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RUSH: So the JV team has beheaded an American reporter, a photojournalist, actually, James Foley, beheaded on videotape. Mr. Snerdley said that he looked at it. I did not. I haven’t. I saw Daniel Pearl, the video of that. I didn’t go look at this. They’re threatening to behead yet another American journalist, the JV team. Obama called ISIS the JV team. Yeah, within the past couple of weeks or something.

He found out about it on the way back to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. He was in the air when he found out about it. He stayed in Martha’s Vineyard, although there’s a statement, media says breathlessly, “awaiting president’s statement on ISIS beheading of James Foley, coming up.”

David Cameron, the UK prime minister was also on vacation. He wasn’t at Martha’s Vineyard. He probably would like to be, but he wasn’t. He went back to work upon hearing this. So the president is making a statement.


RUSH: To the phones we go to Terrell, Texas, and this is Joe. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Anchorman dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much. That’s right. I am America’s Anchorman.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: That’s exactly right!

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: America’s Real Anchorman and Doctor of Democracy, too.

CALLER: Right on. I got a question that I would propose if I could ask Barack Obama that I want you to answer. “Why is it necessary that we have to allow ISIS terrorist armies to come over here and spill American blood, when we could stop them now by fighting them on their own territory?”

RUSH: Uhhh.

CALLER: It’s called preventive maintenance.

RUSH: What have I missed? Is ISIS here?

CALLER: No, I’m saying, “Why should we allow ISIS to come through maybe our Southern border and spill American blood —

RUSH: Oh, I see.

CALLER: — when we can fight them on their turf and stop their progress now.

RUSH: Well, Obama did bomb ’em over there.

CALLER: Well, he did I know but —

RUSH: The war is over there.

CALLER: Yeah, it is. It is. But the national security threat. I mean, our borders are wide open. We’ve got, what is it, 2,000 miles border? Could they not easily come up that border with guns blazing?

RUSH: Well, I guess it’s possible. I mean, the other day James O’Keefe crossed the Rio Grande River as Osama Bin Laden and nobody stopped him. Now, everybody knows Bin Laden’s dead. He should have dressed up as Ayman al-Zawahiri, but not enough people might know who that was, or is. But if you’re talking about the lack of security at the border because of the fact that we’ve lost control of it, that’s a legitimate point.

Any number of bad actors could be getting in. I think the thinking now is that drug cartel and gang members are actually the ones that are crossing the border now, setting up operations here and recruiting. But, you’re right. It doesn’t mean that any of these terrorist groups around the world couldn’t try to get in through the Southern border as well.

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