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RUSH: The president’s speech tonight on ISIS. I must say, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know how you go from last week not having a strategy — well, wait a minute, it was the week before. Last week I wasn’t paying attention. It was the week before, okay, two weeks, and I guess last week was the same, there wasn’t anything new.

So how do you go from not having a plan to fight ISIS, not having a strategy. Well, actually, how do you go from, hey, they’re nothing but the JV team, don’t sweat it. To then not having a strategy to fight ISIS. And then you run around, you rush around to get a strategy to announce on the world on the eve of 9/11. You do all this in one week. How do you go from it’s not important enough to have a strategy, it’s not important to even consider them bigger than the JV team, to all of a sudden a national address to the nation on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11? And if you think they’re still the JV team why all this urgency?

And even with all of this, do you know that this is all politics? Politics answers the question, how do you go from a week ago of having no strategy and no interest, they’re the JV team to all of a sudden major, major, important address to the nation. Well, it’s the polls. I’ll tell you what’s going on here, folks. Like everything else, Obama is attempting to find a way to have the Republicans share, if not totally own, but at least share in political culpability here, the Republicans in Congress.

That’s one of the things that’s being maneuvered by the Regime to make it look like a lot of this is still a hangover, a leftover from Bush and the Republicans and their unwillingness to help, and their unwillingness to compromise, and their lack of ability or willingness to participate. Leaving our poor president alone on an island to deal with all of this stuff.

Am I right? Is he not giving this speech from the Oval Office? Well, where is he going to give the speech? (interruption) It’s some room somewhere? Is it in Washington? (interruption) Oh, like the East Room or some such thing? I thought it might be at the War College.


RUSH: You know, I knew this was gonna happen. I checked the e-mail during the break, and there are some malcontents out there. “What are you doing wasting time on this football stuff when we’ve got this ISIS national security threat and Obama’s speech tonight?” I’ll tell you what: Until Obama says something about this, I don’t know what there is to say. I mean, we can get pretty close to predicting.

Like I said, this whole thing is politicizing, folks. Two weeks ago he proudly stated, “We don’t have a strategy.” He didn’t care two weeks ago, and prior to that they were the JV team, and prior to that Iraq was settled and it was secure and we could get out of there. And prior to that, he participated with the Muslim Brotherhood in kicking off the Arab Spring. I don’t think, as far as Obama’s concerned, it’s…

I don’t think he cares. There’s not that much wrong. I don’t think he looks at the US as having any role in this around the world whatsoever. It’s one of the things that I firmly believe Obama was inculcated with, raised with, with educated with: The idea that the United States is not a superpower, has no business meddling in the affairs of other nations.

In addition to that, Obama and people like him — he’s by no means alone — believe that we deserve whatever comes our way in certain circumstances because we’ve caused this, by overstepping our bounds and by acting as the world’s policeman and acting as the world’s superpower and going in any country we want and taking whatever we want. I know that it’s difficult for people to believe or conceive that there are…

I mean, it’s easy to believe there are people in the country that think that. It’s really hard to believe we’ve elected somebody that thinks that, and particularly your average, ordinary low-information person. Even if it does cross their minds, they reject it. It’s too scary to contemplate, that we’ve elected somebody like that. But it’s the case. So this speech tonight is happening because Obama’s advisors and handlers have convinced him:

“You better do this for political reasons and you better come up with something to say.” We already got the truth from Obama two weeks ago when he said he didn’t have a strategy. It was a little over a year ago now where Obama draws this red line in the sand for Bashar Assad in Syria. One year ago, we were preparing… We were never gonna do it, I’m convinced, but we were preparing to launch air strikes against Bashar Assad in Syria.

Because we believed that all the violence in Syria is being perpetrated by Bashar, that he was gassing his own people, wiping out his own people in a civil war. Well, it turns out we were dead wrong in that assessment, that in fact the so-called rebels in Syria fighting the government were in fact ISIS. The old Al-Qaeda in Iraq moved over. It’s ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, whatever.

We were prepared a year ago. Had we actually gone in under Obama’s stated plan, we would have been assisting the very people he’s gonna give a speech about tonight claiming we’re gonna wipe out. So it’s… (sigh) I don’t know. For me, ladies and gentlemen, it’s tough to take a lot of this that he says seriously, ’cause I know that he actually really… I don’t know that it’s correct to say he doesn’t care.

But it clearly is more of an annoyance and it gets in the way of what he really wants to do, which is engage in the ongoing upheaval of American culture and the American society, the American demographic makeup. I mean, that’s the real reason that Obama and his willing accomplices have sought power. This other stuff? “Ah, it’s the stuff all presidents have to do.

“We have to make it look like we represent the United States superpower status around the world. We’re really not comfortable with it.” That’s why we get all these different statements that were seemingly all over the board that don’t seem to be rooted into a set belief system or even policy system.

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