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RUSH: Lebanon, Indiana. We start on the phones with Tony. Welcome, sir, great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Longtime listener, first-time caller.

RUSH: Great to have you here, Tony.

CALLER: Thank you. Rush, as this Ferguson, Missouri, thing has unfolded, I run through the logic like you’re going through now with why things are happening from a political standpoint. I guess it is a template. You know, I followed you a long time; I understand it’s a template. What I do become is a little bit frustrated, because I think that the Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons of the world are using this event to gain political bank, points, if you will, at the exploitation of this young man’s death and the exploitation of his family. Your comment on that?

RUSH: You’re tired of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton making hay out of this? Is that what you said?

CALLER: Yeah, a lot, and getting full media support by it, too. You know? And as somebody that says, hey, look the facts first —

RUSH: That’s the point. You gotta understand something. This is far bigger than the Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton. In fact, Sharpton’s getting booed by some of these protesters. These people, they’ve been at it so long, people in the community are finally starting to ask, “What the hell are you doing here? What are you gonna do?”

Sharpton, let me tell you, there’s a report about Sharpton that I saw, that he actually told the family — I didn’t print this out. I read so darn many blogs and I can’t print everything, and I probably ought to couch this with I can’t confirm it, no insult to the blogs. It sounds believable, though. I can’t remember where I read it, but apparently Al Sharpton charged the family money for his help, and they told him to go pound sand. Apparently he needed money, he wanted payment for leading the effort with their son. And I’m sorry, I can’t remember where I saw it. Let’s say that that’s not true, because I can’t confirm it, I can’t back it up. But I’m telling you, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true.

But this is the Democrat Party, folks. The president of the United States is in charge of what’s happened here. I think it is time for everybody to come to grips with a simple reality. I don’t care what scandal you name — Benghazi, Fast and Furious, take your pick, IRS — has anybody involved in any of these scandals been fired? Not a single person.

Now, if you are president of the United States and you’ve got these rogue employees, and they’re out doing this outrageous stuff that you would never sanction, I’m telling you heads would roll. But nobody’s been fired. Which means that everybody involved in all of these scandals, I don’t care if it’s Lois Lerner, I don’t care who it is, they are doing what the White House wants done, as I have stated — sorry to say this over and over — from the beginning. When this first came up, do you remember when Van Jones was outed as a communist, somebody high up in the Regime, and people said, “Gosh, how did this get past Obama?” We had a couple people call here, “How did this happen?”

What do you mean, how did it get past Obama? Don’t you understand, Obama hired the guy. Van Jones was there because Obama wanted him there. And just because they’ve gotten rid of Van Jones doesn’t mean they didn’t replace him with the same kind of person. The reason why there’s no smoking gun memo from Obama to the IRS is because there doesn’t need to be. The people at the IRS know what Obama wants done.

This is about wiping out the Republican Party. This is about doing away with the two-party system, folks. This is about full-fledged, unbridled power and the grab for it. There’s not even a pretense here. What do you mean all of these executive orders or threatened executive orders without Congress. This is all about wiping out any and all opposition. And that has been Obama’s modus operandi since he got into politics. The old honor code and the rule of law and all of these guidelines that everybody’s abided by in the political sense, where you abide by the vote, campaign fairly, all out the window.

This is about wiping out the Republican Party. This is about wiping out the Libertarians. This is about wiping out anybody who opposes Obama. Every bit of this. This isn’t Al Sharpton. This isn’t Jesse Jackson. They’re just tag-alongs now. This is Obama and Holder. But all of this is Barack Obama. Every event, every detail, every occurrence is Obama. And the end result is the end and absence of any opposition. So that’s what Ferguson’s all about, like all the rest of this has been about.


RUSH: I just cleared a story. It’s from the CNBC website, and it’s by somebody named Ben White. Doesn’t matter who it’s by. “Why is Obama Disconnected, Directionless?” He’s not! This is exactly — let me tell you. I’ve got a theory. Everybody talks about why is Obama going on so many vacations? To get headlines like this. To make it look like he’s detached.

How many stories have you seen, “You know what, Obama’s checked out. He doesn’t like the job anymore. He knows he’s gone. He doesn’t care. He’s on vacation all the time. He just doesn’t care.” How many stories like that are you seeing? A lot. Its exactly what they want you to see. Why does he go on so many vacations? To make it look like he is, what, disconnected, directionless, detached. It makes it look like he’s irritated to have to deal with this stuff. That’s why they say, “Ah, you know, he’s so far ahead of all of us. This stuff is just so beneath him.”

That’s why he takes so many vacations. I’m convinced he takes so many vacations to further this notion that he doesn’t know what’s going on, he doesn’t care. He’s not responsible. And he is responsible for all of this, folks, and all of this is about the elimination of any opposition, and I mean the wiping out of the Republican Party as a functioning, threatening opposition. That is the objective.

By the way, that’s not just Obama. That’s been the left. They are power mad. They are statists. You think there was opposition to the Soviet Union? You think Mao Tse-tung had opposition, the Gang of Eight, what happened to them, including Madam Mao? Slit throat, adios, see you, sayonara. I mean, they don’t put up with it. I’m convinced that all of these vacations and all of these stories about being bored and detached and disconnected and, “Gosh, why doesn’t Obama care?” The black community’s asking this all day long, every day. Something pops up that affects them, “Why doesn’t Obama care?”

