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Listen to it Button RUSH: To Sherman, Maine. This is Bill. Glad you called, sir. It’s nice to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, it’s an honor for me, too, Rush. First-time caller. Major dittos.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I hate to go backwards on your storyline, but back to the Michael Brown shooting.

RUSH: Sure.

CALLER: I’m sure every law enforcement officer in the country, when that first came out was just cringing, because a part of our duties in law enforcement is to be able to discern, you know, rather quickly the situation. And, you know, it took very little discernment to realize that the co-strong-arm robbery acquaintance of Michael Brown was clearly making up a huge fabrication, and the fact that the media was so willing to run with it. And my comment is this. I’ve been a use-of-force instructor for several years, and I’ve been waiting and waiting for a law enforcement officer —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Did you say that the strong-arm robbery was made up?

CALLER: No. What I’m saying was, the media, that part wasn’t made up. I’m saying that the co-defendant, the person that was with Michael Brown, clearly made up a fabrication regarding the shooting.

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh.

CALLER: What I’m getting at is one thing about 101 law enforcement, one thing criminals all have in common, drug dealers, strong-arm robbers, all those folks have one thing in common: They’re all pathological liars.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And if you’re in law enforcement, you’re well aware of that, and when you’re dealing with people, obviously it’s your responsibility to discern situations and discern the truth.

RUSH: Yeah, but see, you’ve got it all wrong. You got it all wrong, because in America in 2014, it’s the cops that lie. It’s the cops that make things up. It’s the cops that plant evidence, and the victims are always innocent angels telling the truth about being victimized and biased and treated as victims of racism.

CALLER: The world is definitely upside down, Rush, I’m telling you. And one thing you’re trained in law enforcement, as a use of force instructor, is action beats reaction. Now, I wasn’t there when that offer got in that confrontation, but one thing was clear to me when I first heard the story that this officer just executed some poor black boy going to college with his hands up and surrendering, I instantly knew that was a complete lie. Before I even got all the facts, ’cause it lacks common sense. Even a dirty law enforcement officer wouldn’t just go execute somebody. And, you know, I would concede that, yeah, well, pretty much less than 1% would be a dirty law enforcement officer.

RUSH: Well, especially a cop that doesn’t have a partner. There’s no thin blue line to stand behind the guy in a situation like that, plus you’ve got witnesses on the street that you have to figure as a cop are gonna be there, whether you know they’re there or not.

CALLER: But my point in calling today is that action beats reaction. We train our new law enforcement officers how to be on heightened alert because the fact of the matter is, a suspect can kill a law enforcement officer at any time because action beats reaction. It’s the law of physics, that’s just the way it is. So an officer has to have a heightened awareness of his surroundings.

RUSH: You know, one of the problems here, Bill, is that most people, there are a lot of exceptions, but most people respect the cops. Most people, when they’re pulled over, do everything the cop tells ’em to do. So most people do not encounter an abusive cop or a cop that plants evidence. That’s a very rare occurrence. Sometimes cops get it wrong on moving traffic violations, this kind of thing. But most people, their own personal experience is one of obeying the cops.

And I think most people who are not politically active and don’t think of politics when they hear a story like this, think that everybody else probably treats cops with respect, too. And therefore, when they hear the media, who they also believe, sadly say that we had a runaway cop here who shot an innocent kid, they probably think the kid was cooperating with the cop just like they do. I think it’s a factor.

But there’s a larger point here. And I get your point, your action fits reaction, but there’s a larger point here. And it is this: We have an entire media apparatus that is making it abundantly clear that they are more than willing to create a total lie out of a circumstance like this, or they’re more than willing to go along with one. They’re more than willing to help establish that something happened that didn’t happen. Now, why? And there is where politics enters the equation.

I think it’s profound. It isn’t anything new, but I think if you just stop and think about it in the most base terms, in this circumstance, you have media — not all, but clearly a majority — who are hoping this story turns out a certain way, and, as such, will do everything they can before the facts are known to shape public opinion into believing it happened the way they wanted it to happen. Now, why? Who benefits when a lie like this ends up being accepted?


RUSH: Let me clarify something. When I told this last caller that I think most people are respectful of cops when cops stop them, they obey the cop, they say, “Yes, sir. No, sir.” They give them the driver’s license, whatever the occasion is they’re cooperative, and my point was, among that group of people, who are cooperative, I do think that people who are not politically oriented or sensitive or whatever, will think, tend to think that most everybody is cooperative with the cops in something like a jaywalking thing, or a moving violation, running a stop sign or red light or speeding or whatever.

So they are likely to assume that in the case of the gentle giant, he was probably cooperative, too, and might be prone to believe a myth that we have a rogue-like cop who went on a shooting spree because he was a racist. I know it sounds kind of convoluted. I know that there’s an entire generation — I mean, look at the OJ jury. The OJ jury basically said, “The hell with DNA. I don’t care about any of this. He’s not guilty,” just to have you find out what it feels like. Pure and simple.

Rap culture is oriented around hatred of the cops. I understand that. I’m not talking about people like that. But because of rap culture, I think those same people that I’m talking about, do not know how automatically and as a matter of routine, certain young people hate the cops and taunt them and provoke them and test them and so forth. I think being a cop’s one of the most dangerous things in the world you can do today. Because in our politically correct culture, as this myth making in St. Louis shows, the cop, by the time the media gets hold of this, if it fits their template, the cop’s guilty before the facts are in. The cop’s gonna be convicted and they’re gonna keep pounding this in the media, and if they do it long enough before the facts are revealed, the facts are not gonna be enough to overturn public opinion that’s been set in.

