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RUSH: Obama says he doesn’t get the “theater” of being president. Do you know what that means, by the way? It means Obama has no way to feel anybody’s pain. When he said he doesn’t get the “theater” of the job… He was interviewed by F. Chuck on Meet the Press, and Obama was talking about, “Yeah, it looked bad, I admit, after my deeply felt, moving speech on the journalist who was beheaded to go out and play golf. Yeah, yeah.

“You know, that part of the job I don’t get: The theater.”

Well, all he’s admitting there is he doesn’t really care, folks. It’s more than empathy. It’s more than lacking empathy. It’s just he doesnÂ’t care, which I don’t think is any new revelation. But, at the same time, Obama says I’m supposed to get better at the “theater” of things, like Clinton. Remember the Ron Brown memorial?

Clinton’s walking into the Ron Brown memorial, and he’s laughing and he’s yukking it up. This is a memorial for a guy who died in a plane crash, one of his cabinet members, and he’s walking into the memorial outside, and he’s laughing and yukking it up with Tony Campolo, a religious figure from Pennsylvania — and then he spots a camera!

And within half a step, he started crying.

I played that video over and over again on the old TV show.


RUSH: So Obama says that he’s short on “theater.” He doesn’t like the theater. It’s basically because he’s an introvert. He doesn’t like doing things for show — which is a crock! That whole answer was, because all of Obama is theater. All of liberalism is theater. It’s all PR and buzz. It’s all to camouflage what they really believe. It’s all theater. But he told F. Chuck that he is short on the theater, which just means he doesn’t know how to act like he cares about things deeply.

He’s an intellectual, folks, and intellectuals’ emotions don’t quite penetrate. Clinton, on the other hand, Ron Brown memorial? He’s walking in there and he spots a camera and within half a step he actually starts faking tears to the point it looks real. “Oh, it’s a memorial, Ron Brown, black cabinet secretary! I’ve got to be in pain here. I can’t be seen walking in there yukking it up.” So he sees the camera.


And his guest is still laughing and yukking it up while Clinton moves into the fake tears. But the fake tears worked because the media, says, “See? See? See how he’s able, on a dime, to show he cares?”

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