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RUSH: Sean in Plymouth, Minnesota, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, sir. How you doing? It’s a pleasure talking to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I’m glad you got through.

CALLER: Thank you. My point that I wanted to make was that I think that this is the beginning of the mainstream media distancing themselves from the president. I believe that their criticalness of his personal flaws are things that are gonna start happening more and more, because it’s the only thing that they can really attack and not hurt the Democratic platform. In other words, they won’t touch his foreign policy, they won’t touch the economy, but they will touch personal flaws to try and distance themselves to get ready for 2016.

RUSH: I, myself, am inclined to agree with you. Because I, myself, a couple of weeks ago actually postulated that this might be necessary in order for them to legitimatize Hillary and to insulate her from Obama. Look, in their minds, the media, she’s the next Democrat president, but before that she’s gotta get the Democrat nomination. Well, she was really close to Obama. She was secretary of state.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I mean, she was right in there, and all of these foreign policy scandals do touch her. So the Drive-Bys have an objective and a challenge. They have got to separate Hillary from Obama. They have to. They cannot allow Hillary to be tied to this incompetence, indecision, whatever. This aimless foreign policy. One of the ways they’re gonna do that is to start dissing Obama a little bit. But don’t be fooled by it, Sean.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I don’t think they’re ever gonna, in what you would think of throwing Obama overboard, I don’t think they’re ever gonna abandon the guy.

CALLER: They may abandon him, but they will not abandon his principles and they’re gonna hold fast to those forever.

RUSH: Well, exactly. They’ll cast him aside as: “he’s not the right guy to represent us anymore. He’s six years in. He’s not running again. We’ve done our best to prop him up, but if he’s not gonna help us, if he’s gonna go out and do stupid things like play golf 10 minutes after an aimless speech on an American citizen being beheaded, well, there’s only so much we can do.” And they’ll have some pretense of their own credibility that they’re concerned about as well. So you may have a point.


RUSH: I’ll just go back to what our last caller said, Sean, and he’s exactly right. What has to be protected above all else is the agenda, the liberal agenda. Obama will not ever be permitted to destroy that as far as the media’s concerned. So if they have to appear to be jettisoning support for Obama, it will only be to make sure he doesn’t take the agenda down with him, or to protect Hillary.

It’s much like the media in New York after Dan Rather’s career ending, fraudulent story, totally made up on the Bush National Guard business. Tom Brokaw and Jennings immediately arranged a massive, huge dinner with every journalist in the city was invited, where Rather got an award. The purpose was to make sure Rather didn’t destroy the news. The media. That Rather’s fall from grace did not taint all the others who practice the art of media propaganda. They had to protect that at all times, and they decided that, in order to do that, they had to circle the wagons and prop up Dan Rather.

The Democrat Party and Jimmy Carter, same thing. The worst acknowledged president ever, and the Democrats elevate him to emeritus status in order to save the party. They just can’t allow their abject failures to do damage to the movement. And so don’t ever think that the media’s gonna throw Obama overboard. Don’t ever think that throwing Obama overboard means that they’re changing their names on liberalism, not at all. In fact, I think this is a good time to once again remind you of something that happened on this program, what is today? One week ago today.

I asked a question on this program just a week ago. One of the items up for discussion was Mrs. Clinton and her public criticism of Obama. She was very public in criticizing Obama’s foreign policy, which led people to go ask Obama about it. And he answered by saying it was horse manure. That then led to the big party on Martha’s Vineyard late last week or early this, whenever it was, at Vernon Jordan’s palatial mansion, where there was gonna be a hug-in. Yes, Hillary and Bill were gonna show up, and Barack and Michelle, and they were gonna hug, and they were gonna make up, and it was all gonna be so beautiful, and it didn’t happen.

Well, all of that was because Hillary started publicly criticizing Obama. And now in the interim, since then, we’ve had this horrible beheading of an American journalist by ISIS, and a week ago today I asked, “Is the reason Hillary is separating now, because she knows how bad it is?” She was up close, she knows much more than you and I about foreign policy and whatever errors and mistakes have been made, that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near when they blow up. I do not doubt that for a minute.

So I think now, in the aftermath of the death of James Foley, the question, does Hillary know how bad things are going to get? I wonder if she knew how bad this ISIS business was. I wonder if she knew that we had mounted a failed rescue effort, and I wonder what else she knows that we don’t that dictates her separation. ‘Cause I guarantee you, there’s more.

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