That’s the objective of the myth makers. Here you have what is actually a very uncommon occurrence, but even that is a controversial statement, because the myth makers have succeeded in making a lot of people think that white cops shoot innocent black suspects all the time. A lot of people think that’s routine. I’m telling you, it isn’t. That’s one of the reasons why this was such big news. But just stop and think of something now, just in a clinical way, if you can.

You have a circumstance, such as that which happened in Ferguson, which, in the immediate aftermath, no one honestly, objectively can tell anybody else what happened. You’ve got immediately two versions, and I’m talking about the immediate aftermath, before we know of the strong-arm robbery in the convenience store, before we know anything. All we know is that original report, and that original report had already set the table for guilty cop, innocent citizen.

Now, why are there supposedly educated, intelligent, and supposedly responsible people so willing to stir up an entire country with a lie? And I am talking about leftists and the media. Forget the civil rights coalition, because their actions can be explained. But why in the world would the media willingly, knowingly help to create a total fabrication of this event or any other?

Now, to you and me, this is routine, they do it every day, whatever the news story is. I’m always focused here on the low-information crowd and in one way, ’cause I think that the answer to the question is all anybody needs to know about how things end up being news, when there really isn’t any news. It happens so much that we just now accept it as part of the landscape of our country, that the media is going to lie about things. It happens so much that it’s expected and it’s factored in as we try to figure out what really happened somewhere. And yet, taken by itself, independently, it is simply outrageous that it happens.

But because it’s gone on for so long and it’s to routine, particularly in straight-up forward politics, it’s just assumed to be part of the landscape. It’s part of the stacked deck that everybody else happens to be up against. I find it literally profound. Now, also, last week, five days ago, six days ago on this program, in the midst of opining about Ferguson, one of the things that I predicted to you is that no matter the day-to-day discovery, progress, progression, no matter, this story is going to have legs all the way through the November election, because that’s its value.

The story has taken on, and maybe from the beginning it always was, a political objective. It was an event that was immediately hijacked by political elements in the media, the Democrat Party, to turn out the black vote in November in the midterm elections. And, as such, you know, I was joking about the news media opening bureaus in Ferguson, not in St. Louis, but in Ferguson, to keep hope alive, to keep the story alive. Well, let’s return to the audio sound bites. Again, last night on CNN, Situation Room. What would happen if I stopped playing CNN sound bites, Mr. Snerdley? Would they lose… (interruption) I think they would, too. But I need something to bounce off here, and it’s not gonna be PMSNBC. I’ve just vowed that.

You know, I was just thinking, if I stopped playing CNN sound bites — do you know that Time Warner just announced they’re gonna have to lay off, what did I see? It’s tens of thousands of people. I think it’s tens of thousands, and there are gonna be people at CNN let go. It’s company wide. It’s bad. There’s nobody watching. And I just wonder if I stop playing sound bites, like MSNBC, we effectively ended them. I mean, they have no ratings. They still get written about ’cause what’s said on that network is just literally insane. But, anyway, so last night Wolf Blitzer is speaking with a board member of the NAALCP, John Gaskin, about the gentle giant’s funeral. Blitzer said, “Now, you were at the funeral, and there was a call for change. Specifically, Mr. Gaskin, what change do you hope to see?”

GASKIN: The message that we have been trying to send really across the country is, there’s a Ferguson near everybody. There are Michael Browns all over the country. They just haven’t been publicized. And so we’ve got to take a stand, which people have began (sic) to do. And there’s got to be a change. The NAACP, along with other coalitions here on the ground, have launched massive voter registration, which we continue, which we want to make sure that stays persistent, all the way up until the November midterm election.

RUSH: There it is! There it is! Yes siree bob. You can thank me at ElRushbo@eibnet.com. “We’ve got to tell everybody there’s a Ferguson near everybody. There are Michael Browns all over the country.” That’s the myth, you see. Even after the gentle giant has been laid to rest, it’s on down the road to find the next one. But they’re gonna have to create the next one, because there isn’t another one. Where is it? We have to throw out black-on-black crime in Chicago and Detroit, can’t count that. Where is it?

If there are Michael Browns all over the country, where are the Drive-Bys gonna land next? Tell me, what’s the story? The only other comparable story they have is Salt Lake City, but it’s reversed. It’s a white victim and an “other than white” cop. (interruption) No, but that’s already been publicized, the choke hold cop. No, that’s already been publicized. Where is the next Mike Brown? He said there are Michael Browns all over the country, they just haven’t been publicized. Well, where? Doesn’t the NAALCP have a duty to go to the next one?

What did Al Sharpton go back to New York for? Why didn’t he go on to the next town where the next Michael Brown case is? Why’d Sharpton go back to New York? He can do that MSNBC show from anywhere. Nobody watches it, so he can do it from anywhere. (interruption) No, no, no. I’m not being a smart ass here. Where is the next Michael Brown? Why didn’t they go there if they’re everywhere?

There’s got to be change. NAACP massive voter registration. Voter registration, what the hell’s that got to do with anything here? What does a massive voter registration drive have to do with the funeral of the gentle giant? Is the family of the gentle giant, are they gonna be made to feel better because there’s a voter registration drive? Will the family of the gentle giant think maybe a voter registration drive will give this incident some deeper meaning? What is it about?

And then we are gonna continue all the way up until the November midterm elections. Exactly. Because the Democrat Party’s leaders have hijacked this family’s tragedy for their own political gain. That’s what. And that happened probably at some hour on the first day of this everyday occurrence.


RUSH: Hey, another question about this voter registration drive, folks. What good is it gonna do if all this keeps happening with the same elected Democrats in office? What good is electing more of them gonna do? What’s the point? Voter registration drive? They’ve been doing it for 50 years. They’ve been electing the same people and getting the same problems. What’s gonna be different?

Zip, zero, nada.

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