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RUSH: Now to the audio sound bites. Let’s remind you what I said on this program on Tuesday. Just a very brief reminder.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Ladies and gentlemen, you may have noticed it already. If not, I think it’s safe to say that the worm has turned in Washington. I think behind the scenes a formal decision has been made on the part of the media, and that is to focus on their treatment of Hillary while casting aside Obama. Obama is over. He’s yesterday’s news. There’s nothing positive to report. It’s time to build Hillary up…

RUSH: That’s just a reminder for those of you who were here this week that starting with my analysis of what happened last Sunday on Meet the Depressed, and then the Dana Milbank column in the Washington Post, the worm turned. All of these people started really ripping into Obama, and we all know why. Hillary is the next Democrat nominee. Hell, she’s the next Democrat president! “We gotta get her elected.”

The way they’re gonna get her elected is they have to distance her from Obama, and they really have to distance her from Obama on foreign policy, because it’s a disaster, and she was secretary of state. They’re trying to make it sound like, “Well, she was just a figurehead. It was really Obama that made her do all that stupid stuff like Benghazi.” That’s what’s setting up. Okay. Last night on PBS.

PBS. “Without your Pledge, we cannot dust.”

It’s the Charlie Rose Show, and he’s talking to David Brooks of the New York Times. Now, remember, David Brooks is the guy who was privileged to have dinner with Obama at George Will’s house. In addition to George Will and David Brooks, I think Larry Kudlow was there, Dr. Krauthammer was there, and there were couple others. It was Obama trying to identify the conservatives he could “deal with,” and to try to convince them that he was an okay guy that they could support.

With David Brooks, it worked.

David Brooks is the guy who said after that dinner that he knew Obama was gonna be a great president because of the crease in his slacks. So now David Brooks is back with Charlie Rose last night, and they’re talking about Hillary, and Hillary’s rebirth. The worm has turned and it’s time now to build Hillary up. Now, David Brooks, when he’s on PBS, he is a “conservative.” He is the conservative columnist in the New York Times, or what passes for one.

What’s interesting is he’s the conservative at PBS, and he’s lauding Hillary, as you will hear. Here’s the first of two sound bites.

BROOKS: I’ve really been struck is the sort of dinner party conversation around Washington, around New York, around the country, when the Clinton people — some of the people in the Clinton state department with her and some of the people in the orbit — talk about President Obama, they do so in critical to sometimes quite critical terms as someone who’s too hesitant to use power.

RUSH: Oh, so he’s falling right in line.

The acknowledged conservative of PBS and conservative columnist of the New York Times is falling right in line in besmirching Obama (whose crease he used to love) and now building Hillary up. So he has started attending dinner parties with the Clinton people. When that starts happening, when David Brooks starts attending dinner parties with the Clinton people, that tells you Washington has moved on from Obama. They’re now ready for Hillary.

Here is the next bite. This is a continuation.

BROOKS: To her credit, you know, Hillary Clinton, we’ve talked about this interview with Jeff Goldberg as so confrontational. But she’s very modest throughout it. It’s kind of [a] winning interview. (snickers) I really liked her after reading it, ’cause she’s saying, of course, “We’ll never know. I could have wrong. Maybe it was right.” She’s very human, uh, in the way she conducted herself.

RUSH: (imitating Brooks) “Yeah. Oh, man. You know what? I really liked her after reading that interview, ’cause she’s saying of course we’ll never know. I could have been wrong. Maybe he was right. That makes her very human in the way she conducted herself. It’s like, I agree wholeheartedly. Obama might do that, but he might not, and if he does, we won’t know why and we won’t know when so we just have to wait for him to do or not do whatever he doesn’t do. Things could go either way, that way or the other way, or the way over there or the way we can’t predict. It’s really bad out there.”

I mean, all of this nothingness. All of this vacuous nothingness is now intellectual heft and humanity. “She’s very human in the way she conducted herself in that interview. She said Obama could have been right. We’ll never know. He could have been right. I could have been right. I could have been wrong. Obama might have been right. He could have been wrong. I don’t know.”

It’s depressing that this is what now constitutes intellectual heft, reason, and substance. “You know, I’m kind of liking her now. I really liked her after reading it because, you know, wow she could have been wrong.” Hillary Clinton? We’re talking about Hillary Clinton.

Oh, well, I gotta take a brief time-out, my friends. Sit tight as we gather ourselves for the return to content portion.


RUSH: Hi. Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh. So I guess in David Brooksville, Barack Obama’s crease in his slacks qualifies him to be a great president, means he’s gonna be a great. Hillary Clinton, very human, very human. That answer, that interview, very human. So very human equals a crease in the pants. What human being isn’t human? What does that even mean? “I thought she was very human.” What does human mean? Human meaning you could be wrong, that makes you human.

This gobbledygook kind of lingo that’s designed to make everybody sound so sophisticated and learned and elite, it’s just dumb. Remember “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” That that’ll be replaced by “Hillary Clinton! Ha! Ha! Ha!” I don’t know, folks, I think I need a vacation. Some of this stuff is beginning to just all run together as sheer nothingness.

(imitating Brooks) Oh, yeah, I was on the dinner party circuit. Yes, I was out there, dinner parties every night ’cause I’m an important person, of course. I get the right invitations, talking about Hillary Clinton, she was very human.” What gobbledygook. These are qualifications, these are reasons to support her, after everything we know about her? In my world, most human beings are all too human. How can a human being not be human?

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