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RUSH: I mentioned in the previous busy broadcast hour that out of the blue a forensic audiologist has discovered a new audiotape of the incident in which the gentle giant was shot. This audiologist has been all over CNN all morning long and CNN’s been all over the story, and if I had to summarize CNN’s coverage, it would be “the gap is the thing.” See, apparently, folks, there’s a gap. The first six shots, then there’s a gap, and then there are four other shots. And I guess this actually surfaced last night.

We have a portion here of the anchor Don Lemon’s report of exclusive audiotape of the shooting of the gentle giant. The audio is said to be a man recording a video chat with a friend on his computer when the gunfire is taking place outside in the Ferguson neighborhood.

So, to set the stage, the gentle giant has just left the convenience store that he robbed — no. Let’s not do that. Forget the convenience store. Let’s go back to a very pristine beginning. The gentle giant and his friend are walking down the street on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in St. Louis. It’s 2:15. The gentle giant is on the way to grandmother’s house and is excited about his soon-to-begin college classes. And then he was accosted by a white cop who shot him, for no reason other than he was black.

He was shot in the back while running away with his hands up, surrendering. This was the original story that we had for five days. Now we’re told that somebody living nearby was conducting a video chat on their computer with a friend when the gunfire took place and this video chat, like FaceTime or Skype, whatever, picked it up, and the guy got hold of an audiologist and gave the audio of the chat to the audiologist, and now we think there’s a new piece of evidence. Here’s how it was reported.

LEMON: CNN cannot independently verify the authenticity of the tape and has reached out to the FBI for confirmation of their interview with the Ferguson resident who says he made the recording. Here it is, listen.

MAN: (web audio) You are pretty. (six gunshots in the background) You’re so fine. Just going over some of your videos. (four gunshots in background) How could I forget?

RUSH: So that guy was talking to somebody, telling them, “You’re so pretty. You’re so fine, just going over some of your videos,” and there’s gunshots ringing out the background. You heard the first six, then there’s a gap, then there’s four more. You want to hear it again? Yeah. Okay. Here it is again. I tell you what, Mike, just play it twice, so that people get it in their minds.

LEMON: CNN cannot independently verify the authenticity of the tape and has reached out to the FBI for confirmation of their interview with the Ferguson resident who says he made the recording. Here it is, listen.

MAN: (web audio) You are pretty. (six gunshots in the background) You’re so fine. Just going over some of your videos. (four gunshots in background) How could I forget?

(played again)

RUSH: That’s the strangest sounding thing I think I’ve heard. (interruption) I know, that’s my same reaction. I mean, here’s apparently gunshots going on, close enough that this guy’s computer microphone could pick ’em up and he doesn’t even skip a beat. He doesn’t miss a beat. He’s so excited to be talking to this babe and watching this babe’s videos, there’s gunfire outside the window, and he’s not even fazed. And then, after a week or more goes by, then this guy realizes what he’s got and turns it over to somebody. That could have been anywhere. That could be in Chicago. That could be in Detroit.

How are they ever gonna confirm this? But it doesn’t matter, because as far as CNN’s concerned, it’s real. And they’ve had expert after expert after expert, audiologist, forensic audiologist after forensic audiologist on CNN all morning long analyzing this as though it’s real, and what does it mean. And every CNN analyst said, “This is not good for the cop. This indicates that this cop was on a vendetta.” You should have heard some of this analysis. I mean, the analysis this morning was just flat-out irresponsible, like so much of this has been from the get-go.

Even CNN said, “We can’t confirm it, the FBI, whatever,” but it didn’t stop the audiologists. This is more evidence this cop was bloodthirsty and couldn’t stop pulling the trigger. And how come there’s not an eyewitness? If there were 10 shots, don’t you think there would have been an eyewitness that had heard 10 shots before now? And what’s the gap? That’s what they’re trying to figure out. What’s the gap? What does the gap explain? The gap, the gap is everything, the gap.

