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RUSH: The owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson. We’ve got Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and I’ll get to his sound bites after the break here, but Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, where did he say this? He was on Anderson Cooper 29 last night. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with talking about the Hawks owner Bruce Levenson reporting himself for having written an offensive e-mail and his decision to sell the team.

This is unheard of: A self-reported offensive racist e-mail that he wrote. This guy, this guy… (laughing) Well, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, get this. You’ll hear this coming up in the audio sound bite. I haven’t got time to play it for you right now. Well, I do if I hit it right now, and I didn’t so I’m out of time. Certainly not enough time to add commentary, but he says that Levenson needs a chance to defend himself.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks Arthur Levenson isn’t a racist. He’s just feeling guilty and needs a chance to defend himself. (laughing) Now, you know, I’m a student of words and fact that words mean things. How in the world can somebody who has accused themselves deserve a chance to defend themselves? How does that work? He accused himself, he admitted it, and Kareem thinks he’s being denied a chance to defend himself here.


RUSH: There’s a whole bunch of characteristics about this that, you know, nobody is gonna bring up in terms of trying to explain it. But we’ll get to the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sound bites on Bruce Levenson. I can’t believe people don’t know what’s really going on with this guy, but I will hold back until we hear from well-known intellectual Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on this.


RUSH: No time for the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar audio. We’ll have to do it tomorrow. But basically the Atlanta Hawks guy sees that Sterling got two billion for his team and wants to see what he can get. That’s what he’s going for.

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