He’s in charge of all this. I think that it is a structured strategy, well conceived, brilliantly executed strategy for all of this crap to be happening in this country for six years. And here’s the Limbaugh Theorem: he doesn’t appear to have anything to do with it. He’s always out campaigning against it, in fact. He’s against what’s happening in the job market. He’s opposed to what’s happening here and there. He’s mad about what happened in Benghazi, and what image is created? He’s got nothing to do with it. Poor guy. And I’m telling you, that’s not who he is. This guy is a hands-on, steer-the-ship, send-the-orders — he doesn’t have to send orders. He’s got people that know what they’re supposed to do. All these vacations, same thing. Make it look like he’s not even there. Plausible deniability.

It’s like the way the Clintons did it back in the nineties. Bill was made to look like the good old boy, moderate, middle-of-the-roader, while Hillary was just baking cookies and maybe diddling and dabbling with health care here and there. But she was the one that was the real strident liberal. She was the one finding all the cabinet people, while Bill got away appearing like this good old boy, yuk yuk (imitating Bill), “Hey, where’s the next broad ball game, guys, where do we sign up?” When in fact he’s every bit what Obama was. All of this is for public consumption. All of this is PR, buzz, show, whatever you want to say, image.

Do you think if Barack Obama came out and said that his objective is to eliminate the Republican Party, if he came out and honestly said, “I don’t want any opposition. I want total control of this country. I don’t want anybody being able to stop me. I don’t want anybody being able to tell me what I can’t do. I’m gonna do whatever I want to do whenever and to hell with the Constitution.” You think he would be elected? No way. So how do you do that? How do you get away with doing that while everybody’s looking? You go on vacation all the time. You act like you’re opposed to what’s going on. You act like you don’t even care. But then when all of this stuff happens, nobody gets fired?

Rogue agents in Cincinnati denying the Tea Party constitutional rights, nobody got fired. Nobody got fired at all in the Trayvon Martin circumstance. Well, the NBC guy that edited the 911 call got reassigned. Nobody gets fired. They just get hidden somewhere else once their cover has been blown. That’s the way to look at the modern left, the modern Democrat Party and all of their agencies, including the big one, the mainstream media.

During the break, okay, it’s time I made this point, building off the last call. I show up here, I checked the e-mail, and, lo and behold, there’s this CNBC story. “Why is Obama Disconnected, Directionless?” It’s made to order. Makes my point. After Obama’s press conference yesterday — well, whatever it was. I didn’t watch it. I had a couple people send me notes about it. I said, “I don’t need to see it, I don’t care.” So whatever it was, I’ve got sound bites, they’re coming up. But there’s a whole Twitter feed from black Americans angry at Obama for not doing anything for them vis-a-vis Ferguson. Made to order. Black Americans all upset ’cause Obama doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, look at everything that is happening in this country. Look at the economy. Look at the efforts to silence the Tea Party fundraising operation. Look at the character assassination of all four Republican presidential nominees, or four of them, all have on their resumes, either criminal charges, criminal investigations, and after today, a criminal indictment for Rick Perry. And I could go on. Health care. Look at, “You can keep your doctor.” No, you can’t. “You can keep your plan.” No, you can’t. “Sign up at HealthCare.gov.” It’s an absolute disaster. Somehow Barack Obama is not linked to it.

What do you think of all these stories (imitating Obama), “Hey, you know what? I found about that just like you did, when I read the paper.” Oh, really? You really want us to believe you don’t know anything going on until you read the paper? To me, it is prima facie evidence of my point, that the structured strategy here is to portray Obama as aloof, disinterested, not engaged, not caring, having to be dragged kicking and screaming to every press conference, dragged kicking and screaming to make a statement on this or that. Yeah, because, you know, Obama’s so much smarter than all the rest of us. This just bores him. It’s so beneath. He’s tired of the job.

I saw a story Sunday or Monday, headline: “Obama Has Checked Out.” It was a leftist. And they’re just assuming, ah, Obama’s tired, he’s bored, two years to go, finished, doesn’t care anymore, it’s over with. ‘Cause everybody’s looking now at 2016, so he’s no longer in the spotlight. He just wants to go on vacation. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And nothing could be further from the truth. This guy has two years, and his Regime has just now begun. You can argue that Ferguson is act one of what is being called this lame duck business.

So stop and think about it. You know how the Drive-Bys create misdirection? You know how they do things to try to distract you? Some big scandal happening over there. Something else happens over here to take your attention away from it, your mind off of it, while that over there continues to happen while nobody’s looking anymore. ‘Cause everybody gets so emotionally revved up over what they’re telling us about day to day, the daily soap opera. It’s designed to have one crisis after another, every one of them Obama knows nothing about; every one of them he’s terribly worried about; every one of them he’s desperate to fix. He’ll have a White House summit, maybe two if he really cares, but that’s it.

