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RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 22. I want you to hear this not from me, even though you can totally trust me, but I want you to hear it from the source. This is last night, CNN’s Newsroom, the anchor, Poppy Harlow. That sounds like somebody that ought to be in a film noir movie about LA from the forties. But she’s an infobabe at CNN, Poppy Harlow, and she spoke with Morehouse College professor Marc Lamont Hill. Wait a minute. I thought he was at Columbia. Well, he must have moved on. Morehouse College professor Marc Lamont Hill about last night’s unrest in Ferguson, curfew, all of this, the rioting, the looting after the release of the video, which the Drive-Bys demanded, by the way.

Why does nobody remember that? Everybody was asking if there was a video. Everybody was demanding a video. Were there surveillance cameras in the store? The cops didn’t say anything, finally released it, and everybody forgets the media demanded the release of it. So, anyway, Poppy Harlow said to Marc Lamont Hill, “As we were talking to you earlier live on CNN, it appeared that there were peaceful demonstrations going on. Do you get a sense that there is anything that may have sparked that, the peaceful demonstrations to unravel, as we try to decipher why this has escalated so much this evening?”

And everybody was trying to figure this out, what the hell happened? The video was released on Friday. There was some looting later that night when the highway patrol and the cops got out of the way and let it happen, which led to store owners showing up armed to protect — by the way, have you heard what the police chief in Detroit has told citizens to do? Get guns and protect themselves. I’m not kidding. The police chief of Detroit has told citizens there that the best thing they can do is arm up. Yeah, and it’s what’s happening in St. Louis. It’s what’s happening in Ferguson.

So, anyway, here’s Marc Lamont Hill’s answer to the question: why all of a sudden did this blow up after it was so peaceful for so long?

HILL: There’s a small group of people who are doing something different and out of step from everyone else. They’re out-of-towners. The ones I spoke to were actually from Oakland. I saw them last night past curfew, I saw them this morning, and they also are the ones who initiate the violence. But I think the police reaction has also been pretty intense and some would argue even overreaching. I was here in the parking lot, I got out of my car, out of media vehicle, and the officer immediately drew his weapon and in a very, very threatening manner. I immediately screamed, “I’m media! I’m media!” and it was only then that he put his weapon down and told me that I could go back and walk. So I think if that kind of energy is in the air combined with some protesters who aren’t doing the right thing, I think creates a very, very, very dangerous mix.

RUSH: See, once again, here comes the myth, folks. I guarantee you if Marc Lamont Hill of Morehouse College knows that we got some New Black Panther types and others in town from Oakland, and he said initiating the violence. So according to him it’s not even locals. You got people in town from Oakland. There’s a huge New Black Panther chapter there. So they’re in town inciting this, initiating the violence, and he says the police reaction has been pretty intense. Well, why wouldn’t it be? Private property is being destroyed, for crying out loud.

You know, if you just step back from some of this and look at it as though you just arrived from Mars, a lot of it makes sense. But if you are subject to the myth making of the Democrat Party and the media and interested parties to this, you’re gonna have an entirely distorted picture of what’s gone on there and why and what continues to happen. So then he says (imitating Hill), “Yeah, I arrived in my media car. Yeah, I showed up in my media vehicle. Yeah, I drove up there and then got out of my car, a media vehicle. And the officer drew his weapon in a very threatening manner and I screamed, ‘I’m media! I’m media!'”

Why didn’t he scream, “I’m journalism! I’m journalism! I’m a professor! I’m a professor!” But when he was with the media then the cops backed down, told him he could go ahead and walk. And he said, “All of this energy, it’s very intense.” It makes total sense it would be intense. You got people from out of town that are rioting, that are looting, setting places on fire, and, as usual, the cops are being blamed for it.

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