Ray Rice’s wife, too? He didn’t? Wow. I would have never known. Finally, Drew Brees, the quarterback, New Orleans Saints. Now, these guys at the Saints, they have no love lost for Goodell. They think this bounty investigation was just over the top and the penalties that were handed out were way too severe and that the penalties actually cost the Saints a chance at winning a championship. And, you know, the bounty program was pregame words that were not matched by on field action.

Yeah, you had a coach urging players to go for the outside ACL, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, go to outside ACL, put your helmet on the outside, that means take out the guy’s knee. But it never happened in the game. So the guy was suspended for a year for words. The bounty program, supposedly a bunch of players, and Drew Brees has never been happy about this. So yesterday in New Orleans at the Saints practice facility, press conference Q&A, a reporter said, “Should the commissioner be held accountable for his actions in the Ray Rice case?”

BREES: We’re all held accountable for actions as players. Certainly every owner should be held accountable for their actions. The commissioner should be held accountable for his actions. I don’t know the full story. I don’t know who all does. But I think that’s what’s trying to be found out here. But everyone deserves to be held accountable for their actions ’cause certainly that’s the expectation for players.

RUSH: Right. So you see where this is shaping up. So they appoint Robert Mueller to investigate and it’s to be completely independent. But then the league announced that they’re gonna have a couple of owners oversee the independent investigator. The Drive-Bys in the sports world don’t like this. The two owners that are gonna oversee the independent investigation are John Mara of the New Jersey Giants and Art Rooney II of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They’re gonna oversee it and make sure that it’s independent.

I must tell you, folks, I got up today and I started doing show prep, and I was trying to find news about football in all the places that I go to find news about football. But I couldn’t find any at those websites and publications. All I saw is a bunch of legal and cultural news and a bunch of really wound up people demanding the commissioner be fired, suspended, impeached or what have you. It was just incredible. And what I’m seeing here in the NFL, I’m seeing the institution that enables thousands of young African-Americans to become millionaires under assault from white liberals, male and female, everywhere.

The National Football League creates a lot of wealth for a league that is 79, 80% African-American, and a bunch of white liberals now have this institution, this game in their crosshairs. The feminazis, the sportswriter media, who also depend on the NFL for their livelihood. You have the Drive-By Media. You have TMZ and Harvey Levin, the new Walter Cronkite, for the low-information crowd. It’s coming from everywhere. The only guy happy in the NFL right now is Dan Snyder because people have forgotten he hasn’t changed be the name from Redskins to something else. But they’ll get back to that after they get rid of Goodell and execute Ray Rice, whatever they’re gonna do to him.

And Goodell, you want some irony here? Roger Goodell is maybe the most politically correct commissioner of all time, certainly of the NFL. Roger Goodell is the most politically correct commissioner of all time, and he is under assault. And you know why? Roger Goodell is trying to protect the National Football League, his game, from the cultural rot and the university system that supplies players to his league.

Goodell knows what’s up. He’s trying to save this league and do everything he can while at the same time making players wear pink every October, do everything as politically correct as he can and still they want his scalp. The owners, I’m convinced, are clueless. The owners didn’t know four years ago what was headed their way, and they may not really quite understand yet what’s really happening in their league. And that’s why it’s not amazing. You could see this coming years ago.

I saw it coming four years ago. You could see it when the left started going nuts about concussions. And then the Redskins. And then a player commits suicide. It had to be from playing the game. The game caused the suicide. It’s not hard to see where this is going. The NAGs get mad about it even though we do all of October for ’em. I can’t wait to see what we do next October, next month, as pink as it’s been, what’s it gonna be next month? ‘Cause they have to really show the fans that they love women and don’t think they should be beat up in elevators in New Jersey casinos. So they have to make a big statement next month. In the meantime can anybody name for me the players of the week from week one?

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