Now, this is all… I’m still answering the question our first caller had. He asked me, you know, “How long are Sharpton and Jackson gonna get away with this kind of stuff they’re doing in Ferguson?” It’s not Sharpton and Jackson. Sharpton and Jackson are has-beens. I mean, next to Obama, these people are not even AAA. Sharpton and Jackson are just caricatures now. They’re filling a role that…

You know, they’re providing a link to the glory days of the sixties civil rights movement, but this is all Barack Obama. And it’s all about securing his number one objective. It was Scarborough. That’s right, it was Scarborough. I guess he was on some show, some Sunday show, and Scarborough said, “Yeah, Obama’s checked out.” Washington Post’s the Insiders: “Is Obama Acting Like a Former President?”

National Review Online: “The President of the United States is Completely Checked Out.” UK Telegraph: “Barack Obama Has Already Checked Out of His Job.” MarketWatch.com: “Right and Left Finally Agree: Obama Has Checked Out.” No, he hasn’t. Obama is front and center pulling every string, directing every movement of his administration. He is calling every shot. And, remember, a lot of them he doesn’t have to verbalize.

He’s got people in position who will do what he wants done because they are him. Leftists are singularly alike, and they have singular objectives. The problem is trying to convince people of them. They sound so outrageous, most people will never believe any of it. They furthermore wouldn’t believe they elected somebody like this; so whoever says things like this, like me, has gotta be a nut. “Pat Caddell: Obama ‘Has Checked Out as Being President.'”

Nope. What’s happening here is Obama is leading from behind. Obama is calling all the shots while everybody thinks he’s on vacation, while everybody thinks he doesn’t care. That’s how he gets away with it, folks. The simple, easiest, best way to get away with all this is to convince people he doesn’t even care.

I gotta take a brief time-out. We’ll do that, get back to your phone calls and a lot of really, really instructive audio sound bites today, if I can find the discipline to start squeezing some of them in.


RUSH: Here’s Gus, Gaithersburg, Maryland. Hi, Gus. Glad you waited. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Good afternoon. How are you?

RUSH: Fine and dandy. Thank you, sir.

CALLER: My theory is that I think Obama is very depressed. I think he is just checked out, really. I don’t agree with you. I don’t think he’s in control anymore. I think he goes out on these trips, has all these people with him to build his ego up, and I think he’s totally beaten down by the inside Beltway. He can’t deal with Congress, and I just think he is just depressed and can’t wait to get out of office. That’s in my opinion.

RUSH: What makes you think that?

CALLER: Just looking at the man. I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m not a whatever. I live in Maryland, you know, and here you see him on television all the time and you look at his picture. You look at his face, and it’s just… You look at what he looked like when he first came into office, and just compare. He looks drawn. He looks beaten. His hair is turning gray.

RUSH: But that happens to every president.

CALLER: I think he’s checked out.

RUSH: Happens to every president. Happened to Clinton, too. In fact, it started happening so soon with Clinton he just went ahead and colored his hair grayer.

CALLER: Well, that’s what I’m saying. I think he is depressed. I think he’s probably bipolar and he has highs and lows, and he’s having more lows than highs and he has to go out and —

RUSH: Tell me what’s not going his way.

CALLER: A lot.

RUSH: What?

CALLER: The Supreme Court overturned stuff on Obamacare. Everything he puts in place, executive orders that turn to crap. HHS issued all these rules that are going down the tubes. I’m a small business owner. I got impacted with all this insurance crap and everything that’s happened, and I just think that he just can’t take being overturned, being overruled. And I just think he’s very, very depressed. That’s my own opinion.

RUSH: Well, you could be right. I don’t happen to think so. You’re right that he has been unanimously rejected, 13 or 14 times at the Supreme Court. But I think it just makes him mad. I don’t think it defeats him. I don’t think his reaction is, “Ah, to hell with it. You know what? I don’t like this job. I want to go somewhere else.” I just don’t take it that way. But even if let’s say, Gus, that you are right.

Let’s say that every bit of your interpretation’s right, Obama’s just fed up, can’t get it done as fast as he wants, is depressed. So he goes on vacation to get away from it and so forth. The people working for him are not depressed, and the people working for him have not phoned it in and are not phoning it in, and the people working for him have not given up, and the people working for him are not going on vacation.

The people working for him are doing every bit what he wants ’em to do. Now, he may have had grandiose designs that he would get all that he wanted done in the first term. He may have envisioned a full-fledged wipeout of the Republican Party. He may have envisioned massive success with Obamacare, and it may well be that he could not have anticipated any of these problems. It could well be that he’s so stupid that he doesn’t know that his ideas will never work.

It could well be that he’s just now realizing how stupid he is and how wrong he is, that socialism doesn’t work. It could well be that he’s just checked out. But the people working for him haven’t. The media hasn’t checked out. Eric Holder hasn’t checked out. What’s her name, Valerie Jarrett, hasn’t checked out the. And I actually don’t think he has, either. To stick with my original interpretation of this, I think the Limbaugh Theorem is a good explanation for how he gets away with this kind of stuff.

Anyway, I’m glad you called, Gus. I really appreciate it.

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