That was a sex chat, what’s going on there. “Man, you are pretty. You’re so fine. Just going over some of your videos.” (making shot sounds) People being shot, dying in the streets, and this guy’s lost in his sex chat. (interruption) No, you know, I am not gonna go there. I am not gonna say that in this neighborhood gunfire is probably an everyday occurrence. A lot of people would like me to say that. I’m not gonna say that. I don’t think it is. But I don’t know. Anyway, that has revved up the Drive-Bys. This is proof, the fact they’re glomming on to this, proof the story had changed.

The Drive-Bys are looking for anything to reverse the fortunes and direction of this case, ’cause it’s slipping away from ’em. The case is slipping away from ’em. This might enable them to get it back in support of the original myth.


RUSH: Count me a skeptic on this new tape. I don’t know how they’re ever going to confirm it. I mean, for crying out loud, this guy doing his sex chat with his babe there could have had the TV on! There could have been shots on the TV. But I’ll tell you how real this sounds. Let me tell you how things happen here, and don’t forget the doctored 911 tape that NBC did in the Trayvon Martin investigation. You remember that, folks?

They doctored the tape of a 911 call from George Zimmerman to make it look like he had accosted Trayvon Martin because he was black. They edited out the dispatcher asking for a description. They edited out the question. They just had Zimmerman describing the guy — as the first thing he said was — “black,” and it was outrageous. Now, you might remember KTVU San Francisco.

Do you remember Asiana Flight 214 crashed upon landing in San Francisco? KTVU Eyewitness News in San Francisco put a graphic up of the names of the crew. Somebody had scammed them. Somebody passed themselves off as officials of the airline and gave them the names of the crew, and they put the names up on a Chyron graphic. These three producers got fired.

The captain was named as Sum Ting Wong. (It might have been Harry Reid that did this!) The copilot’s name was Wi Tu Lo. (chuckling) One of the flight attendants was named as Ho Li Fuk (except I’m not pronouncing that the way it was written) and then another crew member was named Bang Ding Ow, and it was up on TV.

Leland Yee probably got offended by it and a whole bunch of people out there, and these three people ended up getting fired. This situation, all of a sudden a brand-new audiotape with four additional shots in the middle of a sex chat by a local resident near the scene of the shooting… Anyway, here’s Jerry in Jacksonville, Florida. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Just fine, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: I possibly have an explanation for why there would be a gap in the officer’s shots, if indeed this was the actual shooting that this gentleman recorded. The reason being is — in Florida, at least — law enforcement officers are taught to shoot until the threat is eliminated. Therefore, if the subject’s still coming at you, you’re gonna start over your shooting or you’re gonna continue shooting. So it could have been the officer shooting six times, pausing, thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of shots,” and then the gentleman still continuing forward so the officer had to shoot more times for him to stop.

RUSH: Now, CNN would never, ever report that.

CALLER: (chuckles) I agree with that.

RUSH: CNN would report the cop was so racist and so angry and so biased that he just kept firing until he didn’t have any more ammo left.

CALLER: Right, I agree. The other story —

RUSH: And the gap was to reload or some such thing.

CALLER: Right. Right. I understand. Just there is definitely a logical explanations if this is indeed the actual incident.

RUSH: It can’t be! It can’t be! The timing of this? Why after a week, all of a sudden does this show up? Why is it only one person, who didn’t hear the shots for real? He was so into his sex chat with his babe that it wasn’t until reviewed the sex the chat that he said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.” How come nobody else heard 10 shots? Do you think…? Where’s the evidence of the other four shots in the autopsy?

They could have missed him? But the gentle giant was running back… Oh, wait he was running away. No, but we know he wasn’t running away. No, we know he wasn’t running away. This is this is jury tampering par excellence. This is grand jury tampering. This is who knows what’s going on here. But, Jerry, I appreciate the call.

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