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RUSH: So Gwen Ifill on Meet the Press yesterday said people are looking at what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, and common response was, “Is that America? Is that America?” Gwen, let me tell you something. When I discovered that Obama wants to grant amnesty to 12 million Americans, that’s when I asked myself: “Is that America?”

When I saw the IRS specifically targeting conservative groups and denying them tax-exempt status — when I saw the federal government being used as a weapon against a particular belief system — I said, “Is that America?” That’s when I asked, “Is that America?”

When I learned the full breadth and scope of Barack Obama’s desire to totally change the American health care system, which is the finest in the world — and when I watched a woman on ABC in prime time TV asked the president if he would permit her mother to get lifesaving surgery when she was 99 years old — that’s when I said to myself, “Is that America? I can’t believe this.

“A citizen is actually asking the president if her mother will be allowed to get lifesaving surgery under his health care plan, and then he said, ‘No, give her a pain pill’?” That’s when I started asking myself, Gwen (and a lot of other people did, too), “Is this America?” When our ambassador in Benghazi and three others were murdered in an attack on our consulate, and I heard the president and secretary of state blame it on a YouTube video nobody had ever seen.

That’s when I said, “Is this America?”

When I saw the president propose his stimulus package of nearly $1 trillion for shovel-ready jobs that was gonna get the economy going and start hiring people, I said, “Wait a minute. You can’t do that.” I said, “Is this America?” And then when I saw these job summits at the White House with columnists and reporters from the New York Times as lecturers at a White House summit on jobs, I said, “Is this America?”

I mean, Gwen Ifill, my point is a lot of people have been asking, “Is this America? Is that America?” long before Ferguson, Missouri, happened. When I heard the president of the United States lie repeatedly that Americans could keep their doctors if they liked ’em, and keep their health insurance policies if they liked ’em, that’s when I said, “Is that America?” Is any of this?

When I heard the president go around the world and apologize for the supposed mistakes, transgressions against people this country has made…? My point: None of this is new, Obama detached or playing golf or being cold or whatever. I mean, he’s the same guy. He’s the same guy who promised cancer patients they could keep their doctors and their insurance.

He’s the same guy who told that woman that, “Nah, your mother can’t probably can’t get the lifesaving surgery at age 99. We’ll give her a pill. We’re gonna give her a pacemaker, probably. Same guy. He’s the same guy who yukked it up after the Fort Hood terrorist attack and said it wasn’t terrorism, it was “workplace violence.” It’s the same guy.

It’s not a different Obama here.

Remember Obama skipping out of the Situation Room and jetting off to Las Vegas after his ambassador and three others were killed in Benghazi, and being off the grid for seven hours and he’s off to another fundraiser — and then blaming it on a video — and telling the families of those four that it was a video that was response and we’re gonna get the video maker? Same guy. Same guy he’s always been, folks. Nothing new here.


RUSH: Yeah. A student shouts, “Bless you!” in a classroom when a fellow student sneezes, and that student is suspended ’cause the teacher says, “We’re not gonna have godly talk in my class!” That, Gwen Ifill, is when I start asking, “Is this America?”

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